Reaper of the Martial World
103 Madeleine“s Fame 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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103 Madeleine“s Fame 3

Looking over, Dyon chuckled as he noticed the beauties looking at his exposed torso, "I almost forgot that I ruined my shirt."

Ri rolled her eyes as the beauties blushed, a bit ashamed that they had been caught.

Celine giggled, "hasn't anyone ever taught you to give beauties a mile even when you get none?"

A mysterious glint flashed in Dyon's eyes, "I can give a mile anytime, but do you dare take it?"

Opal, having seemingly understood the double meaning in Dyon's words blushed furiously, causing a light laughter to fill the room and alleviate the pressure that had been building.

Jade rolled her eyes, "your fiancée wouldn't be very happy with you right now. Who's this beauty, by the way? Would we know her?"

Ri listened intently for Dyon's answer. She too was curious about the answer to this. It seemed like everyone forgot a debate was meant to be going on. But, even the crowd seemed to find this interaction as entertaining as anything else.

Dyon smiled, "if I told you, you either wouldn't believe me, or you'd be jealous beyond belief. Would you still like to hear my answer?"

Jade smiled. She was fully aware that Dyon knew it was impossible to lie to her, and yet he said this anyway. Which only meant one thing: she'd feel inferior should she know the answer.

Celine leaned forward in anticipation, "just tell us. Who is this outstanding beauty?"

Dyon chuckled, "Madeleine Sapientia."


The crowd erupted with discussion. Some were disgusted by Dyon's lies. Others were curious as to whether he was really telling the truth. Even the elders within the box turned their serious expressions towards Dyon. They all wanted to know a single thing: is he telling the truth?

Dyon raised an eyebrow at the commotion the name caused. Just a year ago, Madeleine had been basically unknown, living day after day in Libro's control room. Yet, her name now caused such a stir?

Celine broke the tension with a laugh, "you can't be serious, Dyon. But, I guess if you planned on lying, you might as well go big."

Dyon sighed, "denial is the first stage of grief fairy Celine, I understand your reaction to my being a taken man."

The quiet Opal finally voiced her concerns, "how would a boy from the human world capture the heart of the first in line genius of a God Clan as powerful as the Sapientia family? Worst yet, she's among the 6 top beauties of not this planet, but this universe. You really know how to dream big…"

All this time, Jade was looking into Dyon's eyes. Only she knew that there was not an ounce of doubt to be had in his words. His thoughts were so pure that she shivered. Even when someone told the truth about something, there would at least be a bit of doubt, even within them. But, Dyon had 100% faith in Madeleine and himself.

Dyon didn't seem too bothered by it all, "so my Madeleine's become famous," a faint smile could be seen on his face, "I'm glad."

The purity of his eyes made even Mithrandir waiver in his doubt of him, 'could he really be with such an outstanding woman?'

In the year Dyon hadn't been with Madeleine, her progress was frightening. Her suitors had surpassed this planet long ago, stretching out into the universe and even into that of others when she appeared on the battle fields of the gates. Her beauty and power had become so outstanding that she stood at the top of it all. However, despite the grandeur of some marriage proposals, or the esteem of those presenting it, Madeleine had never shown interest in any of it. And yet, here stood a boy from the human mortal realm, claiming to be the one in her heart.

Jade bit her lip, although she didn't doubt Dyon, she still had to say, "the Sapientia God Clan is the only God Clan in this universe that has multiple branches at the level of a main branch. And yet, only Madeleine has earned the title of first in line genius. No one of the younger generation has earned such a title from the other main Sapientia branches," suddenly Jade smiled, displaying her own dazzling beauty, her purple-blue eyes shining with unparalleled clarity, "you pick your women well."

The crowd went silent. There was not a single person here who didn't understand the manifestation of the Eostre family. There were only two reasons Jade would say what she just said. Either she wanted to protect Dyon as a friend… or, Dyon was truly the fiancée of such an outstanding beauty.

Darcassan's black eyes raged, "Jade you're much too soft hearted. If he wanted to embarrass himself so much, you should have just allowed him to fall flat on his face."

Jade smiled, seemingly not intent on explaining. Dyon could only smile bitterly, 'why are women so complicated?'

Kymil chuckled, noting Jade's reaction, "Jade you're too gentle of heart. If you weren't, how could you not be among the top beauties of this universe as well? If you were willing to step onto the battle field, everyone would know your name."

Kymil and Darcassan took this opportunity to shamelessly hit on Jade while slandering Dyon. But, he didn't mind. Wouldn't they all know the truth come the world tournament?

Dyon laughed lightly, "women aside, shouldn't I give the esteemed members of the major families the opportunity to start off this debate? I think we've idled long enough."

The crowd took this as Dyon trying to change the subject and escape his shameful boasting. But, he couldn't be bothered with this. What was he supposed to do? Get Madeleine to come here for such a petty reason? He'd be sure to become famous enough that no one would be able to deny him his woman again!

Zaltarish's eyes sharpened as he noticed the change in Dyon's aura, 'it seems he's prepared… come then. Let me crush you!'

He couldn't be bothered with Dyon's lies... he only had one goal in mind.


I feel for our boy Dyon. Tells them they wouldn't believe him, forced to say it anyway, just to be ridiculed :'(. At least we've gotten a glimpse of what Madeleine's been up to. I thought it would be more interesting if it was revealed this way as opposed to Dyon just reading Madeleine's messages to you guys. Also, the reason Madeleine participated in gate battles, told Dyon about it, yet Dyon still had no idea what campaigns were, is because her explanations only went as far as the fact she participated in a battle and did well. Also, because the further the distance from Dyon she is, the more dao stones she needs to send a message, it isn't convenient to send messages while within a gate (which plays a big role later on as you'll see), so, by the time she comes out, she has other things to talk to Dyon about.

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