Reaper of the Martial World
78 Unique Soul Type Technique 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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78 Unique Soul Type Technique 1

Dyon didn't even feel like giving a second thought to what happened, he instead preferred to eagerly head to the cultivation library. It was too bad he had no idea where it was, so he settled for wondering around aimlessly until he found a good person to ask.

Soon, he was lost in his thoughts as he walked around.

'it isn't that it isn't true that the soul is highly important in understanding wills… it's just that it isn't the only important part. There's a very important reason why you can't understand an intent unless you break into the essence gathering stage. In fact, those who weren't considered as geniuses in their youth, probably would ever understand an intent even if they stepped into essence gathering.

The level your will reaches isn't so much about understanding. Although understanding is important, a will is more like an aspect of the world you're diving into. Like… someone might be able to train themselves to punch harder and harder as they progress. However, a punch isn't necessarily an art form. Thus, you could consider a martial art as a path of understanding in a will. The most basic difference between a 1st layer will and a 9th level will, is how much power it produces. The true understanding of how to use it, is where people truly differentiate.

However, it still isn't so simple to separate the two. Understanding and will level that is. Because, a good understanding can directly boost the level your will reaches. However, the only way to truly master a will, is by comprehending a path along with your will level…'

Dyon was fascinated by how the martial world worked. Everything seemed to be connected. Wills could temper your body and energy cultivation, but it also couldn't be understood without a soul to connect to the world. A soul could manifest, but it seemed like that was also fueled by your bloodline or body cultivation. And for some reason, Dyon was so absolutely sure that all of this somehow connected with array alchemy… or at the very least, the philosophy behind it.

Dyon smiled to himself, 'I'll figure this all out soon enough'


Moments after the lecture ended, and long after Dyon had left, Elder Flyleaf exited the hall with a complacent and thoughtful smile on his face, entering what looked like a lobby made for those of high standing.

"I haven't seen you smile in quite a while Flyleaf, what's got you so happy?" an elder dressed in similar acacia embroidered robes as Elder Flyleaf questioned him.

"I met an interesting human boy today," there was an odd glint in Flyleaf's green eyes.

"Human? Since when did we have humans in our school?"

"Well, it's not the first time a human has come here… although he didn't join our academy. That aside, I believe only the headmaster could have allowed such a thing to happen without us elders knowing…"

Unlike Benes and Ryba, Elder Flyleaf was far more experienced. For a human to enter their school without any elders being aware could only have been done by someone with sufficient power to ignore even the elders. At that point, there was only 2 possibilities, but the other was unlikely.

"The headmaster? Well, wasn't his late wife human? That sounds like case closed, what else could be interesting about that?"

"Even the headmaster wouldn't allow a human in that didn't meet the criteria of the school. Don't you know how rare it is for humans to have innate soul power? What's more, this boy has an innate aurora."

The elder's playful expression suddenly turned serious, "do you think he could be useful? Him being here likely means that he has no real ties to the human martial world…"

Elder Flyleaf let a small smile grace his lips, "I don't know if he'll be so easily manipulated. He completely brushed off my soul pressure earlier today, my suggestion techniques won't be effective."

"he brushed them off?... His innate soul strength can't have been low then… but we're in sore need of talent that hasn't been influenced by higher level experts…"

"You shouldn't worry too much about that, Erunonidan. If the headmaster let him in so easily, I'm sure he already has his own plans. Let the chips fall as they may. We haven't even seen if his soul manifestation will be worth nurturing. He has the looks of an elf, but, if his power base isn't built upon the same fundamental things as us, he'll never be properly accepted."

Elder Erunonidan nodded, "since he has an innate aurora, he'll probably go to the alchemy or formation guilds right? We have supporters there, it won't be too hard to keep tabs on him."

"Ai, also pay attention to any heavenly signs and changes in the soul manifestation leader boards that may occur in the next few days…"

Elder Erunonidan started, "you think his soul manifestation will cause a heavenly sign to come down?..."

Elder Flyleaf's face hardened, "he may not even be aware of how amazing he is… to be barely 15 years old, and have the ability to create a peak level practitioner array in less than a minute… his level of skill is comparable to the formation guild head already…"


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