Reaper of the Martial World
161 Across the World 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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161 Across the World 3


Majestic wings tore their way into existence as Dyon's manifestation loomed menacingly.

Dyon felt his skin redden and his muscles tear as his soul climbed rapidly toward the 6th middle stage. But, he suffered through it as he watched Ri's pale face redden with color.

Dyon felt as though when he stimulated his manifestation, the change in his aurora was more than just a quantitative change… it was a qualitative one as well. It was like his aurora was now complete… and this was the feeling that made him think back his thoughts on how odd it was for his innate soul to be the equivalent of a mid meridian formation stage expert.

However… this change was something his body wasn't ready to handle… and he wondered if it would ever be…

By Dyon's calculations, 2% of the demon sages blood and about 12% of the celestial deer and demon qilin blood should be enough to sustain a peak 6th stage soul… and yet his body was having difficulty dealing with a mid 6th stage one… this was why he was clear on the fact this 'powerup' was more than just an added power output.

But, Dyon could only set this aside for now because his body was trembling under the pressure.

Soon, Dyon was knocked out as well, collapsing beside Ri on the final step… the stone puppet their only guard.


Many miles away from the Elvin Kingdom, a banquet was taking place for the young elites of the universe.

Sitting elegantly beside a beautiful olive-skinned girl, a beauty of unparalleled elegance and tranquility sat at a large table, sipping a drink leisurely as she typed away on an odd-looking device.

This olive-skinned girl was of course Delia.

Over the past year, she had grown into her god level constitution perfectly. Her features were still full and inviting. Her greenish hazel eyes shone with a new sharpness, but there were clearly specks of a cold blue within them.

The dress she wore was very modern, reminiscent of a western world creation.

A short black skirt with tight stockings and comfortable flats graced her lower half. Above it was a nice white blouse with elegantly arranged fabric folds. She looked like a top-class beauty… and yet, she still paled in comparison to the girl sitting beside her.

Madeleine wore a tight fitting purple qipao that ran a single slit down her left leg. Her hair was up in its usual bun, holding a familiar hair-piece treasure in it. Although it looked lazy, it couldn't hide her beauty even a little.

Her crystal framed glasses now had a distinct purple-ish tint to them, accenting her golden eyes. And although she was the center of attention to everyone attending this banquet, she seemed to only have eyes for the device in her hand.

The smile she had on her face was so mesmerizing the banquet hall was silent, not a single pair of eyes not on her as she giggled, oblivious to the attention she was drawing.

Delia nudged her covertly, whispering in her ear as she leaned forward, "big sister… people are looking at you…"

Madeleine snapped her head up, immediately noticing Delia was right. But, what could she do? She was just trying to mind her own business.

This wasn't even something she wanted to come to. Her master had forced her to under the guise of 'how good it was for her future.' How ridiculous was that?

But, the constant nagging was only getting more annoying. Her master had seemingly forgotten about Dyon, and even worse, had most definitely forgotten about the warning he had given her.

To Madeleine's master, the only thing that mattered was Madeleine and her wellbeing. Despite what she had told Madeleine a year ago, she still believed within her that this was a passing phase Madeleine would soon get over. And yet, even during the first 7 months of worrying about Dyon, Madeleine's master found her typing on that odd device for hours a day, only stopping to train like a maniac.

At that time, Madeleine's master had hoped that Dyon was just dead, having succumbed to his wounds. Maybe he would just never respond and disappear forever. But, that didn't happen… because 7 months later, Dyon finally responded to Madeleine and it was like an already endlessly burning flame had raged to all new heights.

Madeleine's master was known as Ester Sapientia. She was born and raised in a Sapientia lower branch of the planet Earth and had been a genius since birth. However, much like Madeleine, she displayed talent beyond her station, causing her to rise rapidly and eventually earn a place as the elder of the main branch.

However, all along, she relied on herself. She refused marriage proposals, love letters, and even friends much of the time just to further herself. As such, she felt like she was stuck now… with years of accumulated bitter feelings, Ester believed that maybe her disciple should take a new route and form the relationships she didn't…

But, much to her dismay, Madeleine was only interested in forming one relationship… and it was a dangerous one.

Although Ester hadn't said it at the time as a form of a thank you to the boy for saving Madeleine, she was very much aware of how dangerous it was to be the Celestial Deer Sect's last disciple… the secret behind their destruction was as profound as the origin of this world itself… and yet Madeleine's love insisted on being at the very center of it all. And to make things worse! He was from the human mortal realm! An absolute taboo amongst the highest-ranking clans and sects of the universe.

The only reason large clans even allowed recruitment from the human world was in respect to an olden treaty… a treaty many felt was nothing but a formality… but now that flimsy treaty was the only thing blocking Dyon from absolute destruction.

Madeleine's eyes snapped back to the device as she continued to type, "what does that have to do with me?..." she said faintly.

Ester could only sigh at her disciple's reply.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from a handsome young man with long blond hair and striking blue eyes, "Lady Madeleine, would it be rude of me to ask what has grabbed the attention of such an outstanding lady as yourself? Maybe it's something that could liven the discussion here?"

The young man smiled gently. If one looked closely, you could see he bared a faint resemblance to Elof, but his aura was much sharper and more refined. His name was Vidar Ragnor.

Madeleine nodded without looking up, "I'm speaking with my fiancé. Whether that's something you would all like to discuss… I don't know."


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