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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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157 Game 2

If Dyon had been there, he would have found this reaction odd. He had never kept his innate aurora a secret, and yet many of this low-ranking universe took the news of him having it in stride. So, why would ancient wills, who had most likely seen much more than the experts of this universe, act so surprised?

The old bobbing will sent the faint concept of nodding into the minds of those listening, 'ai… his manifestation has an incarnation of his aurora… he has the perfect innate aurora… his future in array alchemy, should those hypocritical old bastards not kill him… will be limitless.'

This was a concept Dyon had yet to come across. In fact, it was a concept even his master's memories wouldn't have.

When Dyon began his foundational understanding of array alchemy… even he had found it hard to differentiate the soul and the aurora. In the end, he concluded that the basis of array alchemy was using the soul as a power source for the aurora to produce an aurora flame for alchemy, or to manipulate that aurora flame into the lines of an array.

This conclusion was flawless. In fact, many took decades to grasp this concept while Dyon was able to do it within days. But, this was not the most important point…

Often, the importance of the power source was glossed over when it was actually an important concept into and of itself. When one has a manifestation, that manifestation of course effects your aurora. This was what made Dyon conclude that there was likely something different about Ri's soul considering her aurora's blue color… However, what would happen if you manifested the embodiment of an aurora? What if your manifestation was so in tune with your aurora, that your array alchemy reached all new heights?

This was what happened to Dyon. One of the 6 flaming black-gold circles contained an eye… a mind's eye… another name for an aurora.

This was why Dyon's innate soul was at the peak of the 3rd stage… his aurora wasn't in its complete state until he unleashed his manifestation… In other words… Dyon's innate soul strength was never at the 3rd level, but instead at the peak of the 4th stage! Thereby completing the cycle of meridian formation and bringing his affinity for array alchemy to an all new height.

Those with innate auroras without a matching manifestation couldn't hope to match up to Dyon.

After this revelation, minutes passed before another thought rang out, 'but... this array isn't so simple. We all know very well that this array wasn't left by us… even we don't know the secrets of it. How could an array of such a level be analyzed and cracked by a child not even 2 decades old?'

This was something Dyon had deduced as well. Why would the Elves make it so that part of their test for legacies included the need for a True Empath? It didn't make sense. If you wanted to test the talents of the younger generation, why would you make a test they couldn't pass without outside influences? If that was as difficult as you wanted the test to be, shouldn't you only allow True Empaths to enter?

But, this wasn't the choice of the elves currently present…

The old will sighed again, '[A God's Will: Soul Sacrifice]'

Those words would have sent shivers down the spines of the wills had they retained their original bodies.

To those of the outside world, that technique was one that predicted the destruction of the ancient Elvin Kingdom… but, these old spherical wills knew it as something else… something that Dyon had come to think through for himself.

According the story Elder Flyleaf told, that technique was taken out of dead kings valley during one of their last expeditions in order to try and find a way to salvage their declining Kingdom… but, if that technique was found within dead kings valley, didn't that mean it originated from an even older elf? An elf that would have brought the technique into dead kings valley in the first place?

Dyon couldn't have been more correct. The destruction of the Elvin Kingdom wasn't the first prophecy that technique had ever told…

At the expense of the soul of the one who created the technique… it told of one more thing. Something that etched a new tradition into the lives of the elves.

It told of a day the Elvin Clan would decline. A day where they would barely be able to rise again on their own. A day where their once thriving universe would come to be known as 'Chaos'.

However, it also told of hope. It told of the legend of the True Empath. It told of the fact that one day, love's bond between a True Empath and an unprecedented genius, would lead the Elvin Kingdom back to their former glory.

As such, from that day forward… a race of Elves that derived themselves from a singularity technique transformed from simple guides to the Kings and Queens of a powerful race. Waiting for the day that savior would come to them, binding themselves with their monarch, and leading the elves to glory… a singularity technique that happened to be grasped by the Eostre family ancestor.

The old will continued, 'this won't be where he stumbles…'

And just like that, the wills watched silently as another half a month passed.

Ri only quietly mediated. Dyon had never once stopped sending her a calming feeling.

Warmth blossomed in her heart as Ri thought about how it had been so long since Dyon had slept, yet he still cared about something as meaningless as her feelings.

Suddenly, there was a change in Dyon's psyche, "YES!"

The old floating wills heard this shout and focused intently on Dyon.

'did he really figure it out…'


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