Reaper of the Martial World
145 Dyon“s Back 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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145 Dyon“s Back 1

Dyon walked with Jade in his arms.

Entering his cultivation room, he set her down on the bed and turned to leave.


Outside of the Acacia Academy castle, Dyon stood at the end of the caldesac, hands in his pockets.

He looked up at the burning words in the night sky and had his third human like thought in more than a week, 'I guess it's about time I go there…'

Dyon's eyes immediately flashed with purple-gold colors. He had to go all out with this concealment array… he couldn't risk being caught. Having a secluded place to not only understand the words in the sky, but to also fact check his hypotheses was of utmost importance to his original 6-month plan.

Dyon disappeared quickly behind a practitioner level array before he formed a much stronger master level concealment array nearer to himself.

With that, he flashed, moving 10s of meters at a time.

Soon, Dyon had weaved through the city and reached the inner forest of the castle. Here was where he assumed he would begin meeting some resistance.

He could feel that there should be a burning heat here… in fact, the trees had withered and dried under the pressure… and yet, it felt like a calm breeze to him.

As expected, there were no guards. But, the forest itself was littered with detection arrays. However, they were all of a lower level than Dyon's master level concealment array, as such, they detected nothing.

But, the ease of travel increased in difficulty as Dyon moved forward. The arrays continued increasing in level and Dyon's worst fear became that the castle would have an array at the level of the recognition array he had just went through with Elder Flyleaf.

But, the worry ended up being without base. Dyon soon stood alone in front of a large and deserted castle. Dyon immediately realized that this meant the Acacia family, despite being supressed by the new major families, kept some reserves with them… reserves including that fantastically high leveled array.

After one last scan, Dyon was satisfied and walked into the castle unimpeded.

Removing his concealment array, Dyon looked around to find that the castle was oddly probably the only building in the Elvin City without an inner world.

It kept the medieval aesthetic, but with the stones made of marble and jade. Everything was grandiose and larger than life. It seemed the elves loved their pearly whites and murky greens because the color scheme was consistent throughout the whole city.

Dyon sighed, "since we've reached this phase… I think it's appropriate to stop suppressing my personality now…"

In the next instant, it was like Dyon had become an entirely new person. His murky brown eyes shone brightly again in their usually hazel-green. The black flames that had constantly been faintly dancing around him were vanquished. He even smiled for the first time in weeks.

Dyon smirked to himself. Only he knew why he had suppressed his personality. But, what was clear was that everything had gone according to plan.

Finding a suitable place to place his ring, Dyon flashed into the spatial world.


Within the world, Ri was meditating with a lake far away from everyone else. She usually did this in her mother's cave, but since Dyon had locked her in here, she could only make do.

She was pleasantly surprised by the lake's calming effect. She kept feeling a faint will of the purity path… but, she just couldn't remember if she had ever felt a will like it before.

Ri had taken off her armor and pants, leaving her tightly bandaged chest and plain underwear covered with a short transparent skirt. She felt most comfortable like this. So, she allowed herself to sink into the clear lake until the water level reached just below her nose.

But, no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't seem to manifest her soul, 'this is ridiculous,' she thought, 'if I can't manifest my soul with a 65% awakened aurora, aren't I useless?' she gnashed her teeth in frustration.

Ri felt like she needed a break.

Her water will surged, shooting her into the sky and high above the lake.

A smile spread across her face as she fell faster and faster towards the surface of the lake. He arms and legs were out wide as the wind quickened around her, sending her long blue-silver hair flapping wildly.


Ri giggled to herself, having fun. Although… the belly flop had hurt more than she thought it would.

She cupped her chest, "ow… didn't I ask you guys to not get bigger?..."

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind her, "really? I wouldn't mind if they did though…"

Ri spun around to find a grinning Dyon, "Dyon!"

Ri was like the wind, immediately appearing before Dyon and kicking him in the shin.

"agh…" Dyon bent over, smiling bitterly. But, before he could say anything, he felt his head invaded by a wetness as arms wrapped around him.

It took a while before Dyon realized that the wetness he felt was from Ri's body. Her long hair covered part of him as she pulled him tightly into her bandaged chest.

Although he felt awkward having to bend over like this since Ri was so much shorter than he was, he felt too bad to pull out of her grasp.

"you're so stupid," she whispered.

After some time passed, Dyon finally managed to wiggle out of Ri's embrace, he grinned at her taking in her appearance, "I have to say… I like this outfit much better than the other one."

Ri rolled her eyes, "have you never seen a bikini before? How is this any different from that. Get your head out of the clouds."

Dyon smiled, he had always appreciated Ri's personality. Not many girls would be so nonchalant about being seen like this. But he also found it weird the martial world had bikinis. How could you have bikinis but no sweat pants? Ridiculous.

Suddenly, Dyon thought of something, "say… Ri. I have a weird question, but I need you to answer honestly, okay?"

Ri, looked up at Dyon while wringing her hair dry, "no, I'm not marrying you, you pervert. How about you go ask your fiancée about that?"

Dyon chuckled, "that's not it. I only want to know whether or not elves have hearing that differs from humans."

Ri raised an eyebrow, "it really was a weird question… of course we do, we descend from gods you know? Even if our bodies no longer match up to god level constitutions, we're essentially all born with pseudo-earth level body constitutions."


"yea… They're more powerful than a common body, but not powerful enough to be an earth constitution. But, this base body also means that should one of us be born with a constitution, it'll be much more effective."

'hm… so you can stack constitutions?'

"Ah, I guess it's nice having such great ancestors, hm? But, I don't mean hearing as in how soft of a sound you can catch. I mean as in the frequencies an elf can catch."

"oh… then no, elves should hear in the same range as humans."

Ri looked at Dyon weirdly as he smiled wildly.

"what are you smiling about?"

Dyon shook his head, "I'm just enjoying the view of a beautiful girl, is there a problem?"

Ri rolled her eyes, "I'm tired of you already. You can go away now. And change your shirt, you look ridiculous."


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