Reaper of the Martial World
82 Manifestation 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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82 Manifestation 2

After dealing with the awkward moment of his hand being stuck between two books, Dyon's ears twitched as he heard the sound of a distinctly eastern melody.

'that sounds like a guqin… down that corridor?'

Dyon knew next to nothing about the Elvin Kingdom, and it didn't seem like the information he needed was in any of the books here anyway. His best choice was probably to ask Ri, but he had no idea where she was. So, Dyon decided that maybe it was time to get acquainted with more people.

'maybe it'll be another beauty,' thought Dyon with a grin as he slowly walked to the corridor.

He found a dark set of stairs with faint moonlight wafting through as though it was a mist.

Once he reached the top of the stairs, his blood rolled as he realized he couldn't have been more right. Dyon was sure that Madeleine had gotten even more beautiful in the time he hadn't seen her. Not only would she have grown into her body more, the stronger her cultivation, the more she practiced Celestial will and the more she improved her Goddess' Disposition, the more fairy-like she would become. But, the woman in front of Dyon right now was the most beautiful he had ever seen. Surpassing his master. Surpassing Madeleine. And even surpassing Madeleine's master.

"Elves sure are a beautiful race…" said Dyon absentmindedly.

The girl who had been enthralled with her music, looked up, startled to find Dyon looking at her. Her long silver hair lightly fluttered under the night sky. Her eyes looked like purple-blue crystals, twinkling even in the dark. Her dress was loose and the purest of whites, yet couldn't hide her ample chest and unmatched figure.

The girl only smiled, choosing to continue playing. Dyon listened quietly, an array flashing underneath him as he sat cross legged in meditation. He breathed slowly, trying to calm the raging storm with him.

'this is ridiculous… All I did was see a beauty and I already can't control myself. Come on.'

Soon, Dyon calmed himself. At some point, he began using the music to meditate on the unique type technique. His body shimmered, a fog-like opaque whiteness coated his body. His aurora began to shine a strong purple-gold, allowing his flame to appear on his forehead.

He slowly established a new connection between his aurora and soul. The aurora flames raged, getting brighter and brighter.

Acacia Academy's inner world began to tremble.

The girl looked up in shock. She had no idea whether she should continue to play or not, but it was clear that something amazing was about to happen.

Dyon's aurora lit the whole night sky. The inner world became as bright as day, flickering lights of purple and gold covering the academy.

Elder Flyleaf awoke form meditation, 'so soon?... is it really him?'

Uncle Acacia's reaction was much the same, a small smile playing on his lips, 'he's trying to destroy Acacia's inner world. How arrogant.'

His expression turned serious, "call the elders here. We can't let the inner world collapse."

A stoic boy who was meditating near Uncle Acacia looked up in confusion, not understanding what was going on. But, he immediately leaped up to do the will of his master.

In the Elvin City, tremors began to transcend dimensions. Cracks formed on Acacia Academy's Castle, ripping tears through the stone pavement of the caldesac.

The city was in an uproar. Citizens looked up in shock as lights of gold and purple began increasing in height. Dark clouds began to roll, blanketing the moon and fighting against the lights of Dyon's aurora. Arcs of lightning flashed, dancing through air as a pressure blanketed the Elvin Kingdom.

"this…" Uncle Acacia no longer had words for what was happening. Soul manifestation of this scale was rare. So rare that it only happened a handful of times every generation. Even now, each family might only have 1 or 2 geniuses of this scale.

In 9 corners of the city, each of the major families looked up with serious expressions on their faces. Each of them clenched their fists, wondering which of the other 8 families had just birthed a genius.

"Looks like the race for the throne just got more complicated…" no one knew who said it first. Or maybe they all thought it at once. But, one thing was clear: none of them were resigned to this fate.

Within the Acacia inner world, cracks were beginning to form in the sky. Blinding light seeped through them as swaths of space and time intents flooded into the world.

A domineering aura washed over everyone. The sounds of thunder boomed, leaking in from the outside world. Arcs of lightning seemed intent on destroying the inner world along with Dyon's aurora.

Slowly, the white fog around Dyon began to expand as well, the beautiful silver-haired girl watched on as best she could, protecting her eyes from the blinding light.

Dyon's clothes shredded to ashes and his sword flew from his back, almost as though the only thing worthy of being around Dyon's aura right now was himself alone.

His muscles rippled and flexed, beads of swear running down them. But, his face showed no signed of strain or pain. His handsome features were radiant as his hair shifted ever so slightly in the air. If one couldn't see the growing flames around him, you would almost think he had nothing to do with what was going on.

Arrogance seemed to almost drip from Dyon. The fog grew in size again and again, intent to dominate everything in its path.


A massive hole was torn through the canopy of the inner world, allowing the entire Elvin City to feel the full brunt force of Dyon's superiority.

Space seemed to distort around his aura. Buildings creaked and the weak willed hunched over, trying to stop themselves from kneeling to no avail.

Experts grit their teeth as they felt the creaking of their knees.

"who could possibly be so arrogant for their soul manifestation to have such an appearance…"

Everyone's thoughts were the same. Could there really be a person with such a personality? For your very soul to manifest such arrogance, this couldn't be faked. It wasn't some fake confidence brought by backing, or who your parents were, or what school you attended. It was an arrogance borne of unyielding faith in one's self.

Uncle Acacia could only smile bitterly, "who'd you bring here little Ri?"


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