Reaper of the Martial World
96 Human Mortal Realm 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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96 Human Mortal Realm 2

People looked at her, dazed. They couldn't help but think about what the difference was. Wasn't she a girl of normal appearance? So, why did she look so beautiful right now?

Of everyone, Ri was probably the most confused, but, not about her beauty. She had never asked anyone for help in her life, even when they themselves offered. But, for some reason, Dyon's voice seemed to hold a command that she couldn't refuse.

Near the edge of the lounge, Aeson couldn't help but look at his master's daughter with a sad expression. The expression of someone who had lost something precious. He himself had always wanted to help Ri. In fact, he probably stood to attack Ores before even Dyon.

He never cared that her appearance could even count as ugly in a society of such beautiful people. But, she had never accepted him like she accepted Dyon now. The anger in him wanted to yell that she was a hypocrite. That she looked so plain and yet fell for a man so attractive. But, he knew Ri better than that. His looks lost out to Dyon in no way, and yet he still felt that he had lost.

To Ri and Dyon, they had a simple and innocent friendship; there was nothing romantic about it. Dyon wanted to protect her much like he wanted to protect all of his friends. Ri accepted his protection because he was the first to make her feel so comfortable. Nothing more, nothing less. But, to those who watched, the undertones of their dynamic were decidedly special.

A platform of ice lifted Ri back to the above terrace where she seemed like she couldn't be bothered with anything else. She happily sat beside her father who looked at her lovingly.

Ores had barely snapped out of his shock. But, the rest of the geniuses looked on at this scene calmly, eyeing Dyon who now stood in the midst of the broken table, between them all.

Dyon's voice was faint, but unyielding, laced with a demonic will that caused shivers to run down everyone's spine, "I didn't mind taking you all down one by one. In fact, I would have found it to be quite fun. But, it seems like some people have quite perverse mouths."

Ores stood, towering over Dyon by almost two heads, "did you think I was afraid of you and that little slut? Surprise attacks must be all you humans are capable of."

Dyon's pinky came up to his ear, wiggling in it a bit before he blew a bit of dust away, "I'm a little confused as to why the weakest bitch here thinks he can talk to nonchalantly. Did you think that just because you walked along side them," Dyon's head shifted towards the geniuses around them, "that you were their equal? If you weren't part of a major family, would they even bother with you?"

Ores' face bulged with veins, matching the striking red of his hair.

"I'm pretty sure I already told you what would happen if you appeared before me again. It seems you didn't run far enough last time."

Dyon's words caused silence to reign. Had Dyon already had a confrontation with Ores?

Suddenly Sebastian stepped out, "you talk big, but you've yet to do anything. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the start of the assessments, just to find out that it was all held up for a human who only knows how to say things that sound cool? Meet me on the stage if you dare. I'll show everyone here why I'm worthy to be the champion of the first years."

Dyon's gaze shifted, looking up to find a boy around 15 to 16 years old. He was a half head shorter than Dyon, but he dripped with over-confidence. His black hair and green eyes were his only stand out features, aside from that, you wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd of moderately attractive elves.

"you think that I have no right to speak because I'm a first year who isn't even champion, correct?"

"Obviously. I earned my spot. You've done nothing but speak of cheap things and bloviate. Why should anyone pay attention to you? It's best that I defeat you handily now, so you can stop having thoughts of staying in our academy."

"And I presume you also think you have the right to stand in an arena with me, right?"


Dyon hadn't waited for a response, his figure flashed, appearing before Sebastian in an instant.

Sebastian staggered, catching himself before he fell backwards. But, he couldn't help but shiver as he looked into Dyon's eyes.

A blood thirsty aura started dripping from Dyon, causing Sebastian's knees to buckle, shaking under the pressure.

"can you even stand with me here? Can you take my attacks? My hate? My anger?"

Sebastian fell to his knees, looking down at the ground in shame.

Jonas twitched, looking at his brother's reaction. He wasn't certain of Sebastian's victory, but he hadn't thought he was lose to handily.

"You're not qualified to stand on the same stage as me," although Dyon's words were seemingly pointed at Sebastian… every genius there felt his unyielding arrogance… as though he wouldn't hesitate to say these same exact words to them…


Chapters will come out a bit slower today. If I don't end up getting them all out, I'll be sure to try and make up for it tomorrow :) I want to keep up this pace until at least the second volume is through. Enjoy this for now!


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