Reaper of the Martial World
162 Across the World 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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162 Across the World 4

Vidar's face froze at Madeleine's words.

In the corner of the room, Caedlum Pakal chuckled almost silently at Vidar's plight. His laughter caused someone to nudge him.

"younger brother, what's so funny? Do you know this fiancé of hers?... who could possibly be so lucky..."

Caedlum's elder brother stood beside him… but his red skin as compared to Caedlum's was much more fierce and robust, whereas Caedlum's was much subtler.

Despite the oddities of their skin, they both maintained handsome appearances.

Caedlum nodded, "he's quite the interesting man… his talent surpasses even mine…"

Caedlum's elder brother furrowed his eyebrows, "surpasses?... even with your faith seed?..."

Caedlum shook his head, "well… I don't know if he's improved since I last saw him. But, when last we met, I had yet to tap into my faith seed… regardless, he was much better than me then. Whether he is now is something we'll have to see…"

Caedlum's brother nodded, "if he was able to match up to you then, regardless of whether he can now… he's definitely a genius…"

While the Pakal brothers were having their talk, Vidar was trying to salvage the situation. But, the fact Tammy was near her elder brother Thor, clearly trying to withhold her laughter, was something that was only making him angrier.

Yet, despite what he felt on the inside, his outer appearance was the picture of tranquility as he smiled amiably, "the fiancé of the first in line genius of the Sapientia God Clan must be a mighty existence, no? This must have been a recent engagement, or else how would we clans not know of this? Is he here right now?"

Madeleine shook her head, still not looking up as she typed away, "it's not recent," she said faintly, "we've been engaged for more than a year now… and no, he's not here, he's in the Elvin Kingdom."

Vidar furrowed his eyebrows. Engaged for more than a year? The Elvin Kingdom?

Originally, the young elites of the Elvin Kingdom were meant to come too, but, due to the inner strife of their kingdom, they had ended their campaigns prematurely to help stabilize the situation. As such, although being comparable to the geniuses here, none of them were attending.

Was Madeleine's fiancé an elf?

Madeleine sighed, she wasn't ashamed of Dyon, not in the least, so she explained further, "my fiancé isn't an elf. He's a human from the mortal realm. And he happens to be the only one in our universe with an innate aurora…

If you don't know him now… you'll know him soon."

With that, Madeleine put the device in her hand away in her hair-piece spatial realm. Then smiled at Delia before grabbing her arm to leave the banquet. Leaving the shocking revelation for the geniuses to figure out themselves... these geniuses knew very well how often they lost to the innate aurora users of the other universe... but there was a bitter feeling at learning that they now had one of their own... because the fact he had taken their goddess was something they weren't willing to accept!

Before they reached the exit though, one more question came from the youths in the banquet. But this time, it wasn't Vidar.

"Lady Madeleine, before you go, I, Voron Cavositas would like to ask a question… you may have had an interaction with my younger brother Ace?"

Madeleine turned back with an odd expression on her face, "I think what you meant to say was that your younger brother, despite being part of a clan that holds honor in fighting so highly, teamed up with 10 other geniuses, including Elof Ragnor, to fight my fiancé and still lost…"

The atmosphere of the hall suddenly turned heavy. Elof and Ace had no choice but to lower their heads in shame. How could they have known that this would ever come back to bite them in such a way?

Tammy's head snapped towards her elder brother, but only received a nod. She hadn't been there to see the events transpire, so she had no idea this had happened. In fact, all this time she had been avoiding the glare of Ava who stood at another corner of the room surrounded by redheaded members of the Sicarius clan that included some of her elder brothers.

Ava had long since confronted her about the fact the come the world tournament… she would have her revenge.

Aside from this, Voron Cavositas could only sigh, "when this event was learned through our information channels, Ace was not only severely punished, he has been campaigning diligently to improve himself. And yet, I've never seen your fiancé's name on any rankings? Why would that be? And also, should he be defeated by us during the world tournament, or be outshone by us on the rankings, would lady Madeleine consider someone else?"

Madeleine laughed at the question, "did you think my fiancé was as old as your brother or you? My fiancé turned 15 just a couple months ago, how many 15-year-olds do you see on the rankings?"

Voron's face froze. This was something he hadn't been aware of. In fact, this was something practically no one here had been aware of.

Madeleine was a year older than Dyon, and an unprecedented genius, and even she hadn't been campaigning for long enough to make any headway in the rankings… let alone Dyon who spent 7 months incapacitated, had no backing, and was literally a decade or more behind most of those present here in terms of cultivation experience and resource absorption.

"Be sure to remember this.

I'm not sure what name my fiancé will campaign under. But I know he will campaign. I'm not sure when he will show up to the world tournament. But I know he will show up. So, I want you all to remember very clearly that when he decides to reveal his name as Dyon Sacharro. That that is the one man I will have in this life and the next."

Without so much as another word or sound, Madeleine left the banquet holding onto Delia, a radiant smile playing on her face.


These few chapters might have more mistakes than they usually do because I had a serious case of procrastination last night… couple that with the strong will to sleep and you have what you see here, lmao. Later on today (around 6pm-7pm EST), I'll do another run through to check for mistakes and fix awkward sentences. So, you want to re-read then, you can do so.

In fact, I'm so tired rn I can't even go through the important points of the chapter… I'm sure you guys caught them, I believe in you!! *yawn* author-kun out


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