Reaper of the Martial World
95 Human Mortal Realm 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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95 Human Mortal Realm 1

The coliseum froze. Air seemed to stop moving and no sounds could be heard. It was almost as though time had stopped, suspending everyone in disbelief.

Dyon's eyes sparkled hearing Mithrandir's words, but, she could only frown as she noticed Dyon's lower regions weren't showing any reaction no matter how she stroked.

"you!" it wasn't clear you said it first, but an eruption of baleful auras blanketed the lounging area.

Dyon didn't seem to notice, deciding to instead calmly remove Mithrandir's hand and stop circulating his celestial and demonic will.

Dyon chuckled, looking into Mithrandir's still cloudy eyes, "you should be careful with you who play with beautiful. Taking you wouldn't be difficult for me," Dyon's hand, still resting on Mithrandir's treasured place, flicked up with a last bit of his aurora.

"mmm, oh god," Mithrandir grasped Dyon's shirt tightly from her seated position, breathing heavily.

Although Mithrandir was an outrageous beauty, Dyon felt no remorse in toying with her. He had little patience for those who sought to control him, and a beauty was no exception.

It was only after Dyon completely pulled away that Mithrandir realized what happened. Her emotions fluctuated wildly. Sometimes she was embarrassed, other times angry beyond belief, and even still, among all of this, still pining for more.

She could only grit her teeth in anger, turning away from Dyon as her chest heaved violently.

Primrose snapped out of the stupor, "you've got a lot of nerve doing this to a member of the Norville family," she sneered.

Dyon shrugged, not caring too much, "I can be punished for helping a lady experience her first climax? Why don't you let me try it on you so we can see how much you hate it, hmm?"

Primrose trembled, looking away from Dyon and slamming her legs closed tightly. But, Dyon could tell there was still a lingering passion in her eyes, which made him chuckle, "don't think too much on it, I just happened to find it funny that a virgin was going around seducing men."

Although this didn't mean much to the younger geniuses who assumed Dyon just made a guess, or was just making fun of Mithrandir, this one sentence of Dyon's was quite profound for the elders. To have the sense to tell whether one was a virgin or not, seemed trivial, but it was actually an ability only those with the most sensitive of 6th senses could have. It wasn't normal to be able to distinguish something like that until the celestial stage was surpassed.

Suddenly, they thought back to the chair Dyon materialized earlier, their eyes flashing with realization: 'he has an innate aurora!'

Ri couldn't hold back her laughter any longer, "HAHAHAHAHA," she wiped the tears from her face, clenching her stomach with her free arm. But, the geniuses didn't take this too well.

"It only makes sense for a human to come here with such an ugly girl," sneered Ores, "I've seen you two together before. You must have settled for fucking a sow, it's about what you deserve."

Dyon froze, his face darkening.


There was no time to react, even for Dyon. A graceful figure fell from the terrace, crushing the table the male geniuses sat at.

Dyon looked at her elegant back. Her hair fluttered in the air, a layer of ice lowered the temperature drastically as a sword pressed against Ores' throat.

Ri's hair seemed to have a life of its own, Dyon looked on in anticipation, curious as to what her manifestation was. But, it never came, instead, a voice filled with a pure dense killing intent rang out, "you have a lot of nerve… did you think I'd need someone else to stand up for me? To protect me? Go on, say it again. Let's see if you can get the words out this time."

Ri's gentle lake like eyes had iced over, a layer of frost coating everything.

The elders looked on in astonishment, '9th level ice will… at barely 15… a true genius'

It was clear that Ri had no energy cultivation, and yet, Ores' words couldn't help but be caught in his throat.

Dyon slowly walked over and lightly stroked Ri's head, seemingly unbothered by the bone chilling ice, "you don't need my help," he said softly, "but, let me do it anyway."

Ri looked over to Dyon, her eyes becoming decidedly gentler. Dyon hadn't said anything flowery about how it was a man's job to protect a woman, neither did he pretend as though Ri needed his help. He simply let her know that he wanted to do it. Ri smiled, and she suddenly outshone everything.


I didn't like uploading so few chapters today, so I decided to give you a portion from the next set of chapters. Enjoy! :)


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