Reaper of the Martial World
86 First to Lose 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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86 First to Lose 2

"speaking of worrying, what exactly did I do while I was meditating?" Dyon looked up into the sky, but, the night sky had already calmed. Unbeknownst to him, it had been hours since his soul manifestation stopped distorting the inner world. So, the elders had long since fixed the breech.

The girl pointed to a book that Dyon had somehow missed on the ground, "try moving it. I already tried while you were still meditating, but, it wouldn't move an inch."

Dyon started, looking at the ancient tome. It was embedded firmly into the ground. It was an indistinct brown color and had a normal belt latching it closed.

Dyon absentmindedly picked the book up. The girl's eyes flashed as she realized moving the tome was nothing to Dyon, 'as I thought, it's here for him. Is it what I think it is?... there'll be a huge commotion…'

Dyon's mind shuddered as he immediately felt a connection with the tome. However, something told him that he wouldn't be able to open it. Much like the levels of the sage's tower, he could only wait patiently for the right day to come. But, the book itself seemed to increase aspects of his soul just by being in contact with it. His perception stretched out further, and he faintly felt that his soul defenses had increased to the peak of the 5th stage although his level was still at the lower 5th stage.

Dyon sighed, "looks like I can't open it," the book flashed and disappeared into Dyon's ring, "does this have something to do with my soul manifestation?"

The girl's eyes sparkled, "you nearly destroyed the inner world you know… that book came after your manifestation finally calmed down. You know, it isn't polite to want a girl to kneel by force," she said in a slightly seductive tone, still feeling the effects of Dyon's demonic will.

Dyon's blood rolled, raging to the soft words of the beauty in front of him, 'kneel?' The image of the silver fairy kneeling in front of him was something he almost didn't want to wash away from his mind.

But, the beauty didn't let him ponder too much about it. With a smile, she rose into the air, floating away, "I look forward to seeing your performance at the first-year ranking assessment although it doesn't seem like there'll be much suspense…"

Dyon raised an eyebrow, 'first year ranking assessment?' Dyon smiled, 'I guess it's about time I actually do school related things, hm? Maybe this time it won't get thrown off the rails by people trying to kill me.'

Fate seemed to look down, chuckling at Dyon's wishful thinking.

'I'll need to be careful of that beauty. My standards have to be higher than this.'

Dyon wanted nothing more than to only have Madeleine in his heart. But, at every turn, there was a new beauty forcing his essence blood to rage. It was getting annoying. That aside, he could only blame himself for his flirtatious personality. But, to Dyon, just flirting with a girl had nothing to do with having feelings for them.

He was determined to respect Madeleine above all. If a woman wasn't at the very least willing to resign themselves to a life they abhorred in order to honor the life they thought he gave up for them, they weren't worthy of standing with Madeleine as one of his wives.

With that thought, Dyon stood, floating down directly from the roof and towards his room under the night sky. It had been too long since he had truly slept.


The next day was meant to be the ranking assessment for the newly admitted students… however, Dyon didn't show up. He was in a deep sleep he wouldn't wake up from for days.

"Jade… Why did you drag me to the first year assessment?" A girl stood near the silver-fairy, indignant at her long time friend.

Jade smiled a smile that contained a slight bit of disappointment, "Same reason the headmaster was here…" she said softly.

The girl who stood beside Jade was in no way inferior in terms of beauty. Her hair was a striking blond that matched her gold eyes, the telltale signs of a member of the Ingram family.

But now, her beautiful features went from a cute pout to a thoughtful expression. It was indeed odd for the headmaster to come to a first-year assessment. Did they enrol a genius recently? But, none of the first years had displayed talent warranting that kind of attention. Of course, there were some geniuses, but, no more than there would be in any other year, 'she can't possibly be here for Sebastian, right?'

Suddenly she flashed a bright smile, "did our resident beauty fall for a first year? A first year okay with standing up such a beauty? I must meet him," her grin widened as she studied Jade's reaction.

Jade pouted silently, giving her friend the side eye.

"Oh my, how scandalous. I wonder how the Eostre heads would feel about this," the girl with golden eyes jogged away before her friend could hit her.

But, the hit she was expecting never came. She instead turned to find Jade with an evil grin on her face, "you'd better be careful, Celine. Or else you'll fall too."

Celine raised an eyebrow, but never lost her bright smile.

The crowds of first years looked on in awe at the upper year goddesses. They were the only upper years there, and everyone wondered why they would come to such an event. However, Headmaster Acacia looked down with a knowing smile, 'it seems I'm not the only one who's disappointed about the results today.'

He shifted his gaze away from the beauties to the sky, training his sharp gaze on Elder Flyleaf and Elder Erunonidan. The two of them could only smile bitterly at having been noticed.


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