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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon soon found himself alone in a room, it seemed like Ri was intent on leaving him so he could only let it be. What he found interesting though was the fact that his room was much more aligned towards cultivating than it had been at Focus Academy. Dyon was able to sense defensive formations in the wall, and also a few instant repair formations in case you were strong enough to damage the walls.

'it'll be good to practice here. Maybe I should also actually go to class… the standards of a school in a society that has Celestial experts should be top notch… maybe one of my teachers might even be at the saint level!'

Dyon's main goal, though, was to improve his body cultivation. Before he began tempering his own blood line, he wanted to first boost it with the essence blood he had now, that was the only way to gain the best effects.

'I guess I'll have to go to the formation guild eventually to deal with this money issue… although intent fruits are helpful, according to the memories of master, they also hinder later progression. I should avoid using them to learn.'

Although Dyon knew money was important, his curiosity was getting the better of him. He wanted to know what his soul would manifest as.

As per usual, Dyon ignored the set of school robes, opting for his usual sweat pants and walked out of the door.

Almost immediately, he heard the lively chatter of students, "did you hear? Elder Flyleaf is holding a lecture soon. If we don't hurry, we won't make it in time!"

Dyon raised an eyebrow, partially intrigued, 'do people usually get so excited about learning?'

The enthusiasm swayed Dyon, so he changed his thoughts on finding the cultivation library, and instead followed the flow of students towards a lecture hall on the 3rd floor. Much to his disappointment, the area was already filled with a ridiculous number of students.

'I might as well sit in the air then…' thinking this much, a formation flashed below Dyon's feet and he slowly raised himself above the crowd.

Dyon noticed a few raised eyebrows and snickers, but he ignored them. Was he supposed to just wade in with the masses when he could avoid it?

"who is this kid?"

"doesn't he understand that only seniors of high stature have the right to be in the air?"

"hmph, he dares use a formation plate to try and circumvent the rules…"

Dyon held his chin in his hand, sitting cross legged. He was much too bored to entertain idiots who wanted to jump on whatever trend they could.

'*sigh*, people need to really stop assuming that I use array plates all the time.'

"hey, kid. Get the fuck down from here, or I'll get you down."

Dyon didn't even bother looking over. He hadn't slept last night, so his eyelids were heavy. Wasted movements annoyed him. With a thought, his eyes flashed with gold, a silencing formation appeared around him.

Being ignored, the senior student who had spoken clenched his jaw in anger.

"it seems he doesn't respect you too much, senior brother Benes," a cute girl stood beside the fuming Benes, giggling.

"Would you like me to teach you a lesson senior brother? Wait… he's human!"

Just as Benes was about to respond to a subordinate of his, the atmosphere quietened significantly as the majestic aura of a senior stifled the students.

Dyon looked up in excitement, 'this is a saint?'

Although Dyon noticed Elder Flyleaf frown in his direction, he didn't mind too much. In an island filled with elves, it wasn't everyday you saw a human. In fact, it was practically never. The part of the forest Focus Academy used for its trials was just a very small portion of the island and wasn't a place visited often by elves. Those that ever stepped out, were killed by higher level beasts they couldn't handle. Making it to the Elvin city, much less one of its academies, happened rarely. In fact, if it wasn't for Ri's knowledge, it would have been very likely that Dyon would have fallen victim as well.

Turning his attention away from Dyon so quickly that it was almost as though he never looked in his direction, Elder Flyleaf began his lecture.

"Today, we'll be speaking about wills. It is well known that in our Elvin Kingdom, the understanding of wills reaches unprecedented levels, however, this isn't because of some innate superiority of birth, but more so a superiority in philosophy."

Dyon was intrigued. He had long since shattered his silencing array, intent on listening to Elder Flyleaf's lecture.

"Although many understand that the comprehension of wills and beyond is inextricably connected to cultivation, most ignore the importance of the methods to such a comprehension, instead choosing to focus on tempering their blood line or meridians. The worst part is that they've all neglected the one thing most important to the comprehension of wills: your soul."

Dyon raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Unfortunately, this didn't escape Elder Flyleaf, whose eyebrows furrowed as he continued.

"The soul is the most intriguing concept in all of creation. It's something that isn't tangible and can't be found by any means other than cultivation."

This Dyon agreed with. Even with his forward-thinking personality, many of the concepts of the martial world were hard for him to accept until he came to test them for himself. The soul was something that the human world had long since banished as a myth, only to be found in religious circles, but, Dyon was beginning to learn that maybe some of those so-called myths had truths to them.

"However, despite its enigmatic conceptualisation, the soul also happens to be our strongest connection with the world around us."

Dyon's eyes shone. Although he hadn't agreed with Elder Flyleaf's thoughts on the soul being the most important to understanding wills, he had to admit that much of everything else he said was profound.

"This is why we have a superiority of philosophy. If everything hinges on wills, and we hinge everything on our best chance to understand them, what could be more superior that this?!" Elder Flyleaf's voice boomed through the hall, causing many students to shiver in reverence.

'what is this?... is he trying to affect my mood by forcing his will upon my soul?... fuck off!' Dyon's Devour skill sapped the will Elder Flyleaf had aimed at him.

Elder Flyleaf immediately noticed this, sending a piercing gaze towards Dyon. However, having expected this, Dyon pretended as though nothing had happened. Choosing to continue as an eager student.

'no wonder everyone is in such reverence of him… he's literally effecting their abilities to reason for themselves, instead choosing to enforce his lectures as though they were the only truth… is this how Acacia Academy works?...'


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