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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Laughs filled the forest as Dyon held Lyla in his arms while walking along with Ri.

"You're so beautiful big sister Ri, I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you."

Ri smiled pinching the little girl's cheeks, "you shouldn't lie to your big sister you know. I'll end up with a really big head."

The little girl giggled as Ri tickled her.

Soon, they arrived at a small village on the outskirts of a large city they could see in the distance. Actually, there were many villages around the city in the distance. They were continuous with each other – it seemed that the Elvin Kingdom didn't find it necessary to build walls around their main city.

"Little Lyla, I probably can't take you into the city with me. But, I'll leave your other big brother with you, okay?" Dyon's ring flashed as Little Black jumped out, "well… I guess he's actually much younger than you," Dyon said with a laugh.

Lyla seemed really excited to see Little Black. She immediately jumped on his back, happily patting his head.

"I'll make you a house and hire some maids for you, okay? Then, we can visit the big city together."

Lyla looked up at Dyon with her wide blinking eyes, "could you… make a house for the other orphans too big brother?"

Dyon's heart warmed when he heard this, "of course, I'll make a really big house for all of you."

Ri was a bit confused as to how Dyon was going to make a house for them. But, she assumed that he just meant that he'd find a big house to rent, so she went to warn him about the expense.

"you know Dyon, houses are really expensive. If you don't have at least 10s of profound stones, it'll be impossible to find one big enough to buy."

Dyon smiled, "if it's just about profound stones, I'm not lacking in that at all. But, I was being literal when I said I'd make a house. Little Lyla, take Little Black and bring all of the orphans here. Ri, can you find me a few trust worthy people who would be willing to be paid to take care of them? Tell them I'll pay a profound stone a month."

Ri was shocked, "an entire profound stone per month?! These people might not see 10 common stones in an entire year, but you want to give them ten times that in a single month?"

"of course, I never want them to have a reason to betray my little sister and her friends."

Ri shook her head but complied. As she was walking away she suddenly remembered that Dyon was an array alchemist, how could he be lacking in money? Although profound stones didn't matter to the upper echelon of royalty in the Elvin Kingdom, the standard form of currency for the poor folks was in common stones, so, to use profound stones at this level would only be done by the rich.

Lyla happily held onto Little Black as they began to run around the village, even going to villages all around the large city. In the end, in order to carry the hundreds of kids, Little Black had to use his crystal will to carry a huge platform behind him in addition to it taking practically the entire day.

However, while they did this, Dyon was meditating. He had never done something on this scale before, and his aurora had only just reached the 5th stage. If he wanted a home large enough to house hundreds of kids, it would take quite a bit out of him.

The concept of using arrays to form tangible objects is something only those at the 5th stage of their aurora could accomplish. Although Dyon's weapon's hell array could feign this if he incorporated his crystal will to them, the truth was they were still just pockets of energy at their core. To substantiate something real from something practically free flowing and illusory, required a potent amount of power.

The other problem was that Dyon had no experience in architecture or the engineering necessary for it. As such, he had to spend a few hours reading whatever books he could find on the topic within his master's memories.

Because Dyon was already an engineer and inventor by trade in the human world, it wasn't difficult for him to pick up on the nuances of architecture.

Dyon took a deep breath, 'first let me clear this forest a bit and prime the land. I don't want to destroy these trees though…'

Dyon changed his mind, deciding to incorporate the forest into his design.


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