Reaper of the Martial World
167 Comfort Across Worlds 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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167 Comfort Across Worlds 5

The second reason Dyon knew there had to be more to this was because in all seven of the first few palaces… not one contained a singularity type technique… and none contained techniques even as remotely profound as the one used to prophesy the future of the elves.

So, when they finally reached the entrance of the eighth palace, Dyon took a deep breath before entering. And there, he found exactly what he was looking for…

On 3 separate pedestals stood the most powerful singularity type techniques created in Elvin history… The Florence ancient family technique… the Mathilde ancient family technique… and the Acacia ancient family technique.

Dyon looked at Ri who held a complicated glance while she nearly bore holes into the Acacia singularity technique. But, Dyon snapped her out of it with a pat on the head, "it's yours now," he said softly.

Ri nodded, "what do you plan to do with all of this? Do you want to learn all three? My father once told me that singularity techniques are great body cultivation… but also really difficult. It's likely these are peak divine level body cultivation techniques… it won't be easy…"

Dyon smiled, "when have you ever known me to shrink under pressure?"

Ri looked at Dyon and could only shake her head, "so prideful… if you implode from the inside out, don't expect me to put you back together."

Dyon sighed, "we still need to find out what happened in the end between those three ancient families… and especially why only the Acacia family younger generation came…"

Ri nodded, "well, we do have one clue."

Dyon smiled knowingly, "right. Who else could have left that library but the Acacia family younger generation?"

Ri nodded again, 'he's quite clever…'

"in terms of what I have planned though, don't you think those orphans would love to learn these techniques?"

Ri opened her eyes wide with a sudden realization, "you mean?..."

"mhm. If I left them here, they'd eventually grow to the age of having to campaign themselves right? So why not protect them through life as an elder brother? They'll have the best resources, the best food, and the best techniques.

The only real difference between elves is their bloodline… if the orphans choose one of these three techniques to practice, wouldn't they make up for that difference?"

Ri suddenly laughed, "this sounds like child labor. You're growing an army of children now, too?"

Dyon chuckled, "you make it sound so horrible."

"well, I assume you're making meal plans for them so diligently so that they can handle the strain of these divine techniques? You really planned this well in advance, hm? You probably knew you sent them too much food just so you could prepare for us possibly being in here for much too long."

Dyon grinned, "I have nooo idea what you mean," walking to the pedestals, and ignoring the wailing of the bobbing wills, Dyon swept all 3 techniques into his ring.

Afterward, he swept his gaze toward the endless piles of dao stones, grinning, 'I guess I'll be able to speak with my Madeleine soon.'

Although he was excited too, Dyon suppressed his desire and headed towards the ninth palace.

Walking in, they were greeted by a magnificent sight.

Before them was an array of unmatched complexity, spinning slowly in the air and shining so brightly that Dyon couldn't pin down the color accurately.

But then, he suddenly thought of something, 'that's like the array in the tome!'

Pulling out the tome under Ri's curious eyes, Dyon opened it to a blank page.


In almost an instant, the array disappeared from the palace, ingraining itself into the tome.

"what's that…" Ri asked faintly, "wait?! The ranking tome? It wasn't destroyed?"

Ri gave Dyon a 'really?' side glance, "so you've been stealing from my kingdom for quite a long time, hmm?"

Dyon chuckled, "I mean… technically… it chose me as its master. What was I supposed to say? But look," Dyon pointed towards the page, changing the subject.

Looking towards the ridiculously complex array, Ri's eyes widened, '[Dao of Array Alchemy]… how arrogant…"

Ri was exactly right… someone had the audacity to not only create this array but to then name it as a dao… the level this master had reached was one that Dyon couldn't fathom… and only a master of that level could have made the ancient game Dyon had just played… but, looking at this page now… Dyon got the sinking feeling that that 'complex' ancient game was nothing but a simplified knockoff.

Taking a deep breath, Dyon swept his gaze through the now empty room, "well, I guess that's it, hmm? Let's go little feu glace, your kingdom still needs saving."

Dyon quickly walked out of the palace and smiled deviously as he snatched the entire 99 set staircase into his spatial ring.

And with that, they turned to exit through the short cut left within the ninth palace. Never bothering to speak to the bobs of will again.


Later that day, Madeleine sat silently in a dark cultivation room. She was meant to go to a new planet soon, and she knew that the dao stones Dyon had left her wouldn't be able to send a message across such a long distance, so she anxiously sat, typing away everything that came to mind when suddenly she felt a familiar vibration that sent tears streaming down her face.

'Little Madeleine, your useless hubby finally got his hands on some more dao stones! I know you won't be able to respond later because you'll be too far… but don't worry, I'm always here for you.

I'll be starting my first campaign in 3-4 months time and I'll make sure to make such a big splash you'll be proud to stand by my side!

Also, don't worry about anything. Leave it to me. I'll never let you wait 20 to 30 years to be with me. Come the world tournament, there isn't a single person on this planet or in this universe that can stop me from taking you away. Even if it's your master. Even if it's your master's master. Even if it's the Sapientia God Clan head. Even if it's the head of the royal god clans themselves.'

Madeleine shook violently reading these words, her eyes twinkling and a bright smile appearing on her face.

Then, she sat and read as Dyon sent months worth of messages.

She read about Dyon's adventures. About his new little sister. About his friendship with Ri. About the annoying Sigebryht and Norville families.

She cried when she read about the orphanage. And she laughed when she read about Dyon robbing the Heaven's Wine owner and Elvin ancestors blind.

She felt better than she had since she left Dyon… a weight on her heart was lifted and she promised herself to never let this weigh on her again…

In just 8 more months, she'd see Dyon again. At that time, she'd be stronger… she'd be ready to stand by his side tall and firm.

In the end, Dyon and Madeleine messaged each other for hours. By the time Madeleine looked up, it was time for her to leave and head off on a new adventure. But, she left one last teasing message for Dyon.

'tell little sister Ri I'm looking forward to meeting her. We'll have to discuss how to deal with you and your antics

-love, your future wife'


Can't tell whether Dyon is a genius… or a professional heist leader…. Maybe those two go hand in hand, llmmaoooo

Hope you enjoyed, the Climax of this saga is coming soon! 😊


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