Reaper of the Martial World
127 Formation Guild 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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127 Formation Guild 1

Dyon walked slowly along the marble and jade paths. He had deviated to Heaven's Wine to take advantage of Ice Petal's Dance's calming effect, and now it was already midday and a good time to head to the formation guild.

Although Dyon had no idea where it was, because of his 6th sense, he could blanket the city and look for a high concentration of formed arrays. The city itself was only about 10-20km in diameter considering much of the buildings had inner worlds, so, with the use of his crystal will's amplification, he could cover a good percentage of it at a time.

Soon, he came to a bustling tower. People constantly moved in and out – shouting could be heard as orders were sent in and received, and there were even some nervous examinees flipping rapidly through the thick books in their hands.

Because of the noise, Dyon didn't attract too much attention walking in. His black sweat pants were still pulled up to his calves, and his clean and crisp white t shirt clung to his lean torso. His hands were in his pockets and seemingly matching his lazy appearance, his eyes were dull, lifeless and uninterested in everything around him.

Noticing there was a line to the information desk, Dyon stood at the back, patiently waiting.

Looking around, he diligently took everything in.

He stood within a large circular lobby with dozens of doors around the edges. He could faintly feel some space type wills behind them, so he was sure that each led to its own inner world.

At the center of it was a large and hollow centered information desk. There, at least 10 beautiful employees took the questions of each customer, respectfully sending them to the proper inner world.

Yet still, at the center of the desk, a large glass tube shot upwards before branching out into hundreds of smaller tubes. Cylinders that seemed to contain scrolls flew in every which way in the web of glass. Dyon immediately understood that this was how they communicated here. He watched with interest as the flow of messages never seemed to stop. Whether going up or coming down, they never ran into each other.

Finally, it was Dyon's turn.

One of the beautiful employees looked up at him with interest. They all wore stock uniforms that made them look almost like human world flight attendants. A low-cut white blouse matched with a grey mini skirt and black stockings, all wrapped up with an elegant white bow around their necks. Even their hats were adorable.

But, even knowing how good she looked, the beauty's brown eyes couldn't help but sparkle when she looked up at Dyon's handsome face. Despite something telling her that he was dangerous, she couldn't help it.

In spite of seeing the elegantly pointed ears of the formation guild's attendant turn a furious shade of red, Dyon paid no mind.

"I'd like information of taking formation guild tests, please."

Dyon's deep voice made the attendant shiver, but she immediately shook her head and focused on her task.

"common level tests begin at 1 common intent fruit, or 1000 profound stones. The price is multiplied for each successive level, corresponding with the stage you'd like to enter. So, a 9th common level test costs 9 times more than that of the base price. If you'd like to skip levels and save time, there is a penalty of 10 times the original price. Basically, if you didn't have an 8th common level badge, but wanted to take the 9th common level test, you'd need to pay 90 common intent fruits, or 90000 profound stones."

Dyon immediately realized it would be cheaper to follow the set protocols, especially when he took note of the fact that these were only common level prices. What of practitioner level tests? And what about the master level test he wanted to take after that?

It wasn't that he lacked intent fruits. How could he lack them with Heaven's Wine as his unwitting backer? He had access to even saint level intent fruits, let alone common level ones. But, revealing this to the public would cause eyebrows to raise.

Seemingly sensing Dyon's agitation, the attendant misunderstood that as a reaction to the prices, "I'm sorry sir, but the prices aren't negotiable. There is the possibility of them being waved, though, if you have a master of high rank."

Dyon shook his head, "what of practitioner level tests? And also master level ones."

The attendant seemed surprised, but since her job was to provide information, she went about it, assuming that Dyon was only curious, "practitioner level tests start at 1 meridian intent fruit, the price of which is worth 10 times the profound stones. The penalties are the same if you wish to skip levels."

Dyon nodded his head.

"The master level tests are special, though. You'd need one of the highest-ranking elders or the head himself to oversee the tests. At that time, the prices are decided by them on a whim. Usually, if they're in a good mood, a few thousand saint stones would be enough. However, if they aren't, it can easily climb well past that. Usually, talents are approached by master level experts if they have the potential to reach that level, so the overseer of their tests would have connections to that master. In that way, it would act as a shield. It's very rare for anyone to reach master level without the help of a master… but, it's also not rare for overseers to take advantage of weak masters to overcharge their disciples in order to fund their aurora awakenings."

Dyon continued to nod, "and what if I'd like to take a master level test today?"

Although Dyon didn't have saint stones, he had 10s of transcendent level weapons, to the point where he could equip 100 demon generals. What was a few thousand saint stones, to a transcendent level weapon? In fact, Dyon was certain that they'd settle for a high master level weapon easily.

The attendant gave Dyon an odd glance, 'is he serious?... he's not even 20?... he's lucky he's handsome or I would call someone over to chase him out.'

The attendant sighed, but still answered seriously, "today is a bit of an odd day. Our common level and practitioner level disciples are butting heads with those of the alchemy guild because it seems like our Head, Grand Elder Kroak, got into another argument with the head of the alchemy guild, Grand Elder Cormyth, over which occupation was more important… In fact, I hear the argument started because a boy from Acacia Academy showed a high affinity for both professions, because, get this," she leaned forward as though this was a juicy bit of gossip, "he has an innate aurora! Can you believe that?!"


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