Reaper of the Martial World
163 Comfort Across Worlds 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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163 Comfort Across Worlds 1

Madeleine walked out of the banquet hall to enter a hallway with such a high ceiling and windows it was almost like its own world.

Clinging to Delia's arm lovingly, she glanced out of the tall windows to look at the calm night sky sprinkling gentle moonlight into an elegant garden.

They were currently in the Royal God Clan's main palace, invited by the prince of this generation.

Martial artists lived for so long that there was no real point in ranking royalty until the current monarch neared the end of his life. As such, princes and princesses were just divided into their generation as opposed to how likely they were to inherit the throne.

In reality, this worked the best. After all, if you lived thousands of years, you could have hundreds of children if you were so inclined… so, instead of constantly switching the crown prince for a newborn who happened to have more talent, you could just make a single choice when the time was appropriate.

So, the heads of Royal God Clans always waited to the end of their lives to make a decision. As such, this allowed the strife for supremacy among siblings to be tempered down from what it could be… it would be at least another millennia or two before the current Head of Planet Earth began to show signs of old age.

But, a head with so many years ahead of him also came with the ambition to match it…

Madeleine's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Delia's sigh, "I miss Meiying, big sister…"

A sad look appeared of Madeleine's features, "I miss her too… unfortunately, there's not much we can do… The Bai and Daiyu clan have been constant enemies in recent years. It's just sad that Elder Bai sacrificed his daughter for the sake of peace…"

If Dyon knew about the clashes between the Daiyu and Bai clans, he would have been confused… a rare emotion for him.

To Dyon, there was no way that the Bai clan could stand up to the Daiyu clan at full strength. The only explanation was that the Daiyu clan was feigning weakness all while making covert moves… covert moves that for some reason involved Bai Meiying who was now Chenglei's second wife.

In fact, Dyon was unaware that Meiying was the second wife. Because if he knew this… his perspective on everything would change… Change so much that he would laugh until his sides split, right before his rage burned like an endless fire for Meiying's sake…

Suddenly, a gentle gust of wind passed by, appearing as Madeleine's master.

Madeleine released Delia, bowing respectfully, "master."

Ester Sapientia sighed, "why do you do this, Madeleine? You know I have your best interest at heart."

Madeleine's brows furrowed. She loved her master, she had done so much for her… but this was getting to be too much for her to handle.

"Master I don't understand. If you're so sure that time will wash my feelings away, why are you acting like this now? Isn't a year but a blink of an eye for you? If you're so set in your beliefs, why can't you wait until I'm a hundred years old? What about two hundred? Is that not still considered to be young?"

Madeleine's master sighed. The truth was that Madeleine's logic was flawless. But, the problem wasn't whether Madeleine's feelings were real or not, it was about how dangerous it was to be with Dyon. But, this was a secret she was bound against telling. So, she could only act as though she was an unfeeling master who cared not for Madeleine's thoughts and feelings.

"Do you think that because he was lucky enough to stumble into the remains of a dead clan that he deserves to be with the first in line genius of the Sapientia God Clan? Do you have any idea why I feel like I've accomplished nothing in my life? It's because you can't imagine the scale of a clan like ours. The fact we call ourselves a God Clan here is laughable."

Delia looked at Madeleine worriedly. Regardless of whether Ester was Madeleine's master or not, she was still a saint level expert. Angering her was not a good idea.

But, all she found was Madeleine's calm continence.

"Master, I'm not sure what you're trying to hide from me… but I know you aren't like this….

Regardless of what problems or dangers you think are associated with Dyon, it doesn't matter to me. I will choose him whether I know or don't know. Whether it leads to my death or my glory. Even if I were to find out tomorrow that Dyon was no match for even the weakest of geniuses here today… that he had lost his arms and his legs… that his handsome face was cut and burnt beyond recognition… I would still choose him."

Madeleine's master inwardly trembled, listening to the words of her disciple, but… she maintained her calm outer appearance.

Ester Sapientia sighed looking at her disciple's calm appearance. To her, Madeleine was the daughter she never had… watching her run head first into danger was something she wasn't willing to see. As such, she maintained a cold exterior.

"I don't approve. Nor will I approve. You can continue to play your game of house. But, if I see he's taken your virginity, I'll kill him.

Once enough time passes, you'll realize he isn't worth your time. He's nothing compared to the geniuses inside that room. And definitely, nothing compared to the prince that invited you here today…"

Although Ester couldn't use her senses to check for Madeleine's virginity like Dyon could… there were many other tools, although expensive, that could do the same job.

Before Ester could continue, she suddenly felt Madeleine move as she walked passed her… stunning Ester out of her rant, 'you really dare to disrespect me as your master like this?...'

However, she never got the chance to voice her concerns, "I'm the best genius the Sapientia God Clan has to offer in the universe. In fact, I'm among the best geniuses in this universe period. Aside from those with faith seeds, I am unmatched.

I will give my virginity to whomever I want to give it to. I'll love whoever it is I want to love."

Madeleine's Goddess' Disposition suddenly raged to life, endless twinkling lights and purity beyond words reigned down in the hallway.

"If my Dyon is hurt by anyone of the Sapientia God Clan, even if it's you, I will bide my time. Whether that take centuries or millennia. Then, I'll kill you."


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