Reaper of the Martial World
80 Unique Soul Type Technique 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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80 Unique Soul Type Technique 3

Soon, Dyon reached the top floor to find a small balcony with a discreet wooden door. But, he noticed the obvious lack of handle, which caused him to freeze, 'is there another way in?'

Dyon was about to leave in an attempt to find another entrance, but then a thought came across his mind. His eyes flashed with gold and flecks of purple as he looked at the door. A small smile appeared on his face as he noticed an array formation. It was only of the lower master level, so if Dyon wanted, he could simply bypass it, but, he noticed that this formation should have a catalyst. Thinking back to the badge Uncle Acacia gave him, he held it up to the door.


The door pushed in, allowing Dyon in.

The crowd sighed in relief, inwardly praising themselves for not going after someone who had the ability to not only walk to the 5th floor, but to also have access to it.

Dyon was, of course, still oblivious to all of them. He was instead enjoying the sight of the olden style library as the door clicked behind him. There wasn't a single other person in it other than him. He could smell the old scent of ancient books and their leather coverings. Somehow, the room was devoid of any dust at all.

Rows after rows of books lined the library, yet, there wasn't a single sitting area. Dyon noticed a dark corridor at the far corner of the room, but he decided to ignore it for now, instead choosing to begin browsing through the books.

'I should find things about souls and their manifestation… there's got to be a reason why the Celestial Deer Sect didn't use this technique…'

Dyon had been confused about a few things. For one, he found it odd that he only knew that the Celestial Deer Sect and the Elvin Kingdom were allies through the memories of Ava about the speech Patia-Neva gave at the Elvin Forest World Opening. He had seen nothing about such a thing in his master's memories. Secondly, if they were really allies, and the Celestial Deer Sect did focus on soul cultivation, why wouldn't the Elves share the Unique type technique? Clearly it wasn't a well guarded technique, or else Ri wouldn't tell him that he could use it if he wanted.

That second point made Dyon a bit apprehensive. One thing he was clear on was that Ri wasn't very familiar with the human world. Which he found odd since she told him that she was half human… Things weren't adding up. Since Ri didn't have an understanding of the human world, she could very well assume that Dyon could use a technique that might only be possible for Elves to use. The idea of this being an exclusively Elvin technique would explain why the Celestial Deer Sect didn't have the technique in their arsenal. Obviously, if humans couldn't use it, why have it?

Dyon could only shake his head, focusing on finding books about the Unique Type Technique. But, the more and more he looked, the more confused he got.

There was not a single thing about humans not being able to use the technique. In fact, now that Dyon thought about it, how could the daughter of the headmaster not have been to this library before if he could make it in? If she had been here, if there had been anything about humans not being able to use the technique, not only would she as a half human be apprehensive about using the technique, she would have understood why Dyon couldn't use soul cultivation type attacks in most battles.

Dyon froze, this could only mean one thing: the technique was within his master's sealed memories. Which meant… the Elvin Kingdom, their relationship with the Celestial Deer Sect, and everything related, had something to do with the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect.

Dyon knew he had to check. He slipped his ring off and slipped it in between two books. With a flash, he disappeared into the ring, before he started to walk towards the Celestial Deer Sect's library. He had once thought that he would never need to go there since all of the techniques he needed were given to him via the memories of his master, but now he needed to check.

After a long while of walking, Dyon finally made it to the building that held the bodies of his master and her husband. Bowing in respect, he walked past it and towards where the library was in his master's memories.

Much like everywhere else, the library was a mess. Book cases were destroyed, books were ripped apart and thrown on the floor. In fact, to find a book on an actual shelf here was a rare occurrence.

Dyon sighed, "it'll be impossible to find anything here…"

Dyon closed his eyes, his body started to shimmer as crystals began to form around him. They slowly began to deform, manipulating themselves into a complex formation.

Dyon projected his 6th sense into the formation. All of a sudden, he could sense everything in the room with incomparable clarity. The use of Celestial Deer Crystals had been made obvious to him long ago: they boosted array alchemy. However, there was something so obvious about that fact that people often missed: if they boost array alchemy, can't they, by proxy, boost other things as well?

This was the amplification path of crystal will. With it, Dyon could boost his perception among other things. It was perfect for, as an example, scouring millions of books for a specific thing.

'Almost like an in real life control F function,' thought Dyon with a chuckle, sitting down in the middle of the messy room.

Hours went by as Dyon felt as though he was reading through hundreds of books at once. If it had nothing to do with the soul, he ignored it. If it wasn't a technique, he ignored it. If it didn't have the word 'manifestation' in it, he ignored it.

'maybe I'm just being paranoid?...'

Suddenly Dyon's mind shuddered. He immediately jumped up.

Dyon soon reached a pile of shredded books. He started rifling through them until he came to one that was seemingly untouched.

'it really was here… what's the story behind this…'

In Dyon's hand, a thin 6in by 6in book rested. He slowly wiped off the dust on its cover and took a deep breath as he read the title.

'Unique Type Soul Cultivation Manifestation – by RR Sapientia'


Things are getting quite interesting :)

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