Reaper of the Martial World
142 Princess Acacia 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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142 Princess Acacia 3

In the crowd, Jade sat with some of her family, giggling at Dyon's antics. It was clear he was testing the character of the princess… but at the same time, she had a feeling that even if Dyon knew who the princess was intimately, and was aware that she was a good person, he would do things this way anyway.

A light smile played the soft lips of the princess, but the answer didn't come from her.

Instead, the black-haired and blue eyed Aeson Acacia spoke from the stands, "where is Ri?" he said faintly.

His words didn't seem like they were meant to be powerful… but, Dyon felt his array nearly shatter.

To make a peak practitioner defensive array almost collapse with just words… this Aeson wasn't simple.

Dyon didn't seem too bothered by this question, instead focusing on the princess more intently, "so all this time your cousin had been disappearing, I presume she was dealing with the tasks you asked of her, hm?"

The princess nodded, sending Aeson an apologetic glance, it seemed Dyon wouldn't be as easy to handle as they hoped, "indeed. My cousin is quite talented and is tasked with training many of the suitable orphans we've picked up over the years. At one point, it was also her task to train Aeson, so he cares for her deeply. So, I hope you forgive him for his straightforwardness."

Dyon nodded, "with her personality, I don't doubt that she would be a great sergeant."

The princess smiled, but before she could speak, Aeson spoke again, "and with your personality, it's no wonder you make enemies wherever you go. Is anyone safe following you?"

Dyon said nothing for a long while… but the feeling of dripping killing intent came off of him in waves.

His demonic will condensed into a blood red light and his black flames began to dance across his once bright gold array. It was clear his mood of effecting the purity of his array.

Everyone understood Dyon's anger in this instance. There was not a single person here who was unaware of what happened to the orphanage Dyon had built. And yet, Aeson, in a fit of anger for having been ignored, poked at Dyon's ultimate sore spot.

The princess could only send a dissatisfied glare at Aeson, but there was nothing she could do. She had already apologized for the sake of Dyon twice already. How many more steps could she possibly take?

Suddenly Dyon spoke, "I'm beginning to understand now why the elves have fallen to such a point that they think building plans around a human boy who's been on their island for less than a month is the best course for their future."

Dyon's voice was deep. So deep that just listening to it was like falling into an endless abyss of anger, sorrow and disdain.

But, that didn't mean that those who heard his words would take to them kindly. His words caused a surge of anger. But, he wasn't finished yet.

"it's clear by your position so close to the princess that you're somehow considered among the best this alliance has to offer right now, and yet you're truly this stupid?"

Dyon's words cut at Aeson. And unlike Aeson's words, Dyon's collapsed the section of seating Aeson had been on, forcing him to stand in a rage. But, yet still, Dyon wasn't finished.

"you call me here, and yet the first thing you do is ask about Ri as though I've kidnapped her. Well, let's take a look at your idiotic world for a second.

I came here of my own free will, and yet you still haven't seen Ri. What could that mean to you?"

Aeson's eyebrows furrowed, and his fists clenched.

"Since I've already called you an idiot, I didn't plan on waiting for your answer."

Black flames raged in Dyon's eyes as he turned his head towards Aeson.

"It means that either I've clearly done nothing to her, and thus come here with no worries. Or, she's in danger orchestrated by me, such that I can still come here with no worries."

"you!" Aeson's voice trembled with rage.

But, his voice seemed to have no power in front of Dyon's deep fury, "and yet, the first thing you do is ask me where she is menacingly? Have you fully grasped how truly stupid you are?

If Ri was in no danger, and you pissed me off, you've just closed the door on a possible ally. An ally even your own princess sees fit to invite.

If Ri was in danger, and you pissed me off, you've just closed the door on Ri. Whether that be to her endless pain or her death.

Now tell me, what else do you have to say?"

The surroundings were silent.

Dyon's every word made it seem as though everyone was beneath him. As though his words were law. As though if he thought you were in the wrong, you were without a doubt wrong.

"Nothing to say? Then how about you stop pissing me off and fuck off instead?"

Aeson glared at Dyon, but the princess' words made him lose his will to fight, "go Aeson. You've done enough. If Ri was in danger, I would know. You know very well the connection between us. Don't let your feelings jeopardize this meeting any further."

The words of the princess were firm and unyielding, displaying the bearing of a true Queen.

Aeson's position had raised steadily because of his talent… but he was still far from comparing to the princess. He had no choice but to bow and leave, sending a final hateful glance towards Dyon. But, all that look found was a dense killing intent. One that made his spine shiver…

After Aeson left, Dyon closed his eyes. The princess waiting patiently as he adjusted his emotions. Once the princess saw Dyon's eyes open, she sent him a final apologetic glance before speaking.

"I'm sure you understand the reason for my asking you here. Before the events of today, you were just another talent we wanted to rope in by normal means.

You come from the human mortal realm, so without hiding anything, we thought that you came with no backing, and we could provide a good sanctuary for you over time.

However, we believe that with the unfortunate incident involving the orphans, you've become as invested as we have in stopping the Norville and Sigebryht families. As such, we felt it was appropriate to bring you in sooner rather than later."

Dyon nodded. At first, he was worried that information about what had happened between him and the guilds had leaked in some way, but, it seemed like that wasn't the case.

"So, I've only asked you here for one reason. We would like you to join us.

Your talent is a match for even the best the major families have to offer, and we can supply you with any materials and support you need.

Your human heritage is irrelevant to us. As you know, our best genius, Ri, is also half human. Why would we discriminate for something so meaningless?"

Dyon had to say… the princess' offer was tempting. Despite the fact he had no need for resources because of Heaven's Wine… to him, that was only a temporary solution. He had no idea how long he could continue to use that method before someone's bottom line snapped. And, even if he could use it forever due to the magnanimity of the owner, limitless credit wouldn't give him protection.

So, Dyon asked a question, "what are your plans?"


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