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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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94 Take Me 5

Dyon smiled at Jade, "silver-fairy… it only makes sense that you'd surround yourselves with such beauties. Seductive beauties, petite beauties, mischievous beauties… why should I fight if I could just sit here with you all?"

The beauties all seemed to turn a slight shade of red, causing the men to tremble in anger. One beauty blushing? Sure. But 5 at once? Could there be anything so unfair in the world?

Ri looked down at Dyon, shaking her head with a 'really?' expression on her face.

Dyon didn't feel like finding a chair, so he had long since been preparing a small-scale creation array, forming a chair right in front of him and causing everyone around to look on in interest. Everyone had their own speculations on where the chair came from. But, Dyon's array alchemy mastery reaching the master level was the furthest from everyone's thoughts.

Dyon smiled, well aware of the reaction his demonic will had on most women now, "will you introduce me?"

Jade smiled, "these are all my close friends. You must treat us well. No being bad," she giggled.

Celine looked into Dyon's eyes with interest. She couldn't help but admit that everything Jade said made sense. Despite his flirting and what he said, his eyes always remained clear. As though there was nothing that could affect him should he have a goal in mind.

The boys to the side sneered all thinking the same thing, 'I hope you'll enjoy being controlled by Mithrandir.'

Introducing all the girls one by one, even Jade couldn't help but spend a slightly longer time introducing Mithrandir, which made Dyon's eyes wander.

He inwardly frowned, feeling Mithrandir trying to subtly effect his soul and sway him.

Dyon got up, walking to Mithrandir, causing the boys to almost stand up and cheer in anticipation.

"you're quite interesting," he said softly, looking directly into her shining red eyes.

Without Dyon noticing, Mithrandir's manifestation had appeared.

An elegant and majestically white scaled snake appeared, leering domineeringly. Its eyes shone as red as its wiggling tongue.

It shifted in the air, moving to wrap itself around Dyon, slightly rubbing against his lower regions, causing a growl to escape.

Jade could only watch bitterly as Dyon slowly fell into Mithrandir's trap. Ri frowned, but it was too late to help Dyon now.

Sebastian sneered, 'you thought you were so great, look at you now.'

Uncle Acacia could only smile bitterly as he watched headmaster Cormyth chuckle lightly, 'some trials you have to face yourself…'

The white scaled snake suddenly shivered, bright silver wings exploding from its back as everyone looked on.

A collective breath seemed to be pulled into everyone as the watched. This was a mutation unique to Mithrandir. Although she had used a Unique Type Technique due to her confidence, her true manifestation ended up matching her the very first Norville in history, causing her to be the pride of her family.

The geniuses sneered, 'it looks like Mithrandir has a new slave.'

Dyon took a step forward, edging towards Mithrandir. To everyone else, this was just Mithrandir's wish. But to her, she couldn't help but frown.

Looking into Dyon's hazel-green eyes, Mithrandir seemed lost for a while in his purity. His eyes hadn't fogged over, and his will hadn't diminished. He simply walked to Mithrandir until he was nearly right on top of her. He pulled her chair from the table, placing her right in front of himself and leaning into her ear, "if you wanted to play, you could have just asked."

Mithrandir lost focus. Dyon's hot breath brushed against her ear, causing her manifestation to fade out of existence.

Everyone looked on in confused, 'is it over?'

Dyon reached his hand up, celestial will circulating along with his aurora, "since you want to play, let's play," he lightly touched Mithrandir's arm, slowly moving up it.

Mithrandir's body immediately flushed, an incomparable feeling flooding into her. A moan escaped her lips against her will, but she just couldn't stop her legs from squeezing together, trying her hardest to control herself.

Everyone gulped, watching Mithrandir's incomparably sexy figure writhe with pleasure.

Dyon's hand continued to travel, lightly flicking Mithrandir's hard nipple from on top of her dress.

"mmmm," Mithrandir was feeling too good to be embarrassed. She was lost in a world of pleasure she had never felt before.

Dyon had never left her ear, softly whispering into it again, "what do you want?"

"I – I - ," Mithrandir couldn't seem to find the words. Her breath was hurried and short. Her skin was flushed so red that it nearly matched her dress and eyes. Sweat started to drip down the ravine of her cleavage that bounced with every breath.

Dyon's hand reached her hips, continuing to lightly rest on her thighs before creeping up to the hem of her short skirt.

The beauties around him didn't know what to do. They couldn't help but flush red just from the residual effects of Dyon's aurora and celestial will. They could only imagine how Mithrandir felt at the moment.

Everyone was stunned. Some still believed that this was what they seductive beauty wanted. But, even if it was, the geniuses had long since lost their smile. Even Zaltarish hadn't been allowed to do these things to Mithrandir.

"Take me," Mithrandir nearly gasped these words out. Lunging forward, she grabbed onto Dyon's crotch. Dyon could only smile faintly as the hand he had on her thigh, was invaded by a sweet wetness.


Oh my. Well, looks like Mithrandir got a taste of her own medicine. Who said all those dual cultivation techniques wouldn't come in handy, lllmmaaooo

Also, let me know if you prefer these later day uploads (it's about 5pm est for me right now), or if you'd prefer for me to upload earlier (11am est). I've kinda been alternating between the two depending on the day. But, I think you guys would feel more comfortable if you had a set time to come and find Focus' chapters.

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