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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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72 Desires 3

Later that night, the shadows once again appeared around the village outskirts, but they were surprised to find high risings of fences and defensive arrays.

They had no choice but to report this back to the Norville family. The situation had changed too much for them to act.

Within the Norville family, an incomparably attractive man and woman heard the news with raised eyebrows. After being silent for a few moments, they reached the conclusion that they should instead choose to wait and see, not wanting to offend anyone too powerful for now. It wasn't like what they were doing had them in the right anyway.

"Husband, it seems we'll have to put this off for even longer," the woman spoke as her oiled naked body slid across her husband's.

The man seemed to be enthralled with her body and more focused on how silky smooth her voice sounded as opposed to what she actually said. Their bright white hair tangled with each other and their red eyes seemed to cast a mutual spell.

The women continued, between moans, in a voice seductive beyond belief, "from the information gathering the scouts brought us, apparently a human boy adept at formations built the orphans a home. He's even paid for their living expenses and studies. It's been a long time since I've tasted human," she gently ran her fingers across her husband's lips.

Oddly enough, her husband didn't seem too bothered by this statement as he chuckled, "we might be traveling to the continent for the tournament in a year, we'll get what we're both craving," he said grabbing his wife's ass and relishing in her moan as he slid her onto himself.

Their bodies began to heat up as they circulated their cultivation method. Their souls projected out of them, manifesting as majestic serpents as they twirled around each other.

She rode him with a fervent passion, forgetting about the world.

Soon, they laid in each other's arms…

"the situation with the throne is more important than sex toys right now. The families that side with the king may be plentiful… at least 3 or 4 of the most important 9, but considering the situation, they'll soon fallout. That means we'll have to be in a good position to place our family in direct line for the throne," the handsome man spoke softly to his wife, holding her closely to him.

She gently drew circles on his chest with her fingers as a smile as bright as the stars in the sky bloomed, "I think it's about time the Elvin Kingdom fell victim to its desires…"


These chapters were shorter than I would like, but I want to keep uploads to singular ideas. The building of the orphan house seems unimportant, but the reaction of the nobles to it, and how it makes them all aware of Dyon is. Keep in mind, only those at the 5th soul stage can make tangible objects with their arrays. Although the Norville family isn'taware of this since they aren't array alchemy experts, it doesn't mean other families won't ;). The importance of a master level array alchemist can't be understated

Hope you enjoyed :)

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