Reaper of the Martial World
99 Human Mortal Realm 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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99 Human Mortal Realm 5

Ores was already standing up, staring daggers at Dyon, but, unexpectedly, Dyon wasn't paying attention.

"Silver Fairy," he said with a gentle smile, "can you tell me who the major families are?"

Jade seemed to snap out of a train of thought she'd been on for quite a while to see Dyon's pure eyes looking towards her, "uh, yes. Our school has the Eostre, aka me, Conventine, aka Opal, and Ingram major families," she said, finally looking towards Celine, "The Mathilde Academy has the Sigebryht, Grimbold and Norville major families. And Florence Academy has the Nodin, Aedre," she looked towards Primrose, "and finally Fletcher major families."

'hmm, so Benes isn't part of the major families either… it seems this is why our school is looked down upon… none of this generation's major family members want to participate in campaigns, and since they're all female, no one looks down on them for it. Instead, they use it as an excuse to look down upon Acacia Academy.'

"And what about the sub-families?"

Jade smiled, finally feeling as though she was talking to the same young man as the previous night, "there are too many to name. But, there are 21 sub divided into 3 parts depending on which of the guilds they support. The Benes family is actually a sub-family responsible for the blacksmithing guild. In fact, they're the most powerful sub-family within that faction because of the advantage their manifestations give them."

Jade's last sentence made Dyon realize something. Singularity type manifestation techniques ensure a particular kind of manifestation, however, so does the bloodline of families. Ri already made it clear to him that only major families have Singularity type techniques. Yet, Jade just said that the Benes family gained an advantage because of their manifestation. This meant, that while the technique plays a role, so does a person's bloodline, which is probably why the major families were the most powerful.

When Dyon thought of Mithrandir, from talks around him, he knew that her manifestation was as a result of the unique type manifestation technique. However, he also heard that her manifestation was identical to the founder of the Norville family. Which meant that her manifestation probably didn't stray too far from what was provided by the Singularity type technique. This made Dyon wonder what the point of the singularity type technique was. Suddenly, a thought flashed in Dyon's mind: the singularity type technique was there to ensure that the bloodline never faded.

Imagine if the Norville family, as an example, went generations without birthing a genius like Mithrandir. This would mean that the bloodline's strength would dwindle again and again. Making it less and less likely that another Mithrandir would appear. However, what if that bloodline was rejuvenated with a technique? Almost like stimulating it with whatever made the bloodline great to begin with. Wouldn't that keep the family going?

Unknowingly, Dyon had deduced a tightly kept secret of the major families… And he also had an interesting thought to go along with it… if Singularity Type technique rejuvenate bloodlines, wouldn't it be a high level body cultivation technique as well as a soul cultivation technique? Wouldn't that mean that the Elves, who were so hung up on soul cultivation, owed much of their power to a form they neglected? Wouldn't that also mean that should Dyon ever get his hands on any singularity type techniques, that he'd gain the body of an elf?

'oh my, I can get more handsome?' Dyon thought chuckling to himself, 'clearly the beauty of elves isn't as simple as being descendants of gods… or maybe… it's exactly because of that reason…'

"I see… thank you fairy," Dyon smiled lightly.

Ignoring Mithrandir's hateful glance and Primrose's conflicted expression, Dyon suddenly got up.

"Uncle Acacia, sorry for not being a very tactful person, but I think it's actually quite pathetic for the two academies to come here and flaunt their nonsense. So, how about I send them on their way for you? They must be wondering how good your judgement is right? I'll make it clear. Grimbold scum, you can bring your ass here first. Grimbold is quite the warrior's name, no? Let's see how much of a warrior you are."


The surroundings erupted, the crowd couldn't withhold their sneers anymore.

"does this kid not know that he's only lucky to have been chosen as a candidate?

"without a doubt. If his generation had any major family males from Acacia Academy in it, it would never be his turn"

"To call the Grimbold family scum… how arrogant!"

Dyon couldn't be bothered with the whispers, instead flashing and appearing on the center arena under the sparkling eyes of Jade and her friends.

However, not all of them looked on in interest.

Mithrandir turned her cold gaze towards Dyon's figure with a look that could kill, 'you're ignorant. You have no idea how Elves battle, you know next to nothing about martial arts, and yet you have the audacity to be so cocky after only training for a year? And now you want to beat the member of a major family? Enjoy your early death. No one will save you. Your life means nothing to us.'


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