Reaper of the Martial World
147 Dyon“s Back 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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147 Dyon“s Back 3

With that, Ri began helping Dyon understand his soul manifestation. It wasn't that Dyon couldn't do this alone, it was just that he felt at ease bouncing his ideas off of Ri like they had done the first time they met.

He felt like a weight had been lifted off of his heart. Although the death of Ms. Everdeen still hurt him deeply, and he still hated himself for allowing the orphans to go through what they went through, Dyon had only allowed himself to sink that deeply into a depressed state for a clear purpose. With that purpose fulfilled, he immediately pulled himself out… whether it was by will, or thinking of his close friends like Ri, or his love with Madeleine.

If Dyon was one to so easily fall into a depression, he would have long since given up. He was practically raised by his mother because his father spent so much time away from home. In fact, all Dyon knew about his dad was that he was an unyielding man… one who put duty above almost everything else. So, when Dyon lost his mother, he already felt lost. And yet, his dad was there to instill an iron will in him. An iron will that stayed even after even his dad left him too…

Dyon fought through adversity… it wasn't that he believed he could never truly slip into a state like that… but, he felt that, at least for now, he could fight it off. He could smile. He could make those around him feel better. And then, he could get revenge.

Suddenly, Ri's voice snapped him out of his stupor, "I have a feeling that your manifestation is pretty straight forward… well, your pagoda at least."

Dyon nodded, "I originally thought I learned sword will so quickly because my manifestation would be a sword…"

"right, but instead, your manifestation is a literal weapon's hall… I doubt there's a weapon that exists you can't learn quickly…" Ri's voice held a faint amount of jealousy. This manifestation was truly too good, and yet she still hadn't gotten hers yet.

Dyon, sensing Ri's mood comforted her, "what's the use in learning so many weapons? I can only use one at a time anyway."

Ri flicked his forehead, "idiot. Don't say stupid things to comfort me. I know you must already be aware of how important this could be.

Weapon's aren't limited to offensive types… well, more accurately, a weapon's hall isn't limited to offensive type items."

Dyon nodded as Ri continued.

"you have access to shields, and support weapons as well. In fact, I'm getting the faint feeling that what you manifest from your weapon's hall is based on your imagination rather than the restriction of your manifestation… truly unfair…" Ri pouted.

Dyon rubbed her head, "don't be like that, I may not know much, but I do know that if you're still struggling with your manifestation even with the pill I gave you… your manifestation might surpass mine."

Ri waved Dyon's hand away, "yea, yea, yea."

"in addition to supporting your understanding of weapons, it seems like your pagoda actually manifests weapons depending on your soul level too."

With a wave of his hand, Dyon's humanoid manifestation disappeared and a white light charged out of the pagodas door and into his hand.

He looked down at the white light, frowning, "do you have any idea how to make this more useful? As of now, this sword seems flimsy… at most it's comparable to a peak common level weapon despite my soul being at the 5th stage. In fact, I'm not too far from the middle of the 5th stage."

Ri thought about this for a second, "is that the only sword in the pagoda you can bring out? See how many you can take out at once."

Dyon focused his mind. It was draining having his manifestation out for so long, but this was a necessary step. In fact, Ri was surprised that Dyon could hold on for so long.

However, despite how Dyon focused, he could only pull out a single sword. But, when he thought of other weapons, vague representations everything he could think of came out. A shield, a whip, a spear…

Ri nodded, "as I thought, you can only pull out one manifestation of something at a time. But, concentrate of splitting the sword in your hand instead of calling another one out."

Dyon did as Ri said, and it miraculously worked. The sword split again and again, Dyon was beginning to think it would be endless until he felt a splitting headache.

"stop it idiot, are you trying to kill yourself?"

Dyon immediately stopped. He found it odd though. He could bring out so many different weapons at once, but there was a limit to splitting a single weapon?

"what's going on?"

Ri, seemingly understood what Dyon was asking, "I think it has to do with sword cultivation. Something is supporting your manifestation of the sword, and whatever that is, is what's being split again and again. However, when you pull out different weapons, you're tapping into different power sources. You realized how your sword was the most powerful among your weapons, right? I have a feeling if you tried to split the other weapons, you might not even be able to manage one time."

Dyon nodded. The other weapons really did pale in comparison to the sword. But, he also got the faint feeling that if he focused on any one weapon, he could master it in a short time… a time even shorter than the week it took him to learn sword will to the 7th level.

Suddenly, it was Ri's turn to ask Dyon a question, "so, what do you think the use is of your weapon's pagoda if you have access to weapons higher than the common level?"

Dyon thought a bit, "I get the faint feeling… that if I could absorb weapons, the spirit representations of the weapons in my pagoda would increase as well. But, there also seems to be a limit. For example, I don't think I could absorb a transcendent level weapon. At most, I could probably do it with a peak practitioner to a low master level weapon… corresponding with my soul strength, of course.

But… I'm also getting the feeling that absorbing weapons isn't what I should be doing… there's something more to it."

Dyon began rifling through his master's memories to see if he could find something similar. What he found made him raise his eyebrows in interest.


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