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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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137 Walk 1

Dyon narrowed his eyes at Elder Flyleaf's words. He had been ready for a moment like this, but it seemed that it would come sooner than he expected.

The very same day Elder Flyleaf tried to use a suggestion technique during his lecture, Dyon felt that there was something more to the story. The reason was simple. A suggestion technique doesn't help you learn better, it only makes you revere the words you're listening to. Which was exactly why Zaltarish used the technique during their debate.

Originally, Dyon brushed it off. For all he knew, Acacia Academy had a reward system for teachers who gained the most respect from their students… a system used in the human mortal world. But, he had always kept a secondary possibility in his mind… the possibility that a kingdom drenched in unrest would be a hotbed for rebellion… a rebellion that would need supporters… supporters that had to be procured by someone.

And it now seemed, that that secondary possibility was the correct one.

Dyon sighed, "don't you think it's a bit ridiculous that the princess of a kingdom needs to find followers this way?"

Elder Flyleaf laughed bitterly, "being the princess of the Elvin Kingdom, at least these days, is nothing more than an empty title. We have no precedent for nepotism, nor is the throne inherited in the conventional way…"

Elder Flyleaf took out an array plate and covered them both in a concealment array before walking towards the outskirts of the city.

"I know. True Empath, correct? Are you going to explain to me what that is?"

Although Elder Flyleaf was a bit surprised that Dyon knew about this, he could only brush it off. This kid had surprised him so many times, why wouldn't he have the means of knowing this?

"The True Empath isn't something we have a definition for in the strictest of senses… It's a title given to a person that elicits a specific reaction in the ranking tome. The only definition we have is something left by our ancestors: 'the one who sees all things'. That is all."

Dyon frowned. He was aware that the ranking tome was assumed to be destroyed by the members of the Elvin Kingdom… so didn't that mean that they could no longer name their next True Empath?

Although Dyon had the tome… it wasn't something he was willing to part with, and it was definitely not something he was willing to allow others to know about just yet. Although Jade had seen the tome, he had discretely placed an array in her just this morning to stop her from ever talking about it. Why else would he bend to her whims like he did? He may be feeling an incomparable anger right now, but he still had Madeleine in his heart.

The sad part was that Dyon was telling himself a lie. If he had done it just to place the array within Jade without her knowing, 10 minutes would have been enough… there was no need to go for hours. It was clear that his judgement was still cloudy to anyone who watched his actions. But to Dyon, there was a method to his madness. He just knew he would never cross a line he couldn't come back from.

Despite all this, Dyon pushed these thoughts away, "and how does this connect to being a human lie detector?"

Elder Flyleaf chuckled, "I notice that you're close with Jade Eostre, you're not a bad match. But, it's clear the fact she can read you is weighing on your mind."

Dyon said nothing to this. Him and Jade a match? He had never thought of her that way, and he doubted he ever would. To him, how could she compare to Madeleine? She had done nothing but try and seduce him. If she insisted on that type of relationship, his essence blood wouldn't object. But if she expected him to cross a line, it wouldn't happen.

Elder Flyleaf seemed to notice Dyon's reaction and sighed, "you've probably already guessed, but it's in our best interest that you fall for an Elvin girl and marry her. In fact, anyone within our alliance is free for you to choose from except for the princess and her cousin, Ri. King Acacia and his brother are quite selfish in this regard… I'm sorry to tell you."

Dyon found Elder Flyleaf's words odd. They cared about his talent enough to invite him to join them, but then place restrictions like this? Did they think Dyon had an inability to woo Ri and her cousin if he wanted to? Did they really think he could only obtain their affections by forcing them to marry him? He felt his blood boiling.

Watching Dyon, Elder Flyleaf found it hard to contain his smirk, but he managed to do so, 'you may be smart… but you're still too young to be playing mind games with someone as old as me. I bet you're feeling mighty competitive now, hm? Well have at it. Go on and woo our little princesses.'

The truth was that Elder Flyleaf had said this on purpose. Headmaster Acacia and King Acacia would of course have no problems marrying their daughters to Dyon should Dyon gain their favor. But, the elders were also clear on Dyon's personality after keeping a keen eye on him for so long.

When Dyon was focused on something, despite his love of women, it was as though they didn't exist. With Dyon's anger as it was now, if Jade hadn't been so persistent, he wouldn't have even spoken to her until he got his revenge. In fact, he hadn't even read messages from Madeleine in more than a week. If they allowed this to continue, wouldn't their plan of roping Dyon in with their daughters fall on its face?

And the worst part was that Dyon had stated he already had a fiancée. But, when they checked through their special channels for the movement of the Sapientia God Clans, there was nothing about their only first in line genius being betrothed. But, at the same time, they had members of the Eostre family on their side… namely Jade. So, they were fully aware that Dyon wasn't lying. Which meant… Dyon had yet another focus: the acknowledgement of his relationship with Madeleine. And that brought them right back to square one: how to get Dyon to stop focusing on other things and start solidifying his relationship with the Elvin Kingdom.

"I see you love to bully the younger generation… hm Elder Flyleaf? You haven't answered my question you know," Dyon said knowingly.

Elder Flyleaf sighed, pretending to be defeated. But, he knew fully well he had lit a fire in Dyon, "the Eostre family has a complex lineage… Their manifestation allows them the highest compatibility with the True Empath lineage, and yet, they're also the furthest away…"


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