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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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An odd look appeared on Ri's face, "what are you talking about?"

Dyon grinned, "the competition to be my first wife of course."

Ri looked up at the shameless bastard holding her chin and rolled her eyes. Slapping Dyon's hand away, she pretended as though there wasn't a faint happiness in her heart. But, she buried it deeply. This was not the time for such things… nor did she know if there ever would be.

Ri harrumphed, "no one wants to be the second wife to such an annoying bastard like you. Now make me my tent!"

Dyon sighed, suddenly remembering the words Madeleine had left him with the night before the legacy world opening. She reminded him that he would often have a massive impact on the lives of people around him without even realizing it… but this time, Ri made him pay attention… no one was more aware than he just how big of an impact he'd make on her life in just 2 months time.

He felt odd. He had Madeleine in his heart because she was strong willed, unyielding, and willing to sacrifice her dignity to pay back a debt she thought she owed him. And even now, she was working as hard as she could so she could one day be by Dyon's side. And, by the stories Dyon was hearing, she had already surpassed him as ridiculous as that sounded.

But, then there was Ri. She obviously had a story, but he hadn't yet grasped why he was drawn to her. Was it because his demonic will didn't work on her so she seemed more real? Was it because her appearance was more like a beautiful mortal realm woman than someone from the martial world? Was it because she was understanding? Or maybe it was her fiery personality? Her intelligence? Dyon didn't know. And he wasn't willing to say any more than he already had on the matter until he did…

Whether in the end they would be words of friendship, or words of love… he didn't know. But, he did know he had gotten a friend of a lifetime in Ri. And he wanted to treasure that.

Ri suddenly flicked Dyon's forehead, "stop thinking about useless things," she looked into Dyon's eyes as though she could see through him.

Dyon smiled, grabbing Ri's hand, "let's go!"

With a flash, Ri and Dyon disappeared from the spatial world.


Far away from the castle, within the Acacia secret underground facility, a raging storm was building up as a heated discussion continued without end.

"we just lost one of our best geniuses for the future and you want to still talk about the princess' reappearance?!"

It seemed like it didn't matter who was speaking, the rage everyone was feeling was palpable.

"what are you expecting us to do?! Shrink back?! Were you expecting to win this kingdom back with no shed blood?!"

"How about we talk about something more important! Like finding out who killed Aeson instead of harping on the process afterwards?! Do you all think that just because he was an orphan, that he wasn't one of us?!" this time Elder Flyleaf flew into a rage.

These major families were supposedly on the side of good, and yet they still put up barriers like this. He knew these words coming from a simple sub-family leader wouldn't mean much, but, he couldn't hold it in any longer.

An elder of the Ingram family bellowed at Elder Flyleaf, "since when was it your turn to speak in functions like this one?! You're a glorified doorman, don't overstep your boundaries!"

An elder of the Coventine family stepped in to strengthen the point, "and plus! Isn't it the boy YOU brought here that's responsible for all of this? You think a human can be trusted? You saw his devilish killing intent with your own eyes! And now you try and pretend like we don't know who could be responsible?! Ridiculous!"

Elder Flyleaf shook with rage, but before she could answer, a young lady's voice rang out. Her body was shaking, and she was pale under the pressure of such experts, but the tears glistening in her resolute eyes didn't seem to care for her appearance or proper etiquette, "I won't allow you to speak ill of Dyon! I know this had nothing to do with him!"

Everyone fell silent, looking towards a beautiful girl with silver hair and purple-blue eyes.

But, the silence didn't last for long before a sneer came from the Ingram elder, "of course you'd say something so ridiculous. We found you warming his bed. If he wasn't responsible, then where is he now?! Why hasn't he come to defend himself!?"

Jade paled even further, before she felt a warmth envelop her, "who do you think you are speaking ill of my daughter! Watch your mouth, or else I'll watch it for you. You dare pressure a member of the younger generation like this?! You think she'd be able to lie to her family about whether or not she retained her virginity?! How dare you say those words?!"

The Ingram elder continued to sneer, unperturbed, "Wyn Eostre… have you grown senile with old age? Why would you think we'd ever believe your words? We're just supposed to accept that because the almighty Eostre family can play the fake role of True Empath that we should hang on their every word?! If it wasn't for your shit family being so useless, how could our king still be missing! If you're so great, how about you go and read the minds of the grand elders and tell us what the fuck is going on!"

Elder Wyn Eostre clenched his teeth with rage, "say those words one more time and see if I don't decapitate you where you stand! Ingram family or not, your words have consequences!"

The Ingram elder stood taut, ready for Jade's father to attack at any time.

To Wyn, it was the entire truth that his daughter retained her virginity. It was impossible for her to lie to him, for the same reason few truths escaped the Eostre family. And yet, they still slandered their family's name? What good major families they were!


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