Reaper of the Martial World
136 Queen Fairy 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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136 Queen Fairy 6

The crowd was silent. Each and everyone of them inwardly trembling.

Dyon took what amounted to only half a day… to form the pill of a bodily constitution. Although it wasn't God level, it was without a doubt true that having a bodily constitution was better than not having one. Especially if it was of Earth rank…

Dyon was fully aware of what he had just displayed. Earth rank constitutions were two steps below God level constitutions. However, that was only the case if the God Level constitutions were awakened to 100%, which was definitely not the case for the vast majority in this universe. In fact, the only person with a fully awakened God Level constitution was Madeleine.

Which meant… having an Earth level constitution not only meant you would have an easier time awakening your constitution… it also meant that should you accumulate enough to awaken it to 100%, you would be comparable to those who hadn't fully awakened their God Level constitutions… at least to a certain point.

This was exactly the reason Dyon decided to reveal this. He had essentially, with no provided materials whatsoever, manifested an Earth level constitution from thin air. This was like the act of a God. Knowing this, would anyone really have the audacity to say he didn't deserve to lead these guilds?

The pill within Dyon's hand flashed, disappearing into his ring. It had taken almost the entire day to complete… he didn't feel like wasting anymore time on this.

"let's continue," he said faintly.

Dyon's words seemed to snap everyone out of their stupor.

"this…" Elder Flyleaf said chuckling bitterly, turning his gaze to Grand Elder Cormyth.

But, he didn't find what he expected. Instead, he found a smiling Cormyth slowly taking a ring off of his finger and looking up at Kroak.

Grand Elder Kroak could only shake his head bitterly, taking off his ring as well.

"father!" Erlan and the twins looked at their fathers with odd expressions. Were they really giving up just like this?

Suddenly, two rings floated in front of Dyon. One held a green-purple gem, signifying the alchemy guild. The other, held a faintly grey gem, signifying the formation guild.

"I think you've done more than enough to earn these," Grand Elder Kroak and Cormyth both bowed deeply to the astonishment of the crowd.

Although Dyon was surprised that these two were willing to give up so easily, he still nodded earnestly. His opinion of Cormyth had changed drastically, and his opinion of Kroak had formed healthily.

Although Dyon was still in no mood for pleasantries, he still felt like he had to say something, "you don't have to bow to me, nor do you have to treat me as anything other than a junior. I'm sure you're aware that I only made this move to add a layer of protection for myself while I remained here.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be putting your guilds first. If you support me properly, not only will your profits increase exponentially… your knowledge will as well. With me here, the Elvin guilds will begin to rival the largest this planet and even this universe have to offer."

Suddenly, Dyon thought of something. With a flash, the Queen Fairy pill appeared in his hand again as he handed it to Grand Elder Cormyth.

"As a sign of good faith, you can take this to be auctioned. For now, I'll be using a pseudonym, one I plan to use for the campaigns as well. From now on, call me Demon Sage."

Grand Elder Cormyth nodded, placing Dyon's pill into a preservation box to be auctioned later. He could only imagine what price this pill would go for. Saint stones might not even be enough… maybe only dao stones would be appropriate… even the Elvin Kingdom only had a few thousand of these… Dyon was essentially exponentially increasing the profit of not just the guilds, but the entire kingdom!

With that, Dyon turned to leave, "I'll visit within a couple days to help. Nothing needs to change from how you've been operating," Dyon said handing the rings back to the grand elders.

Thinking of something, Dyon took inspiration from the ancient games he had yet to have an opportunity to play. With a wave of his hand, complex purple-gold formations began to float above the heads of everyone present.

"This isn't a malicious array… I would just prefer that you never speak of this. I can't use this tactic against the heads, but I think I can trust them to not speak of this. As for the rest of you, I'll remove your inability to talk about today's events when the time is right."

Just like the ancient games that placed a block on people's abilities to speak of the rules, Dyon placed a block on the ability of those present to speak of or communicate what transpired here.

The grand elders nodded, acknowledging Dyon's request.


3 hours later, it was already the evening and Dyon had just finished planting an array into everyone's mind. He was currently walking back to Acacia Academy, when he suddenly felt a presence behind him.

Dyon frowned. He knew that in the worst case, he could call upon the demon generals, but he didn't want to be trigger happy.

"who is it?" he said probingly.

A light laughter resounded as a flash of wind appeared before Dyon, "so you sensed my presence so easily, hm? It's either I'm rusty or your senses are really that sharp."

Dyon looked up to find Elder Flyleaf smiling down at him.

"is there something the matter Elder Flyleaf?"

"Nothing serious. I only want you to come with me to see someone."

"oh? And who is that?"

"The Princess of the Elvin Kingdom."


LMMAAOOOOO, I know some of you may be thinking "stop trolling author-kun, Ri is in Dyon's spatial ring, how could she also want to meet with him." Well…. I guess you'll just have to accept it then 😊 maybe not everything is as obvious as it seems, hmmmmm? 😉

Trolling aside, I know this chapter will probably flip some assumptions of their heads, which is why I enjoyed writing it so much :D, hope you enjoyed!

Also, I'm going to begin posting pictures of how I imagine some of Focus' characters from art I find online. If you'd like to see, check out my twitter @Awespec 😊

And yea, I gave you guys 6 chapters today because I just couldn't stop writing. You're welcome!


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