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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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92 Take Me 3

A young man who seemed to be sharp and serious with his black hair and eyes, actually burst out into a laugh, "Mithrandir… She'll definitely be one of my partners, even if it takes a thousand years, I must taste her!"

Zaltarish sneered, "so bold Darcassan, why don't you go tell her that?"

Darcassan paled, glaring at Zaltarish, "you know exactly what happens every time someone tries to flirt with her. Do you think I want to end up as a dog? Wagging my tail on all fours? If you're so eager, you go."

A light green hair male laughed, "I, Kymil, have never been afraid of such a thing. It's only about waiting for the right opportunity. You can't possibly interrupt a woman while she's enjoying a chat with her friends, right? The best time is after you've helped them with something difficult."

Ores shook his head, sneering, "how is that any different from being a dog wagging their tail? Knowing Mithrandir's manifestation, what male would dare have thoughts on her? You'd immediately become a slave to your desires and follow her around like a slave. Do you want your elders to have to ask the Norville family for mercy again, Kymil?"

Kymil's face darkened, "hmph, that's happened to each of you as well. Even our elder brothers have fallen slave to her at some time or another. Why would you try and pretend like it's only ever been me?"

Darcassan's laughter rang out again, "you happen to be the most recent, that's all. How was it Kymil? Did she at least let you wash her underwear?"

Kymil could only grit his teeth, not wanting to remember the most humiliating thing he'd ever experienced. He had tried to flirt with Mithrandir, only for her manifestation to make him completely lose his mind. If it wasn't for the Nodin family elders, who knew how long it would have been before he regained his senses, or she allowed him to go.

Zaltarish sat, smiling at all of this. Although he had once fallen under Mithrandir's spell as well, it was obvious that she wouldn't do something too bad to her future husband. She only made him hand wash some of her undergarments and rub her feet, which was definitely not a bad experience at all.

Time passed by slowly. After half an hour, the elders and geniuses were beginning to get restless.

Due to the inclining nature of the coliseum, it was quite easy for the geniuses to see the elders above them and vice versa. So, it was all the clearer how inactive headmaster Acacia was. He seemed to have no care in the world, content to sit and make idle talk with the elders he deemed worthy to speak to.

When grand elder Cormyth was about to ask about the start of the tournament again, a light laughter filled the coliseum.

"You can't be serious, he was that much of an idiot?" Ri was smiling brightly, drifting slowly into the coliseum beside Dyon.

"Truly, he stepped out with his slaves right in front of the Ragnor clan's idiot, Elof. Only thing I regret is that even in his death, he had no idea that he brought about the destruction of his branch," Dyon shook his head.

They seemed oblivious to their surroundings, happily chatting. The geniuses raised their eyebrows. They knew Ri, although they weren't very familiar with her since she often didn't appear in public for unknown reasons, but the handsome young man made those who had sharper senses feel a faint pressure.

Jade's eyes brightened, which was immediately noticed by Celine, "that's him?"

Jade was startled by Celine's quick-wittedness, and could only nod, not shifting her gaze from Dyon.

Mithrandir looked over in interest, her eyes narrowing once she felt the pressure coming off of Dyon. It didn't seem like he was trying. The arrogance dripped off of him like it was engrained in his being. He was arrogance and arrogance was him. There was no separating the two.

"He's quite handsome, Jade. Why didn't you tell me you found a toy to play with," Mithrandir said coquettishly.

Primrose's blue eyes shone with interest, looking towards Mithrandir, "our generation's number one beauty is interested in a boy? Be careful, or you might get him killed before he has a chance to become worthy of something like that."

Suddenly Opal noticed something, causing her to take a breath in surprise, "he's human?" her voice was soft, but everyone seemed to hear it.

Almost at once everyone turned their attention to Dyon's ears, immediately noticing the lack of a distinct sharpness.

Zaltarish, who had turned his attention away from Dyon, suddenly turned back, realizing that he was indeed human. His eyes narrowed, his disdain increasing. But, he suddenly noticed that Ores' face had frozen.

"Ores?" Zaltarish wasn't even the first to have the opportunity to ask, Kymil was already waving his hand in front of Ores' face.

Ores didn't seem to notice, all he said was, "he's not simple…" he grit his teeth, remembering the interaction between him and Dyon. Even back then, he felt a ridiculous pressure coming from this human boy. But, now it seemed that that pressure had only grown.

Despite this, his battle intent flared, his Grimbold blood raging like a tsunami within him. He grinned fiercely, his blood lust and aura ingulfing the area as Dyon flew over them.

Everyone seemed to notice Ores' rage. Although Ores had allowed his mount to run that day, it wasn't because he was scared of Dyon. What Grimbold would ever be scared? He was only embarrassed at being found out. But, today was different. He'd have his fill of this kid who thought he could say such things to a Grimbold.

Despite this, Dyon didn't seem to care too much. Content to chat with Ri as he leveled out the defensive array with the upper terrace.

"Uncle Acacia! Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything?" Dyon's smile beamed.

Uncle Acacia could only chuckle, 'this kid sure knows how to make an entrance.'

"of course, you have. You missed the first-year assessments. The second-year assessments. And the third-year assessments. Only to finally show up for the fourth-year assessments. Did you think that you'd be able to participate here?" Uncle Acacia had every intention of letting Dyon shine here today, but he decided to have a bit of fun with him. But, Dyon's response only made him burst out into a robust laughter.

"Isn't it only fourth years Uncle Acacia? They'd have to be even older than that to make me fear them," Dyon said with a wide smile.


There's actually a little bit more to this particular chapter release, but I'll save it for tomorrow. All I can say is that something interesting is about to happen ;)

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