Reaper of the Martial World
128 Formation Guild 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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128 Formation Guild 2

Dyon immediately recognized those names. Grand Elder Kroak was actually the grand elder of Acacia Academy, while Grand Elder Cormyth fulfilled the same role for Mathilde Academy. It seemed as though they had opposing secondary occupations as well. He didn't care too much for his fame, but it would make it much easier to swing the sub families to his side.

The beautiful attendant continued, "so, nearly all of the elders are occupied with the spectacle. If the heads are there, why wouldn't they take the opportunity to join too, right? Unfortunately," she smiled bitterly, "this leaves all of the work today to us lower ranking officials…. And obviously means that there's no one to oversee a master level test. They're all instead fighting over who gets first rights to this mystery man with the innate aurora."

Dyon nodded, "what do I need to do to participate in this "spectacle"."

This question was at least more reasonable than the last, so the attendant answered happily, "you only need to be at the first common level, having obtained a badge from us, in order to fight with us."

That was all Dyon needed to hear. His ring flashed, and a blood red fruit about half the size of his palm appeared in his hand.

"this…" the attendant shivered. Although she had said 1 common fruit was enough for the first common level test, many weren't willing to give up intent fruits for something like that, let alone of demonic type intent fruit.

Dyon didn't care, but not all intent fruits were made equal. He had never eaten an intent fruit because his master's memories told him it might stifle future potential. But, if their juices were processed along with other demon type fruits and were channeled into his body, they were great for integrating more of his demon qilin and demon sage essence blood.

The attendant took the fruit in her hands, slowly and gently. Placing the fruit within a pre-made preservation box, she noted Dyon's payment and pointed towards one of the doors.

"That's where common level tests up to the 3rd level take place. You can go in there. It may take you almost a day to clear the necessary trials, but the competition between the guilds should continue for at least another 3 days, so take your time.

After you've cleared it, the overseer will give you a badge. After which," the attendant pointed to another door, "you can head to the competition square to participate if you'd like to."

The attendant smiled gently, "I hope I was of help, good luck!"

Dyon nodded, still not showing any fluctuations in his emotions.

The attendant could only sigh as she watched Dyon lazily walk to the first door she pointed to.

Suddenly, one of her friends poked her side, she giggled lightly, "stop it, you know I'm ticklish."

Another beautiful attendant with blond hair smiled at her friend, "he's handsome, do you think he'll be a good formation master? He's at most 15 years old. Although he isn't as talented as Erlan and Luvon, it's still excellent that he's ready for the first common level test at such a young age. Maybe one of us could lock him down early."

The attendant who advised Dyon pinched her friend's butt, "listen to you. You're at least 5 years older that him, and you're looking at him like a husband already? Have you no shame?"

The blond haired attendant grinned widely, "5 years may mean something now, but what about when we're both hundreds of years old? How could it matter then?"

The brunette-haired attendant rolled her eyes, "cradle robber…"

"you're one to talk. I can practically smell your hormones from over here."

"pft, whatever."

Just as the brunette attendant was about to call forward the next customer, she froze.

The blond attendant looked over at her friend oddly, "what's wrong…"

The brunette attendant audibly gulped, "say… how long do you think it's been since he left?"

The blond attendant smiled mischievously, "missing him already? It couldn't have been more than half a minute to a minute."

Despite her friend's teasing, the brunette attendant didn't snap out of her daze, "how long do you think it took him to walk to the door?…"

This made the blond attendant raise her eyebrow, "what are you –"

Suddenly, the blond attendant saw exactly what her friend saw.

Under the astonished eyes of the attendants and the test overseer, Dyon leisurely walked out of the testing room as calmly as he had entered.

He had not a bead of sweat on his forehead. Not a wrinkle on his crisp white shirt. Not a scratch of his soft tanned skin.

Suddenly, an ax flew from within the room Dyon was about to walk out of.

Everyone froze.

The attendants screamed.

"WATCH OUT!" The brunette attendant could only watch in horror as a free ax from a defective killing array flew out towards Dyon's head.

Despite all the commotion, Dyon didn't seem to notice. His eyes flashed with golden lights as a magnificent defensive array appeared behind him.


Dyon's array didn't even shake. The ax was ground to dust as though Dyon's array disdained having even been touched by such an inferior creation.

The brunette attendant covered her mouth in shock as everyone watched Dyon stretch out his hand towards the room's overseer.

"badge please," he said faintly.

The overseer snapped out of his stupor, brushing back his sweat and brown hair with a hand, looking at Dyon in shock.

"H-here you go," The overseer handed Dyon a bronze plated semi-circular badge with the Roman numeral (I) on it.

Dyon nodded his head, "you should deal with that defective array. Not everyone would have survived that..."

Not waiting for the overseer to answer, Dyon lazily walked to the second door the attendant had pointed out.

He walked in as though he didn't notice the once bustling tower become deadly quiet… as though he didn't feel countless prying glances at his back.


The door closed with a soft sound as Dyon disappeared.

The brunette attendant took a deep breath, "he's the one… the one with the innate aurora…"

It would be a while before everyone in the tower snapped out of there surprise…

It seemed a genius had come to their guild…


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