Reaper of the Martial World
126 What I Want 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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126 What I Want 3

Stretching, Dyon stood to leave, when suddenly, a faint and gentle voice resounded from behind him.

"so… you're finally moving… someone watching might have thought you were a statue. You know it isn't normal to not move for an entire week, right? Although I wasn't here the whole time, it's no coincidence I found you in the exact same position day after day…"

Dyon froze on his way out. It wasn't the first time Jade had tried to speak with him this past week, but, there was something broken in her voice right now. Almost as though she was pained by something.

Seeing Dyon finally stop at something she said, Jade felt a small happiness in her heart, "you know, you are different from everyone else… your eyes were always pure and your determination always focused…

Your determination is still focused… almost obsessively so… but, your eyes are murky. I can't read you now, because you aren't thinking about anything else other than gaining more knowledge and more power… I had even started to like you… what do you expect me to do when a man I've fallen for won't even speak a word to me?..."

Dyon was silent. He didn't move. He didn't think of words to say. In fact, his heart hadn't even changed from its steady beat even at Jade's words. Words that would have sent any other man to heaven.

Dyon suddenly felt delicate arms wrap around his waist, two supple and soft mounds of flesh pressing lightly onto his back.

Although Dyon's heart remained unmoved, his essence blood roared within him. His blood boiled, his skin reddening under the agitation, causing a breath of hot steam to escape his lips.

"you must think I'm crazy, no? But do you have any idea how it feels to constantly know what everyone is thinking? To know that flowery words from suitors are empty? To know that your parents do have a favorite child? To know your worth in everyone's eyes doesn't surpass your skin deep beauty?..."

Dyon felt Jade's grip on his tighten. A faint wetness dripped down his back as she cried silent tears.

"You're the first person to look at me with curiosity. A want to understand who I was. Despite the words you speak, your thoughts are filled with such a radiant purity that I've never found another man who duplicates them….

Even now, with that purity clearly clouded… I find peace in not being able to read you… Even if you've reverted from that perfect you I fell for, I want to help you get back to that… can you let me earn a place in your heart?"

Dyon said nothing for a long time, but, Jade never let go. His blood continued to roar, it was like thunder raging in his ears.

Suddenly, Dyon grabbed Jade's arms, lightly prying them apart and flipping her in front of him.

Jade was stunned for a second. In a panic, she rested her two hands on the wall by the door, looking up at Dyon with her glittering purple-blue eyes.

She was indeed a beauty beyond words. Her Silver hair shifted ever so slightly to the wind on the rooftop. Her white gown loosely to her curves and ample chest. The fact she wasn't wearing a bra didn't escape Dyon's notice… it was as though she came here for the expressed purpose of seducing Dyon.

Dyon's murky brown eyes looked into Jade's, a faint demonic will bearing down on her.

"I'm not in the best of mood right now, Jade. Do you know why I haven't spoken to you all this time?" Dyon's voice was raspy and deep, as his fingers lightly traced Jade's bouncing breasts.

Jade's lips trembled at the sudden stimulation. Dyon hadn't even circulated his dual cultivation techniques, yet, she already felt like she was at his mercy.

"It's because I knew that should your speaking hold even the slightest hint of seduction, I wouldn't be able to control myself. Do you know what you've done?"

Jade bit her lip, and almost as though she did it to gather courage, she placed her soft hand on Dyon's chest, looking him directly in his eyes.

"you can take me if you want… but know you must take responsibility. I'm not a match for your strength, and I won't pretend to be. You can force me to do whatever you like… but I'm willing to give myself to you to gain your favor, not as a toy for you to vent on," Jade's eyes were resolute, but somehow also seductive.

Dyon's eyes never wavered, staring directly into Jade's, "did you think I was a good guy right now? Take off your clothes."

Jade said nothing. Taking Dyon's hand, she dragged him into the Library's corridor.

In the darkened hallway, Jade's back had somehow once again ended up against a wall. Dyon's hand was placed firmly by her head as his eyes scanned her.

Suddenly, Dyon's hand flashed gold, covering them in a concealment and silencing array.

Jade smiled gently, "it seems you still remember that I'm a lady…"

But, she said nothing more.

Her dress slowly fell from her shoulders, filling Dyon's eyes with what was nothing short of the body of a goddess. Her breasts had a natural and alluring dip to them. Her nipples were such a delicate and gentle shade of pink that it was almost an offense to touch them. Her chest didn't disappoint, bouncing lightly as Jade blushed furiously under Dyon's gaze.

As Jade was about to reach down and take her white laced panties off, Dyon suddenly spun her around.

Jade moaned as her face was lightly pressed against the wall and her breasts were gently fondled.

Jade blushed as she felt something drop to her ankles… she didn't need to look to see what they were.

Dyon lightly kissed Jade's pointed ears, causing her to shiver in pleasure. Gently grinding against her plump ass, Dyon felt that he was losing control with every second that passed.

Suddenly, a raging tempest of Dyon's celestial will and aurora flame blazed, as his hand invaded Jade's delicate regions.

Cries of pleasure rang out from Jade for what seemed like hours. She lost count of how many times she climaxed that day. If it wasn't for Dyon holding her up with his free hand, she would have long since collapsed to the ground.

Her legs were weak, fragile and trembling.

Her fair skin was flushed a deep shade of red that glistened under the faint light of the corridor and her sweat.

Finally, Dyon let her go.

She fell softly to the floor, trying to catch her breath.

By the time she looked up, Dyon was gone.

Jade stared at the light of the array Dyon had left behind. One hand between her legs and another on her breast… she shivered under her own oppressive sensitivity. Her back arched violently for the last time that day, "Dyon…"

By the time Jade came to her senses, another hour had already passed.

Jade could only laugh bitterly to herself, "you say you aren't a good guy, yet you did nothing but pleasure me for hours… you didn't take my virginity… you didn't ask me to please you… you just gave me what you thought I wanted and left…"

Touching her delicate regions again, Jade sighed, "it just doesn't feel as good when I do it myself…"


Tsk tsk tsk Dyon, you can't just leave women in your wake like this

For those who've been paying attention, you probably realized that Jade is being highly influenced by Dyon's demonic will. Although she liked him for all the reason she said, her emotions, and her sexual drive, are being multiplied heavily under that influence. That's why she was trying to seduce Dyon. It was even to the point where she masturbated once after he left and still wasn't satisfied despite the fact she couldn't stand.

This is all obviously because of Dyon's state right now. But, luckily, he wasn't lost enough to actually take her everything. Let's hope he can keep that up… GODDAMMIT DYON, READ MADELEINE'S MESSAGES :'(

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