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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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"ENOUGH!" Princess Acacia's booming voice reigned over the hordes of major family members.

"Elder Ingram. Immediately apologize to the Eostre family. Insulting a virgin maiden of a major family is not a small crime. Do not hesitate to follow my orders or your punishment will be the crippling of your cultivation. You have 3 seconds."

The hall fell silent… they had never seen the princess be so tyrannical… Despite the fact they acknowledged her as their interim ruler, many felt that it was only in name. But, they suddenly realized that in the 10 years the king had been gone… the little girl had grown up.

Elder Ingram trembled with rage, but didn't dare disobey. Bowing, he said his apologies, "I spoke rashly… please forgive me."

Wyn Eostre nodded, not wanting to offend the princess by holding a grudge.

With the matter settled, the princess spoke again, "whether or not Dyon was involved in this isn't something that can be concluded upon until he's been confronted. However, as of now, it is in our best interest to assume the worst-case scenario: Dyon has defected to the Sigebryht family and our location and plans are in jeopardy."

A deep breath was sucked out of the air as the major families listened to Princess Acacia's words.

"This worst-case scenario also includes the kidnapping of my younger cousin. Therefore, should Dyon be spotted, this must be handled with the utmost care. He is intelligent… he's already told us exactly what offending him would mean… therefore, he's near untouchable now. I'm not willing to give up on my cousin because with the loss of Dyon and Aeson, she's our last hope."

The major families were secretly impressed with the princess. She calmly spoke of the worst-case scenario as though despite all of this, they could still succeed.

Despite the words not being said, everyone inwardly thought them. The princess was noting down the worst case, because it was highly unlikely that it would be true. Because of this, whenever the real situation was figured out, it would mean that any case other than that worst one, would put them in a better situation.

It was a simple mind game… but one that would be effective nonetheless.

Despite this, Jade's eyes glistened with tears. To everyone who could see her, they could only feel pity. It was clear that it hurt her to see someone she cared for treated like a criminal.

Suddenly, the princess waved her hand, "we aren't in the state of mind to continue this discussion. Go home. Cool down. This plan was never meant to be completed quickly. When I said within 2 decades. I meant every word of it. This isn't over. Not by a longshot."

The princess stood to leave. Her long deep blue hair swayed behind her along with her clear blue dress.

Her back was straight and tall. It was clear to everyone that she wasn't yielding under the pressure.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the princess looked down at an unassuming wooden ring, thinking to herself, 'if I had believed you… Aeson wouldn't have died…' the princess chuckled silently, 'the worst part is you knew I wouldn't believe you, so the second step of your plan already hinged on Aeson's death… just what level of foreplanning and intelligence have you reached…

If you were right about that… does that mean…'



Large cacophonic sounds blasted the underground facility. The place shook. It felt like everything was coming down.


The missing palace guards Dyon couldn't locate surrounded the princess, immediately moving her into one of the various escape tunnels.

The surroundings shook, the array just barely holding up.

And yet, what the guards and the princess didn't know, was the sounds had long since stopped in the main hall… and only one group of escapees was followed…

That made one thing clear… the perpetrators had no interest in the major families… they only wanted the princess dead.


The guards and the princess burst into the forest, breathing heavily.

The sounds of their footsteps rumbled in concert with an eerie feeling. They had one destination: Ri's Mother's Cave.

The guards knew very well that they wouldn't be able to enter… But, they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the princess. Not only for what she had done for them, but also what her father had done.

But, it seemed they'd never get the chance... Before they could even orient themselves correctly, endless shadows seemed to fall from the sky to surround them.

They said nothing and made no sounds. It was as though they weren't even breathing. But, one thing was clear: each and every one was a high-level saint… they stood no chance.

They had played right into the hands of the enemy. The invaders somehow knew that in case of emergency, the major families and the princess would split themselves amongst tens of tunnels, hoping to protect the princess by forcing the pursuers to follow the wrong lead. And yet… they had seen through it so easily.

The princess trembled, clutching the ring in her hand, 'I should have listened to you…'

Dyon had left the princess two paths. With one he wrote about how in the very unlikely chance that lightning struck the ground 5 times in a single space and she actually believed him about Aeson, everything would be easy… But, the second plan… the one she now had no choice but to follow… meant sacrificing herself for the sake of the kingdom.

'I guess we all pay for our ignorance…'

The princess slipped the ring on, staring at the powerful experts in the most direct way possible.

The last thoughts the princess had before a raging tempest of energy ended everything, were her final wishes, 'I hope I've helped you well Ri… live on… be strong… Dyon… I hope my sacrifice fulfills the role you want it to…'


Rule number 1: always listen to the boy genius, smh Princess

Rule number 2: see rule number 1

Rule number 3: I apparently just create characters just to kill them now… so… don't get too attached 😉

sorry the chapter came out a bit later than usual.

Hope you enjoyed 😊 if you'd like to see character representations, check out my twitter @Awespec. Once I reach 30 followers, I'll do a ss giveaway (I've never done this before, so let me know a suitable amount… dkm, I'm a broke author, lmmaaoo)

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