Reaper of the Martial World
88 Who Will Be Right? 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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88 Who Will Be Right? 1

Early in the morning, Dyon woke up feeling refreshed. He stretched lazily, enjoying the feeling of his revitalized bones cracking.

As he did everyday, he checked his communication device to read Madeleine's messages, but, he was surprised to find 3 days worth.

'I've been out for that long, huh? Guess I missed the assessment. Oh well.'

Dyon didn't care too much, this just gave him more time to cultivate and gain an understanding of his manifestation. It had been days, yet even he didn't know what it looked like. He had been too exhausted to manifest it after its initial reveal.

What Dyon didn't know is that the only reason the Elvin City had no idea where the manifestation originated from, was because 2 manifestations had occurred that night. One for Dyon, and the other for Zaltarish. Aside from the school elders, no one but Jade was aware that someone in their school had recently manifested a soul. Or, more accurately, they knew that it had occurred, but, assumed most of the commotion was as a result of Zaltarish.

Dyon's good mood wouldn't be ruined by something like that. Until, at least, he read one of Madeleine's messages. It was about Meiying and Chenglei. It seemed that the Bai family had gone through with the wedding.

Although Dyon didn't have much of an impression of Meiying, he still didn't like the idea of a girl marrying into a family she wanted no part of. And that was especially true considering the sinister nature of the Daiyu family. But, there was nothing Dyon could do. The deed was already done.

Dyon sighed, 'it looks like I can't save everyone…'

As Dyon was lost in his thoughts, a furious banging came to his door.


Dyon smiled bitterly, 'looks like this day won't be so peaceful.'

Dyon opened the door to find an innocent looking Ri, as though she had never cause a noise that reverberated through the whole floor. She blushed slightly when she noticed Dyon was only wearing low sagging sweat pants, but quickly recovered in typical Ri fashion.

Leaning against the door frame, Dyon smiled, "what brings you here today, beautiful?"

Ri glared at Dyon. He had been here for enough days to know better than to say that, but he still did it. Ri lifted he hand high above her head and flicked Dyon's forehead, "the only one who can call me beautiful is Little Lyla. Don't think of trying, or else, hmph."

Dyon rubbed his forehead in slight pain, but his smile only widened as he scanned Ri's perfect body. He didn't know what it was about her, but something seemed so out of this world. Despite her regular appearance, the depth of her eyes and the shimmer of her hair was unmatched by anything Dyon had ever seen before. Only Madeleine's eyes were comparable, and that was only when Dyon took off her glasses.

Ri ignored Dyon's gaze, instead looking down at the device in his hand with a raised eyebrow, "what is that?"

Dyon looked down as well, "this? It's just a communication device from the human world."

Ri looked up at Dyon inquisitively, "who are you communicating with?"

Dyon grinned, "jealous?"

Ri sent a palm at Dyon's chest. But, her eyes widened in surprised as she found he didn't fly back like he usually pretended to. She could only blush as she noticed her hand had been in place for a second too long.

Dyon's free hand touched hers, "my fiancée did say I could marry more women, what do you say?"

Ri blushed more fiercely, but pulled her hand back looking at Dyon with an adorable anger, "you have a fiancée and you dare say these things? Disgusting," Ri crossed her arms, glaring at Dyon in distaste.

Dyon smiled, pleasantly surprised that the demonic will he constantly leaked imperceptibly was having no effect on Ri. He liked that idea.

"So, what did you come for? You ditch me for more than a week, then come back like this? Don't you think you owe me an apology?"

Ri harrumphed, "I don't owe a pervert anything. Put on a shirt you exhibitionist. My father was very disappointed in you for missing the assessment, so you'll have to make up for it today."

Dyon scratched his head awkwardly. He did feel a bit bad about that, but it really wasn't in his control.

But then, he thought of something, "how am I supposed to make up for it?"

Ri shrugged, her cropped armor lifting her chest up and drawing Dyon's eyes, "he just said to show up to the upper year's assessment."

Dyon looked intrigued, "upper year? Will you be participating?"

Ri looked up at Dyon almost like she was looking down at him, "why would I need to participate in something so ridiculous? Assessments are for regular people, like you," she said with a wide smile.

Dyon laughed. He knew this wouldn't be as simple as Ri was making it out to be. Something she'd know had she seen his manifestation.

Dyon's hand flashed as a white shirt appeared in his hand. Unknown to Ri, a formation appeared beneath both of their feet, carrying them off into the air.


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