Reaper of the Martial World
109 I“ll Treat You 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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109 I“ll Treat You 2

"Big brother!" Little Lyla ran into Dyon's arms adorably.

She had long since lost her ragged clothing, instead dressing in her favorite color: light pink. Lyla had said multiple times that there should only be one shade of pink, so Dyon did his best to match her favorite shade when he created all of her dresses. He could have just bought some for her, but Lyla liked to watch him use arrays, and he took the liberty of adding some extra protection for the little girl.

Lyla's large pink diamond eyes sparkled as she patted Dyon's face with her tiny hands. Ri giggled, her eyes glistening as she watched their interaction.

"Why did it take you so long to come visit me?" Lyla pouted.

Dyon scratched his head awkwardly, a little pinch of guilt gnawing at his heart, "big brother's sorry, I'll visit you more, okay?"

"Okay!" Lyla seemed to not want to make Dyon feel bad, so she agreed immediately, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Ri pouted off to the side, "so you see your elder brother, and forget about me?"

Little Lyla immediately jumped down, jumping into Ri's arms. Dyon could only watch bitterly as his little sister betrayed him for the enemy.

Bending down, Dyon patted Little Black's head, looking around at the spacious living room, "at least you won't abandon me, right buddy?"

Little Black licked Dyon's hand almost as an affirmation. He was getting to be big. His horns even began to protrude a bit more, creating distinct bumps on either side of his head. And interestingly, the white scale on the center of his forehead was increasing in size faster than the rest of his body.

Noticing an elderly lady with grey hair and eyes walk in, Dyon stood to greet her.

"Ms. Everdeen, thank you for all your hard work," Dyon smile was gentle. He had seen all of the trouble Everdeen went through to provide for the kids. It was above and beyond what she had to do.

The elderly lady blinked, but smiled a very motherly smile, "it's my pleasure young master Sacharro. What more could I want in my old age?"

Dyon chuckled, "don't say that, people would actually start to think you were old. Such a young woman with so much life ahead of her shouldn't say such things."

Although Ms. Everdeen knew Dyon was just saying these things to please her, the purity in his eyes seemed to make everyone want to hang onto his every word. Even the experienced Ms. Everdeen couldn't help but to blush.

Ri rolled her eyes watching this, 'you won't even let the elderly go?'

Ms. Everdeen bowed to Dyon, "I'm sorry young master, I still have many things to handle. I hope you enjoy your time with Little Lyla. Make sure to have her back for tomorrow's lessons," she said strictly, leaving no room for debate.

Dyon smiled at this, not minding at all. It made him think of his own mother, giving him a little warmth inside.

Walking back to Ri, Lyla and Little Black, Dyon pondered on something, "you're the native here Madame Ri, what should we do today? We could just go and find a nice place to eat. Then we could go to cave with Little Lyla. I think she'd like to watch me make the pills for your aurora, what do you think?"

Ri harrumphed, "if you're already making plans, why bother asking me?"

Despite this, there seemed to be a tacit agreement between them that there would be no issues with Lyla going to the cave.

Dyon grinned, "well, I still need you to show us to a good restaurant, no? Oh! And I'm broke, so you'll need to pay. You should be quite wealthy as the daughter of a school headmaster, right?"

Ri pouted, "is this how you wooed Madeleine Sapientia? Making her pay for everything?"

Little Lyla blinked her large pink eyes intelligently, "Madeleine Sapientia? Is that sister-in-law, big brother?"

Dyon pinched her cheeks, "of course. One day I'll take you to see her."

Little Lyla clapped her hands together, "yay! Big brother is amazing. Sister-in-law should be too"

Ri narrowed her gaze towards Dyon, using a free hand to pinch his waist, "you shouldn't lie to a little girl you know."

"ow," Dyon rubbed his side with a bitter smile on his face.

"Big brother isn't lying, he's telling the truth," Lyla said confidently, "you believe him too big sister, why did you say he was lying?" she asked a little confused.

Ri raised an eyebrow, but kissed little Lyla on the forehead, causing the little girl to giggle, seemingly already forgetting her question.

Dyon smiled, patting Little Black on the head, they headed out back towards the city.


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