Reaper of the Martial World
130 Formation Guild 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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130 Formation Guild 4

The four geniuses seemed to have noticed the change in the crowd and couldn't help but frown. Looking around, their pairs of eyes landed on Dyon.

Luvon frowned, "what do you think you're doing here? Even if you've managed to pass the first common level test, it still isn't your time to wag your tail around here."

The twin girls watched Dyon with glittering green eyes that seemed to have flecks of purple in them.

Dyon ignored Luvon. With his enhanced body, he had very clearly heard the words Luvon and Erlan had spoken that day, but he just couldn't be bothered to care. If they wanted to embarrass themselves, he'd give them the biggest stage to do so.

Dyon hopped onto the arena, before turning towards the elders.

"Elders," Dyon nodded his head. He had lost his usual casual smile that usually went with his greetings, but as much as he didn't feel like it, he had no choice but to speak with the elders at this time, "I'd like to propose something much more interesting."

The crowd furrowed their eyebrows at Dyon's lack of respect. To them, he could have at least given the elders a slight bow. But, how could they know that to Dyon, these elders were his peers rather than the revered masters the younger generation saw them as? Was Dyon's mastery not near theirs? So why would he lower his head?

Grand Elder Cormyth seemed to have reigned in his anger. After Dyon displayed his innate aurora, he was much more interested in recruiting Dyon as opposed to putting him down. But, he still found Dyon's antics to be too much. To him, all Dyon had done was make a really good first common level array. It was something few could do, but it was still only a first common level array.

Luvon frowned even further, "do you think you're talking to your normal human elders? Show some respect."

The twins giggled, looking forward to seeing a good show. They thought Dyon was handsome, but his actions were indeed a bit ridiculous.

Erlan looked confused. He could clearly see the smile on his father's face, so to him, it was clear that his father knew Dyon, 'could he be?...' A sudden realization hit Erlan, but, before he could stop Luvan, Elder Dior spoke out.

"This isn't a place for you to prance around as you see fit. Go back into the crowd and watch. It will be a good learning experience for you. If you spent more time doing this, maybe you'd understand the difference between a mere first common level formation master, and one bordering on the fourth."

Luvon, boosted by his father's support, began to walk towards Dyon, "either move of your own accord, or I'll make you move."

Dyon remained deadpan. When he realized Grand Elder Kroak and Cormyth weren't planning on stepping in, his annoyance only increased.

"first common level formation mastery can't match up to that of a fourth level, hm?" Dyon waved his hand.

It was as though he was swatting a fly. He couldn't be asked to deal with this.

A majestic array instantaneously appeared around Luvon. It was so fast that no one could see where it came from. But, everyone here was an expert. So, the next thing they heard, wiped all thoughts of Dyon using a formation plate out of their minds.


Dyon scratched his head in agitation, "how fucking annoying," Dyon flicked his finger at the corner of the array causing a piece to fly off into the distance.

Suddenly, the arena was dead quiet.

Luvon looked around him, trembling, "a – a gold array?..."

The crowd couldn't breathe, "did he just call heaven's chimes… annoying?..."

Elder Dior paled as he watched his son unable to leave the array. At first, he wanted to shame Dyon for hiding his level of expertise, but he held his tongue. Not only was Dyon clearly a year younger than his son, the formation he used was clearly at the first common level. And yet, Luvon couldn't escape it!

"this is the power of a perfect array?..." Elder Dior shook his head, "no… it's not even perfect… he cracked it on purpose… what a waste of heaven's treasure!"

However, what made Elder Dior unable to stop his trembling… was the fact the perfect array had happened instantaneously! There was no way Dyon was only at the first common level.

The twins stopped giggling, looking at Dyon with serious expressions.

"You're going to let your big sister have this one, right Verrona?"

The long haired Verrona shook her head vigorously, "Why would you get him just because you were born a minute before me? Doesn't that sound silly to you?"

Tamara laughed, "alright, whoever beats him, gets him then."

Verrona bobbed her head in acknowledgement, "you won't beat me."

"hmph, whatever little one."

Verrona fondled Tamara's small breasts from behind her, giggling, "who's the little one again?"

Tamara slapped her hands away, "stop it, he's about to say something."

This interaction between the twins would have been top tier just a few minutes ago… but now, no one could turn away from Dyon.

"Like I said, I'd like to propose something much more interesting."

Grand Elder Kroak smiled, "oh? And what's that?" The old man still emitted an unending vigor. And although he was impressed by Dyon's display, he still treated him like a junior.

Dyon didn't seem too bothered by this, "I've been reading up on Elvin history… and from what I've seen, although the Academies are part of the hard-set law… the guilds aren't."

Grand Elder Kroak raised an eyebrow, "and what do you mean by this?" his interest had been piqued.

"I mean, that although the sub-families have been conveniently split into 3 groups of 7 for each of the guilds, this wasn't the original intention of the Elvin Kingdom. Meaning, the structure is tradition rather than a rule…"

Grand Elder Kroak and Cormyth nodded. This was indeed the truth.

"Which is exactly why the heads of the guilds can change simply by winning a guild challenge."

Dyon's words brought absolute silence.

Was this 15-year-old boy talking about challenging the guild? What kind of ridiculous concept was that?

Guild challenges weren't even an Elvin Concept, it was a martial world concept. The Elvin Kingdom had never used such a thing. In fact, Dyon only knew about them because of his master's memories. After he confirmed that the Elvin Kingdom had no hard-set rules, and he wouldn't be disrupting Elvin laws, he decided that this would be the first step of his plan.

Grand Elder Kroak frowned, "you can indeed issue a guild challenge… and we would have to accept so as not to displease the guild headquarters, but do you understand the level I've reached as head of the formation guild? Do you understand that you're also not only challenging me, but everyone in the guild willing to face you?"

"I think you've misunderstood something Grand Elder Kroak. I don't intend to challenge your guild."

A collective sigh of relief spread through the coliseum. This kid was really too much…

But, Dyon's next words ruined the whole thing.

"I intend to challenge your guild and Grand Elder Cormyth's guild."


Looks like step 1 of Dyon's plan is pretty interesting, but also seemingly reckless. Does he really think he can control the sub families simply by leading their guilds? His plan must go deeper than that, don't you think? :) I guess we'll see… for all we know, his kindness left together with his intelligence, lmao. I dunno if you've noticed, but ever since the orphanage incident, we've only have 1 'thought bubble' from Dyon… other than that, everything's been narrated. So… who can say what's going on in his head?

Also, an interesting twist is coming up soon that'll turn everything upside down. I'm not sure if it'll be tomorrow or the day after, but I don't think it'll be more than 3 days from now at the most. Stay tuned!

Follow me on twitter @Awespec if you'd like to interact. Also, I've been posting interesting tidbits of trivia about Focus on there, so check it out if you're interested :)


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