Reaper of the Martial World
83 Manifestation 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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83 Manifestation 3

The torrent of space and time was being fought against by the elders. The skies of the academy filled with soul manifestations, but even with that, the cracks seemed intent of spreading.

Elder Flyleaf had beads of sweat falling down his forehead as he looked over at Elder Erunonidan.

"I'm glad at least one person is enjoying this," he said looking over at Elder Flyleaf with a playful disdain.

"HAHAHAHAHA," a booming laughter erupted from Elder Flyleaf, he couldn't contain his joy.

The other elders looked over at the two in confusion, but, there was no time to ask questions. If the school's dimension really collapsed, there'd be untold ramifications. Although there was a failsafe that ejected everything out, if it was used, a large portion of the surrounding area of Acacia Academy would be destroyed.

However, Dyon's soul manifestation didn't seem to care. The Fog had continued to expand, reaching into the skies and shattering everything in its path. It split into two, vaguely taking form as everyone looked on in anticipation.

Soon, there was one humanoid type figure. The other seemed to take the shape of a pagoda.

"is that… twin manifestations?" The beauty shuddered. The rarity of the manifestation scale was even more overshadowed by there being two manifestations.

Geniuses around the city looked up, their eyes narrowing in contempt.

"so what if you have two manifestations? If you're only just awakening your soul, you're still too weak."

The geniuses would have been right, if Dyon had been an Elf. But, unfortunately, he wasn't. To Elves, soul manifestation was something done before even reaching the age of 10, with only a few exceptions. To them, there was nothing to worry about as of now.

But, there was a second reason they called Dyon weak. A reason that couldn't be washed away so easily. To some, two of something might seem better if it was a good thing to begin with. But, to a soul manifestation, two soul manifestations meant a split power. It meant two paths one could take. It also meant confusion and misunderstandings. Dyon, no matter how rare his manifestation was, had a tough road ahead of him.

The Elders frowned looking up at the slowly forming manifestations, "can he really do this…" whispered Elder Flyleaf.

He had no idea, and neither did the other elders. Only time would tell.

However, all of their doubts seemed to be instantly shattered. The humanoid figure looked down at the city, almost as though he could hear the thoughts and misgivings of what he thought of as "so-called experts".


A piercing roar laced with musical will boomed through the island, covering every inch and sending shivers down the spine of every living thing.

A blood red aura started forming around the pagoda as it seemed to fluctuate from 7 levels, to 9, then to 12, and back to 7 again.

It formed first. Tiles of red and black covered the structure. There were no windows, only a single black door that was slowly creeping open. There was a dense fog of red and black around it, shaking with a violent aura.

The humanoid figure waved its hand towards the pagoda, causing a streak of light to fly towards it. A pillar of blinding white appeared in the vaguely shaped humanoid's hand, slowly spreading its light to cover the figure.


A pair of what looked like massive wings appeared on the back of the humanoid, as the light became more and more blinding and the darkness of the pagoda loomed over the island.

'just… what is that…'

Everyone gasped as cracks began to appear on the humanoid figure and the pillar of light in its hand.

Some sneered, laughing at Dyon's misfortunate, "so talented yet you bit off more than you could chew. Now, you'll be losing half of your soul. Such a sha –"

Many couldn't even finish their thoughts.

A resounding shock wave, alternating between blinding lights and dreary reds and blacks sent wave after wave of domineering aura through the island.

The cracks slowly began to grow, flakes of white slowly falling from the soul manifestation.

Soon, a shocking sight graced the Elvin Kingdom.

There, stood a man of incomparable handsomeness. He was like a celestial being with the domineering aura of a demon emperor.

Majestic Wings graced his back. One was a sharp and crisp black. No light could be gleaned from it. It was like an endless abyss of nothingness. The other, was a blinding white. Shining with incomparable brightness. Reigning with absolute purity.

Six circles of flickering gold and black hovered behind the being. In the center of each, vague pictures that flickered in and out of existence could be seen. The only one that was clear was the one hovering just behind the figures head: a sharp eye that seemed like it could pierce through anything. The other circles formed a hexagonal pattern behind the transcendent being, flickering in golds and blacks that complimented the black and red pagoda that loomed over everything.

The pillar of light the figure had been holding became a sword. Domineering and dark, it flickered with lights of black and gold. An eerie fog dripping from it.

The figure itself was naked, but slowly, lights of black and red stormed out of the pagoda, wrapping the figure in a flaming darkness.

If Ri had seen this manifestation… she'd immediately know that this figure… the one threatening to destroy everything with his mere aura… Was Dyon.


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