Reaper of the Martial World
116 Demon Sage Sageras 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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116 Demon Sage Sageras 2

Dyon contemplated this quietly. It wasn't that he didn't have the utmost confidence in himself, but he was also a realistic person. He knew when it was appropriate to back off, and when it was necessary to step forward. He could be arrogant and even disdainful here because he was very clear on the fact that the amount of people his age who could rival him could be counted on a single hand. But, even if he had an utmost confidence in defeating one innate aurora holder alone, what about two? What if the two that had appeared weren't even all the rival universe had access to?

Ri, noticing Dyon's deep contemplation let a playful smile spread across her face, "so the arrogant Dyon is finally doubting himself, hm?"

Looking up, Dyon chuckled at Ri's words, "quite the opposite," Dyon's devilish aura started seeping out from within him, "I was just thinking that I finally found some worthy rivals."

Ri looked at Dyon, shaking her head, 'this guy…'

Suddenly a clap awakened her from her thoughts. Dyon had reverted back to his normal pure appearance and was preparing to help Ri.

"Alright, let's open up your aurora a bit more. Shall we?"

Ri looked on in interest and 10s of medicinal pills flew out of Dyon's spatial ring. A look of confusion cropped up onto her features, "these pills… they're not potent enough to do anything."

Dyon chuckled, "just watch, beautiful."

Ri, for some inexplicable reason, blushed when she heard Dyon say those words. Her head violently turned towards Dyon to see if he had noticed, but she let out a sigh of relief as she realized he had closed his eyes and clasp his hands in concentrated meditation, 'it's not like he hasn't said that before…'

Little Lyla giggled when she saw Ri's reaction, but was immediately distracted by the 10s of tiny gold arrays that appeared around each pill.

The two girls watched in astonishment as the pills were slowly broken down to their most tiny portions.

A cloud of colorful dust wafted in the cave, filling the area with a distinctly medicinal smell.

The purity path energy from the cave slowly removed the previous impurities of past pills, making the process much easier on Dyon. This was actually part of the reason he insisted on doing it here. He wanted to open as much of Ri's aurora as he could all at once.

Minutes went by, and soon hours. Before researching this aurora awakening pill, Dyon had thought that it would be far less complex than constitution awakening pills. But, he was very wrong.

A body's innate constitution was in line with nature. It was naturally their body, so they were only tapping into something they already had.

On the other hand, although everyone could technically make an initial contact with their aurora, they were going against the laws of the universe themselves by forcibly opening it past that point. This was exactly why the higher percentage an aurora was awakened to, the harder it was. Each 30% interval was a major watershed moment, with the last 10% being in the realm of near impossibility, even for the Celestial Deer Sect. In fact, even the Celestial Deer Sect at their peak wouldn't be able to awaken an aurora past 70%, let alone 90.

In the midst of the slowly passing time, Little Lyla had long since fallen asleep hugging Little Black. It wasn't that the little girl had lost interest, but she was truly too tired. Ri couldn't help but loving stroke the adorable girl's hair as she watched Dyon slowly separate the important components to bring them back together.

Ri couldn't help but praise Dyon in her heart. Not only had he remained focused for many hours past what she thought was possible, the nuanced control of his time will, the intricacies of his arrays, his understanding of the fundamental parts of the pill and how to properly separate them so as not to lose the potency regained through his time will. Ri found it hard to believe that he really was just a few months older than her.

Soon, the setting sun could be vaguely seen in the cave, reflecting orange and red hues that made the gently fluttering snow and ice sparkle beautifully.

Dyon finally closed his eyes in rest, a large 3cm wide pill resting in his hands. It was almost transparent, but clouds of a rainbow of colors could be seen swirling under its surface.

Opening his eyes, Dyon smiled at Ri, "here you go."

Ri took the pill delicately, as though she was holding something of untold value. And truthfully, she was. Within the Elvin Kingdom, the guild leaders and elders would pay whatever they had to for this pill. To Dyon, it meant nothing more than a few hours to practice his alchemy, but to others, this pill was life changing.

Watching Ri with interesting, Dyon's smile didn't fade, "go on, swallow it," Dyon waved his hand in the air as though this was nothing much.

Dyon thought back to the endless gardens within the spatial world in his ring. He had never touched the plants and had no real need to. If they could be sustained thousands of years after the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, then, a few months with Dyon would hardly change anything. But, this experience made him realize how important the pills he could make were to everyone else, 'haha, can't I twirl the alchemy guild around my finger like this?'

Dyon watched on in amusement as Ri swallowed the pill, crossing her legs to meditate seriously.

Her forehead glowed with a white light, but then, something odd happened. As Ri felt her aurora astonishingly breaking past the 30% barrier, the light within her forehead changed to a cold blue flame.

Dyon started, 'her aurora flame is blue? Not white? Not gold? What does that mean?'

Dyon searched in his master's memories but couldn't find such an occurrence anywhere. That only meant one of two things: either the 25th White Mother had no idea, or it was within her sealed memories.

Pondering on the second option, Dyon suddenly thought of a possibility. His eyes widened in realization, but he buried the thought… there wasn't enough evidence and he wasn't a fan of jumping to conclusions. All he knew was that since the aurora was a reflection of the soul – literally being a main link to it… Ri's soul had to be special.


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