Reaper of the Martial World
81 Manifestation 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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81 Manifestation 1

Dyon stood there: frozen, thinking about what the book in his hands could mean.

'Did the Elvin Kingdom have something to do with the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect? Master's filtration of her memories wasn't exactly perfect…' Dyon thought, shuddering when he remembered all the animal sex, 'I can't be 100% certain that she meant to leave it out. She probably just blurred out everything Elvin as a broad stroke, or else why would she practically handicap me? The soul manifestation technique would be and is something incomparably important to me…'

All Dyon knew was that even if the Elvin Kingdom itself wasn't involved, something from it was. He concluded that in filtering out everything that had to do with the sect's destruction, the 25th White Mother had accidentally left out important things. She couldn't be blamed for this, whether it was giving up her essence blood, or transferring all of her memories, both greatly weakened her. This left her with a very short amount of time – a time that was even shorter considering she wanted to preserve some of her power to leave a bit of her soul in Dyon. Originally, that soul strand was meant to ensure that Dyon treated Little Black well, but it ended up being used to save Dyon.

Because of the time and weakness, the 25th White Mother decided that it was better to make sure everything important was blocked rather than accidentally leaving something behind that would be too impactful for a currently weak Dyon.

"there's no real point in harping on this… I would have been cautious regardless, but now, I'll have to intensify that. Who I can and can't trust is all a blur right now... it's best if I err on the side of distrust."

Dyon's goal for now wasn't to solve the mystery of the Celestial Deer Sect's destruction – he accepted that there was a reason his master didn't want him to know just yet. What he didn't know was that a large portion of the reason those memories were sealed was not so Dyon wouldn't see them, but so that no one else could see them…

Either way, Dyon settled on finding more about the current situation of the Elvin Kingdom. There was no reason for such a seemingly prosperous kingdom to have so many orphans who received no help from the government. Unfortunately for Dyon, government help was a strictly human world concept. But, what he was right about, was that it didn't make sense for a martial world government to not seek out outstanding talents within those orphans. Although Dyon had no way of knowing now, none of the orphans he made a home for ever had an opportunity to display their talents. Something that was completely out of the ordinary.

In the end, Dyon decided to push all of these thoughts to the back of his head. He instead clutched the small and thin book, excited to see what his soul would manifest as. In fact, he thought he was about 90% certain of what it would be.

While Dyon was reading through books on the technique, he learned about how your soul had innate constitutions to it. These innate constitutions meant some people were more inclined to certain wills and technique types and paths. This happened to be the first concrete explanation Dyon had for why he learned sword will so much faster than anything else.

To him, since he had demon qilin and celestial deer essences, his speed at understanding those related wills should be the best. But, somehow, it only took him a week to reach the 7th level of sword will. If it wasn't for him purposefully slowing down his will depth increase in order to explore paths and begin creating his own style, he would have long since reached the peak of sword will and be an infinitesimally small distance away from an intent. But, as of now, Dyon was just waiting for the appropriate time to burst through to the 8th and 9th layers. He was fully aware that he could do so whenever he wanted, but that wasn't important to him.

All this to say, Dyon was almost certain that the reason for his affinity with the sword was because of his soul. So, he was almost certain his soul manifestation would be in the form of a sword. Something that excited him to no end.

'this way, I'll be able to use the sword much sooner,' Dyon looked at the regular sword on his back, sighing. He wanted nothing more than to use the jet-black sword, but, he knew it wouldn't be right to.

Dyon began to flip through the book. It looked like the technique itself was meant to circulate a pseudo form of mind's eye, or aurora, to communicate with the soul. Dyon nodded as he read through this, it made sense. The entire point of his aurora was to not only store his aurora flame, but to communicate with his soul as a power fuel. It made sense to use the same sort of principle to manifest your soul. The reason it was called a pseudo aurora was because the technique barely required the aurora to be open to a single percent. Technically, not even half a percent was necessary. Only the initial beginning was necessary, which meant no external resources but your own self was necessary.

For a person not like Dyon to open their aurora, they first had to make initial contact with their dormant aurora, opening it up slightly, before continuing to use treasures to increase its awakened percentage. At least half of the technique was about this awakening and communication process. Dyon flipped through it quickly, obviously not needing it since his aurora was fully awakened.

Very quickly, Dyon reached the important sections. It described a meditation technique. According to the unique type technique, the method of communication between the aurora and the soul was different in any attempt to manifest the soul. While array alchemy used the soul as a power source, the unique type technique attempted to project the soul with the aurora as the power source, as counter-intuitive as that might sound.

Although Dyon couldn't be sure, he assumed the differences in the method of awakening the dormant aurora was what might change a unique type technique into a singularity type.

After memorizing the concept, Dyon decided that it was best to meditate on what it meant. Although the first portion of the technique was highly specific in directing the actions one should take, the second portion was more like an explained theory. Essentially, the differences in approaches someone might take was also part of what manifested each soul differently.

Time seemed to go by slowly as Dyon pondered on the right means of soul to aurora communication. Eventually, days had passed before Dyon decided he needed a change of scenery. After a dip in inner world's lake and a swap into new sweats and a white t, Dyon strapped the long iron sword to his back and flashed out of the inner world, immediately appearing in the 5th floor library once again.


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