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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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93 Take Me 4

Elder Flyleaf and Erunonidan who were up in the clouds chuckled at Dyon's words.

Sebastian, who was sitting below Dyon currently, narrowed his eyes. His fists tightened in frustration, 'from headmaster Acacia's words, this was the boy they were waiting for? Not me? What's so great about him?"

Ryba, who was near by Sebastian was angered as well. But, he knew about as well as anyone could, that Dyon was indeed a genius. Without any cultivation, Dyon's soul was already above his own. Although Ryba wasn't a genius, he was substantially older than Dyon. To the point where he was approaching his 30s. He followed Jonas for exactly that reason: he couldn't accomplish anything on his own.

Students like Ryba, who had far surpassed their fourth year with no real accomplishments, were only meant to become part of the armies led by the true geniuses selected to lead campaigns. He was used to this, and ready to do his duty. But, he couldn't help but hate the fact a human was better than he was.

Below, people sneered.

"Just another boastful boy who thinks his lower regions are more robust than they really are. Is there a need to be so infatuated?" Primrose shifted her gaze back and forth between Mithrandir and Jade, but they didn't seem to be listening. Light smiles graced their faces as though this was exactly what they expected from Dyon.

"Why were you two so late? I sent Ri hours ago," Uncle Acacia said playfully as though he was trying to insinuate something.

Ri rolled her eyes at her father, "he was sleeping, so I waited for him to wake up. Nothing more, nothing less."

These words may not have meant much to anyone else, but it did to Dyon, 'she waited outside my door for hours just because I was sleeping?' he smiled, 'she's adorable.'

Uncle Acacia chuckled lightly at this before turning towards the other elders and headmasters, "it seems we're ready to begin, no?"

Headmaster Cormyth was ready to burst. Not only was there a human boy standing on the same level as him, a privilege even Zaltarish didn't have, it was now quite clear that they had been waiting all this time for just him.

His heart went cold, he knew he didn't need to send messages to the geniuses below to show no mercy, he could already feel their battle intent boiling. But, he felt the need to do something himself, so his soul pressure rushed out, attempting to make Dyon kneel in fear. It wasn't a malicious attack, only a suppression of the soul. No matter how mad he was, he would remember his status as a headmaster.

Dyon's eyes sharpened, immediately feeling what was going on.

The geniuses below felt headmaster Cormyth's anger and sneered in delight.

However, the moment they were looking for didn't come. Dyon's Devour skill had reached the peak of the first stage: perfection. If headmaster Cormyth wanted to crush him, sure, it would be easy. But a suppression? That would never work. Dyon pretended he didn't notice anything, unwilling to offend an elder for no real reason. He, at the very least, appreciated that it wasn't a malicious attack.

He instead smiled at headmaster Cormyth before turning back to Uncle Acacia, "alright Uncle Acacia, let's do this then," about to lower himself into the crowd of geniuses below.

However, Ri didn't seem intent to join him, instead jumping from the array and into the upper terrace to stand by her father.

The geniuses and elders could only stare in awe by Dyon's unwavering attitude. Secretly impressed that he chose to save headmaster Cormyth's face by not exposing him. But, this only made Cormyth angrier. It was almost as though he could feel people thinking that a junior was more magnanimous than him.

All this said, in typical Dyon fashion, he pretended not to notice. His eyes instead brightening when he noticed the table of beauties, causing them to giggle lightly. It was always nice to be appreciated by men as handsome as Dyon.

The male geniuses looked on at Dyon in disdain, even to the point of scrutinizing him for wearing something like a t shirt and sweat pants.


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