Reaper of the Martial World
98 Human Mortal Realm 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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98 Human Mortal Realm 4

Seemingly understanding Dyon's intentions, Uncle Acacia began to speak, "The addition of Mathilde Academy and Florence Academy is a bit unexpected. However, I believe that it's clear that these two academies have long since chosen their campaign leaders," a faint smile grew on Uncle Acacia's face, "as such, I've decided to use my judgement to select 3 candidates to represent our school. In consideration of the Sigebryht young master's worries, 1 candidacy will be shared between my daughter and Dyon. The others will be filled by Jonas Benes and my adoptive son, Aeson Acacia."

Dyon smirked, 'Uncle Acacia sure is cunning.'

The truth was, ever since the message he received the previous night, Headmaster Acacia had realized that something was wrong. It was clear that this assessment was for nothing else other than to either undermine the legitimacy of the geniuses of his academy. It was all the more obvious with the late arrivals of their academies' 6 geniuses. Headmaster Acacia was well aware that something like this wouldn't be planned or approved by Grand Elder Deryth. However, the arrival was coordinated by Zaltarish. The male geniuses would follow such a simple request without much thought. On the side of the female geniuses, the upper experts of the Elvin Kingdom were well aware of the subtle relationship between the Norville and Sigebryht families. And Primrose, being Mithrandir's best friend, would listen to a request like that as well.

In the end, their plan was to have their comparatively regular students participate with Acacia Academy, then embarrass them with their true geniuses afterwards. What they didn't count on was the late start and Dyon's talent.

Elder Cormyth didn't seem too bothered by his scheme having been found out, "this isn't too good, is it Headmaster Acacia? We've gathered so many people, yet there won't be a show? Also, Florence and Mathilde Academy only chose two candidates each. Mithrandir of my academy, and Primrose of Florence Academy aren't participating. So, why would Acacia Academy use up three spots? There are a finite number of soldiers, you know. In addition, one of those spots is filled by your daughter and a young man I can only assume is betrothed to her? This nepotism is too obvious, no?"

Dyon raised an eyebrow. It was clear that Elder Cormyth was set on making an example of Uncle Acacia, but, because Dyon's understanding of the Elvin Kingdom was too shallow, he had no idea why. But, as he pondered, he suddenly thought of something. He wasn't sure if the Benes family was a major family or not, but what he was clear on was the fact that neither Aeson, himself, or Ri were part of such a family. After he thought of this and coupled it with the disdainful looks he was constantly receiving from the male geniuses, he pieced together that this had something to do with status wars.

However, Headmaster Acacia was well prepared for this, "haha, Elder Cormyth's concerns are duly noted, however, you haven't allowed me to finish. In the spirit of friendly competition, I allow any of the chosen of my academy to decide whether or not to accept challenges from Mathilde and Florence Academy. Everyone may only be challenged twice. Once for a show of strength. And the other for a show of intelligence. We can't very well allow a single person to tire themselves to death because of an endless amount of challenges, no?"

The crowd cheered, excited that they'd get a show.

Grand Elder Cormyth could only clench his teeth in anger. Not only did headmaster Acacia not use the proper honorifics by dropping the Grand from his title, he also implied that his school would do something as shameful as tiring out an opponent before defeating them. However, there was nothing he could do about the rules set. They were in Acacia Academy territory.

Suddenly, Zaltarish's emotionless voice rang out again, "We will honor Headmaster Acacia's arrangements. We are happy to know that you are not afraid of your decisions being questioned. We'll all bare witness to the grandeur of your candidates. As for choosing 3 instead of 2, the original mandate was for 3, with a cap of 4, should a particular year have enough talents. It shouldn't be too much of a problem."

Dyon looked towards Zaltarish, his eyes as calm as could be, 'this guy is quite arrogant to pretend as though things will only proceed as such because he agrees. Too bad Uncle Acacia only wants me to fight one of you. I've already promised a pretty lady to deal with something for her…'


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