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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Suddenly Dyon froze. A technique that costs someone their life? He had heard of something like this before… back during his very first visit at Heaven's Wine was the first time he heard of a Ragnor Auxiliary clan called the Saeclum clan. Back then, Saeclum had teased Ipsum due to the fact her nose was witch-like because of the Ipsum clan techniques… but Ipsum fired back by reminding Saeclum that 'at least her clan's ultimate technique didn't cost them their lives'. This was something Dyon obviously heard clearly. For one, he had already upgraded his body with two blood essences. And, how could he not pay attention to a table Iaachus, a person he had just had a confrontation with, went to?

All Dyon knew was that there couldn't be such a coincidence in the world.

Dyon clenched his fists… it was the Ragnor Clan yet again. Just what were they doing? And how did this connect to the elves?

But, there was one thing Dyon was clear on. The Ragnor Clan was using the Saeclum clan. Just like their scar-faced slaves… the Saeclum Auxiliary clan was just yet another pawn… There had to be a reason such a twisted character like Baal was born into the world.

Flyleaf was too lost in his thoughts to pay attention to Dyon's reaction this time, "according to that technique, our destruction was coming… but, it also foretold of the fact that if members of the ancient Elvin clans didn't make it to this universe, they would never again produce a True Empath. But, the problem was which clan would get to come."

Dyon's brows furrowed, "why would they need to pick?"

Flyleaf sighed, "prophecies are always vague… even ones that cost lives unfortunately. The problem was that some interpreted the prophecy as meaning that any members of the ancient families could go, while some interpreted it as only one ancient family could send their members.

The Mathilde family believed that only one family should send members. But, the Florence family believed that all 3 families should go. The split decision was left to the Acacia family.

However, no one knows what they discussed in their meeting. We only know that afterwards, only the Acacia family younger generation came with us… everyone else inexplicably didn't fight for it. What made it worse was that the younger generation of the Acacia family that became fugitives like we did, had no idea what happened. As such, they were scapegoated.

To the many of the new major families, it was the ancient clans that messed everything up. It was their turmoil that led to the True Empath drought which then led to their once prosperous kingdom being annihilated."

Elder Flyleaf took a deep breath, "so, in the end we had no choice but to pay a hefty price to who you may know as the Ragnor Clan in order to hitch to their migration to this universe. At the time, the main Ragnor clan in a universe near to us had just conquered this universe's gate and were negotiating with our current Royal God Clan. We were allowed to sneak in as members of their clan by paying a price.

That price included the foretelling technique I mentioned. I'm not sure why, but they wanted nothing but that and an exorbitant amount of transcendent stones. Thankfully, we elves excel at space type structures, as you've seen, so we were able to package all of our most important things to take with us."

Dyon nodded. It seemed that he was right about the Ragnor Clan… but their ask was indeed odd. Sure, transcendent stones were great and all, but to jeopardize a negotiation just for that? When it could lead to a falling out with the Royal God Clan and result in your established colony getting wiped out? It didn't add up.

And what was even weirder was the fact that the Elvin Clan was still here, and they clearly weren't hiding. So, at some point the Royal God Clan learned of their existence yet did nothing. Did they just not care? Were they that scared of offending Ragnor main family? Or did the elves give them some benefits too?

Dyon felt a headache coming on. Even for him, the web of families, histories and lore was getting to be too much. He felt like he had taken a trip to a history class rather than the martial world. Where was all the glory he wanted? Where was all the fighting? All he'd done was expose the big sects as frauds just for them to be barely punished… then he ran to the Elvin Kingdom and all he'd done was smack down a trash young mater, just him to retaliate by hurting children. And now what? Was he supposed to be the savior of this Acacia family?

This Acacia family was but a corner of a small island, that was but a corner of the continent, that was but a corner of this planet, that was but a corner of this universe. Where was the glory in this?

Dyon sighed and had his second human-like thought in weeks, 'these campaigns better live up to the hype. I'm tired of this.'

Dyon could only ask another question, hoping it wouldn't be too complicated, he hadn't slept in a week and he had had enough, "just who are the Ragnor family?"

A serious look surfaced on Elder Flyleaf's face, "the Ragnor main family is very powerful. I'm sure you've heard of the concept of religions and how they're among the most powerful of wills… well, the Ragnor family is part of a massive religion that spans across universes. The Norse religion."

Dyon's eyes widened. He had always thought that the Norse religion originated from the olden European lands of the human mortal realm… but for the Ragnor clan's religion to be so strong that it reached the human world, instead of the human world projecting it outwards to the martial world… Dyon couldn't fathom how powerful it would have to be.

The religious wills Bai Meiying used were different… those ancient Chinese religions really did originate from the human mortal realm. It was just that some of the martial world took interest in it and expanded it. But, Norse religion was clearly very different.

Suddenly he thought of something else, "so… when the Storm family broke off from the Ragnor family…"

Flyleaf looked at Dyon with interest, "so you know about this too? Yes. The reason they had the gall to break off from the Ragnor family was because an unprecedented genius was born. A genius so powerful that they will without a doubt one day be among the main heads of the Ragnor main family.

In families built around such strong religions, there appears a next level of bodily constitution… a bodily constitution based on their very own religious figures… the bodily constitution of a True Deity.

That first in line genius of what used to the Storm family now shares that title with another genius of the Ragnor clan… together, they stand tall amongst the younger generation of this universe. They've long since thrown away their original names to become the embodiment of their True Deity constitutions."

Dyon listened with rapt attention.

"They're known as Thor and Vidar Ragnor."

"oh, for fuck's sake."

Elder Flyleaf laughed, "I guess you've heard these names from the human world, hm? Must be odd hearing them here."

"that's an understatement."

Dyon thought he had done pretty well adjusting to the martial world. He didn't bat an eye when killing. He accepted that a soul really did exist. He accepted that you could somehow live thousands of years if you cultivated well. He accepted that people could move earth, manipulate time, cause the waves of an ocean…. But now he was supposed to go from watching movies about Thor to fighting him? He suddenly felt the urge to start looking around for cameras.

But, putting the jokes aside, what really pissed Dyon off was here he was, listening to how great everyone else had been or was or would be. The campaigns couldn't come fast enough for him. But first, a few people had to pay.


I guess our boy Dyon is tired of listening to how great everyone else is and is itching to get out there, lmao. He's probably been in denial all this time if this is what finally made him start looking for the cameras… Imagine coming from the human mortal realm, and hearing, months after the fact, how you almost fought Thor… talk about a culture shock, yikes. (and yes, I know it isn't clear here which is which, but Tammy's brother is Thor. While Elof's brother is Vidar. Both are very powerful gods in Norse mythology although Thor edges out Vidar)... at least now you know why I never named Tammy's older brother, haha

Remember, if you'd like to check out how some of the Focus cast looks like, check out my twitter @Awespec. I'll be posting at least 2-5 a day as I find more and more proper representations 😊

Also… now we know how the Ragnor clan got a hold of that technique… but how did the Pakal clan get a hold of the demon sage's technique originally? 😉

Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow's chapters will be… interesting to say the least 😉


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