Reaper of the Martial World
85 First to Lose 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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85 First to Lose 1

The words continued burning in the sky. What the people looked on didn't know, was that they wouldn't disappear for a long while…


Dyon smiled to himself. It wasn't that he didn't know what was happening, but more so that it appeared like a dream to him. He had no idea his soul manifestation had resulted in such a phenomenon.

Although to everyone else this had been a simple process, to Dyon, he was constantly monitoring the communication between his aurora and soul. The amount of times he felt the connection nearly break was too many to count. In fact, it was rare to succeed on soul manifestation the first time. Often, the more powerful the manifestation was, the later in life it would be manifested. However, this didn't apply to Dyon because his aurora was fully awakened. For instance, had he been aware of the unique type technique when he was 5 years old, he could have done it then as well as long as he had a proper understanding of certain aspects of cultivation.

Slowly, Dyon's duo soul manifestation shrunk to a size more comparable to his true soul cultivation level. During soul manifestation, the manifestation would display power far beyond itself as it was heralded into the world. But, after the process was over, its sole power source would be the soul of its owner.

In the end, the sword in the hand of Dyon's manifestation disappeared into the blood red and black pagoda. The figure loomed at 5 meters tall while the pagoda shimmered in the air domineeringly at 20 meters tall.

They slowly faded out of existence as Dyon opened his eyes to find the purple-blue eyed beauty watching him intently. His sweat drenched body rippled as he felt his muscles flex as though they were getting used to a new-found power.

Dyon smiled a warm smile, "hello."

The beauty smiled, looking down.

Dyon tilted his head in confusion until he noticed a distinct breeze. He chuckled, "you're quite bold silver fairy. I'm quite happy to be here for your viewing pleasure."

The girl's light laugh filled the library's roof top as the last light of Dyon's aurora faded out of existence.

"Are you even aware of the commotion you just caused?" Her voice was light and inviting, still carrying a hint of amusement.

Dyon stood, causing the girl's curious eyes to scan him once again as he slid on a new pair of sweats, lamenting the fact he had lost a pair until he realized he could just make new ones with his 5th stage aurora.

Dyon chuckled to himself, 'using array alchemy to make sweat pants? Who would have thought?"

"What commotion was that?" Dyon asked, curious as to what she meant.

The silver haired beauty didn't seem to be paying attention as she studied Dyon's handsome face. Suddenly she started as she noticed his ears were distinctly human.

"you're human… It's rare to see someone as handsome as you even in our kingdom, I didn't expect that," she said with a smile that seemed to outshine everything else.

Dyon could still feel endless heat coming off of himself, so he forewent the shirt and instead sat on another array, facing the beauty.

"Elves really are a beautiful race," he said softly. Dyon was imperceptibly radiating a domineering will. Usually the silver-haired girl wouldn't be so bold, but Dyon's demonic will was affecting her emotions without her realizing.

The girl shook her head gently as Dyon thought about how beautiful Madeleine would be when she reached her age. He shivered in excitement.

"You're looking at me but thinking of someone else?" the girl's lips pouted slightly. She was quite adorable.

Dyon chuckled, "a woman's intuition is truly something else… or does it have to do with your cultivation?"

The girl smiled mysteriously, "why don't you tell me about her?"

Dyon smiled, thinking back to the elegant young lady. Her brunette hair in a bun and her crystal framed glasses accenting her shimmering gold eyes, "I'm quite conflicted. My mother always taught me to never speak of other women in front of one. But, she also taught me to never disappoint a lady. What do you think I should do?"

"Your mother sounds like a woman that managed to be your father's only wife. I would have liked to meet her," she said with sympathy in her eyes.

Dyon smiled, becoming even more intrigued by this woman. How could she read him so well?

"You would be quite a scary wife to have. How would anyone keep anything from you?" an interesting glint flashed in Dyon's eyes.

"It would depend on whether that person made me love them enough to not worry about their flaws, no?" she said with a light smile.

'looks like I won't win a war of words with her…' Dyon thought with a small smile.


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