Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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154 Cheat Codes 2

As they walked towards the end of the long corridor, Ri started to hesitate, "you know… no one has had the right to enter dead kings valley for a long time…"

Dyon looked over at Ri. She was still dressed in an alluring sports bra, and the greyish pair of sweat pants hung loosely to her curved hips. Dyon didn't know why, but he always found it hard to not get distracted looking at her. Despite her supposedly 'normal' appearance, her body and everything else was anything but.

"after we came here to this universe, there was a temp ban placed on entering because without True Empaths, coupled with the declining genius of the younger generation, it was basically suicide…

But, even after the ranking tome finally acknowledged the first True Empath in millennia, the ruler 2 spots before my uncle, and we reopened the world… our geniuses had degraded to the point where even with a guide, we were a lost cause."

Dyon listened carefully. Much of this he had already guessed.

The level of the Elvin Kingdom of old had reached unprecedented heights. In fact, he was very clear on the fact that the universe they came from was one he probably couldn't even fathom the strength of. And yet, their younger generation declined to the point where a human boy like him could contend with geniuses 5 or more years his elder? How would that have ever been the case if they had the strength they used to?

Dyon was very clear on the fact that he needed to get stronger. Right now, he was in one of the weakest universes in existence, and his starting point was even lower than the supposed geniuses here.

In this universe, he could fight against experts many cultivation levels higher than him… but would that really be the case elsewhere?

When he met Thor, he couldn't have been more than 19 years old… maybe he hadn't even stepped out of his 18th year of life. That was the same age as Elof… the same age as Ores… the same age as Baal… and yet, he felt like an insurmountable mountain. Like Dyon had no business even thinking about facing him.

An experience like that made Dyon's blood boil. He hated feeling inferior, but he wasn't blindly arrogant. Since that time, he had put in ridiculous amounts of work. And he would continue to. Until there wasn't a genius in existence he wouldn't be above.

However, these same things couldn't be said of the Elvin geniuses. They were still rapidly declining. In fact, from the words of Elder Dior, the Elvin Kingdom only had access to lower level heaven techniques. This made Dyon immediately realize something…

If Elder Flyleaf said they had managed to bring everything with them… and yet the Elves only had techniques that massively paled in comparison to the Celestial Deer Sect… then that could only mean that the rest of the techniques were within their legacy world.

Dyon wasn't interested in some divine techniques. He already had those. What he wanted were the singularity techniques of the 3 ancient Elvin Clans…

While Dyon thought, Ri continued, "so… because sending them in even with a True Empath was still suicide… the king at the time decided to lock the world down… waiting for a time where a genius worthy enough would be born."

Ri took a deep breath as they reached the end of the corridor, "I have feeling that in the banquet you mentioned two months from now… Zaltarish and his family will petition to enter this world."

Dyon nodded in agreement, "makes sense," then Dyon grinned, "before we enter what I have to assume is the final room, what else do you want me to know?"

Ri kicked the back of Dyon knees, "can't you be serious! I'm about to risk my life for you because you're an idiot who can't tell stupidity from bravery," Ri turned away, clearly annoyed.

Dyon released Ri's hand and patted her head, enjoying the partly ice cold, but still gentle feeling, "don't be ridiculous. I'm an unprecedented genius. And you're always telling me that you're still better, no? Then how could we possibly be risking our lives?"

Ri looked up at Dyon sighing, "without my manifestation… it'll be difficult for me," she said softly.

Dyon pinched Ri's cheek, snorting, "as if I'd let something happen to you. Let's go!"

With that, Dyon pushed the door without a shred of hesitation… and as he expected… even the words he left in the sky had no effect on this room.

The eerie fog rolled along the ground as the portal swirled before Ri and Dyon.

The statues stood majestically on either side, backs straight. The pressure coming off of them was palpable.

When Dyon tried to scan them with his aurora, he felt a searing pain in eyes that made him blink quickly in response.

'those statues… they aren't normal…'

Ri watched Dyon's back as he stared at the statues, 'does he not know it's not normal to stand in front of those statues as though nothing was happening?'

Ri stood slightly behind Dyon and she was fully aware that she was being shielded from the pressure. She had no idea if she would even be able to stand if it wasn't for Dyon.

To Ri, she was sure that she was a great talent. In fact, she was sure her talent likely didn't lose out to Dyon's… but standing in front of these statues took more than talent… it took having the will of a ruler.

Ri sighed to herself, 'and after all these years... I thought I changed… all those plans, all that training, yet I'm content to stand with his help'

The truth was that Ri wasn't always someone who loved having a lot of responsibility. It was only after her mother left… then her uncle left… that she realized something needed to change within her. But, it was clear she didn't have Dyon's disposition.

She was caring, supportive, understanding. She was willing to risk her life if it meant having a chance to make sure nothing happened to Dyon... Whether that be because he was acknowledged by her mother, or because he cared enough to let her taste Ice Petal's Dance again, or because of his love and care for children he could have easily ignored… she didn't know what it was exactly. But, she knew Dyon was someone she wanted in her life. Whether she ended up standing behind him, or beside him… and maybe when it was the right time… in front of him.

Suddenly, Ri felt a strong and gentle warmth grab her hand. She looked up to find Dyon smiling at her. It was suddenly very clear to her that she had been trembling.

Dyon pulled Ri to his side, making his thoughts clear.

He turned back towards the statues, his eyes sharpening and his aura bright.

Dyon's voice boomed, "don't you know who you're in the presence of?! KNEEL!"


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