Reaper of the Martial World
73 Acacia Academy 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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73 Acacia Academy 1

After Dyon rested, he ended up spending a few more days ensuring that everything with the orphans was set up properly.

He hired a few lower level teachers for them, which actually infused money into a part of the economy that had been dormant. Because of the constant wars over the past few centuries, it wasn't often that children could afford tutors. And often, if they could, they were from rich families that would have their own private teachings. This meant those who met the requirements to teach focused on secondary occupations they specialized in rather than teaching orphans. Although many of them wished to, they had their own families to feed as well.

With the promise of money and the protection Dyon left, he was finally confident enough to head into the Elvin City along with Ri.

Holding Lyla in his arms, Dyon hugged her good bye, "I'll come back to visit you soon, okay?"

The adorable little girl nodded, wrapping her arms around Dyon's neck.

Dyon set her down and she ran off with a big smile on her face. This made Dyon feel great, so he set off with a calm heart and a wide smile.

Too lazy to go down all the stairs, Dyon directly jumped out of a window and over the fence, landing softly next to Ri, "alright beauty, let's head off!"


Dyon was slammed into a tree, "ow… there's no need to be so angry about a compliment."

"hmph… you humans have low standards…" she said softly.

Dyon looked at her in confusion, but once they entered the city, he immediately found out what she meant. He had never seen such a collection of beautiful people. Describing Ri as subpar was almost adequate.

This didn't seem to bother Ri too much though, she instead chose to happily point out all of the great things about the Elvin Kingdom.

"Elves are actually descendants of a god race, which is where our beauty comes from. It isn't often that you'll find an unattractive elf, which is why I find you and Little Lyla to be so ridiculous. Actually, I'm more surprised about you honestly. The fact you're so handsome is probably the only reason you haven't met discrimination yet… I don't expect that to continue for too much longer though. You might have looks comparable to even the best we have to offer, but some people won't care too much about that. I hope you're prepared."

Dyon nodded. He wasn't too bothered by this. He was used to being looked down on. He was a commoner at Focus Academy, and now he'd be known as a human. Same shit, different pile.

"Don't worry too much though, you can just do what I do and kick their asses. Very few have the guts to make fun of me anymore," she said pridefully.

Dyon chuckled, he really enjoyed spending time with Ri, in spite of the beatings.

"Also, this is actually the only city on the whole island. Aside from the villages in the forest, the other strongholds of people are just the exclusive lands of the 9 major families. But, I doubt you'll ever get a chance to go to those places unless you're trying to die… it's one thing for a human to come here, to the city, but the sacred places of the families is a different matter entirely."

Dyon nodded as he listened, but he was still in awe of the city around him. The architecture of the Elves was truly something astounding. Everything seemed to be made of jade of marble, including even the simplest of shops. The flood of colors was endless, as people with reds and blues and pinks and greens in their hair bustled around, running from place to place.

The roads seemed to have no real logic to them. They could curve and end in massive fountains, or abruptly end in massive homes and businesses. Sometimes buildings would take odd shapes. Dyon saw cone shaped buildings, and bridge shaped buildings, he even saw a library that looked like a book lying on its side!

However, regardless of what it was, it would always have the characteristic shining greens of jade or the swirls of white and precious stones of marble. It gave the city a one with nature feeling coupled with a level of design and ingenuity Dyon had never seen before.

While Dyon looked around, Ri continued to speak, "Anyway, the city itself has 4 major areas while the rest could count as miscellaneous. These would be the 3 academies and the royal palace. Some sub areas would include the homes of major families, although the majority of those that make up those families would be on their sacred lands outside of the city, it isn't too rare for their younger generation who attend the academies to be here.

Not surprisingly, the academies are usually separated by divisions of major families as well. It's very rare for a member of a major family to not attend the academy that their family backs. Because of that, the areas held by the major families tends to be near the academy they back"

Dyon perked up in interesting, "does that mean that your kingdom is separated into 3 sub powers?"

"no, actually. The separation of families by academy is actually just an age-old tradition meant to ensure that the major families had to continue investing into the education of the kingdom. By tying their names to academies, they would be more willing to give funds to the academies because it would then become a matter of prestige. It isn't necessarily the case that those families are allies or would band together."

"I see… what a clever idea…"

"The academy that we're headed to now is known as Acacia Academy. It's backed by the Eostre family I mentioned to you before, the Ingram family and the Conventine family."

"mm, are you part of those major families?"

Ri was startled by the question, but immediately answered, "no. But, I am the daughter of Acacia's head master. He's the younger brother of the king, so I guess that makes the king my uncle. My mother was actually a human, which is the reason for my normal appearance."

Dyon nodded, "wouldn't that make our children a quarter Elvin then? I'd like to see tha –" Dyon received a firm kick to the ass for that one.

"stop talking nonsense and focus. If I don't explain to you all the ways you could get killed and you end up dying, don't blame me. Blame the fact you talk too much," she said with a harrumph.

Dyon playfully rubbed his behind while smirking, "continue, continue. It wouldn't be my place to interrupt royalty."


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