Reaper of the Martial World
67 Lyla Saccharo 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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67 Lyla Saccharo 1

The next morning, Dyon was happy to have consolidated his sovereign path at the 3rd level of demonic will. Before, he had been struggling to understand what to do because he couldn't integrate anymore of the sage essence without the proper treasures; but, thanks to Ri's stimulation and the gift left by her mother, Dyon had finally found a path. In fact, he thought he might have found two. Although initially he believed he had found a singular sovereign path. As he pondered, he realized he had muddied the sovereign path and the battle path. The truth was that his demonic will was a layer of the two.

However, when Dyon thought about how useful this secret place of Ri's was, he couldn't help but speculate on her background. But, for such a carefree and fiery girl like her to be unwilling to talk about it, despite her knowing that Dyon was trust worthy, meant that it cut deeper than she was willing to admit. So, Dyon decided to not pry into the topic.

He subtly watched Ri sleep, but the sight did nothing to help Dyon refrain from gulping.

Ri might not have been an exceptional beauty, but her appearance had an innocent cuteness to it that made her inviting. It almost seemed like she was only 1 or 2 features away from being the reason overlords destroyed entire kingdoms for her, and that was on top of her body and skin being immaculate.

She lay to her side as the soft sound of her breathing filled the air. The flickering ice and snow gently coated her light blue-silver hair, giving her an ethereal feel. Her kilted skirt had hiked up in her sleep, revealing leather that clung tightly to her ass, causing a raging storm to build up in Dyon.

Her chest wasn't ample, but her cropped armor held them loosely, slowly moving up and down with her breathing. With the armor not being flexible, it had been pulled ever so slightly downwards during Ri's night of rest. Dyon almost felt as though if he peaked up on the tips of his toes, he might see a sight that would send him to heaven.

The demon qilin blood within Dyon thrummed, but it was even over taken by the raging sage essence. Dyon immediately closed his eyes, trying to calm the tower that was threatening to make him lose control.

"breathe… breathe… think of Madeleine… wait, don't think of Madeleine… think of rainbows and unicorns… sweaty men… smelly bathrooms…. Breathe…"

After 10 minutes of talking to himself, Dyon finally felt that the raging essence within him had calmed, so he slowly opened his eyes.

Dyon started. All he saw was a pair of clear silver eyes, staring at him intently.

"haha, it seems like you're awake now," laughed Dyon awkwardly.

Ri didn't reply, looking at Dyon with a raised eyebrow, "did you really need to take off your shirt? Also… you have quite interesting… tastes."

Dyon could only smile bitterly. It seemed like she had heard what he was saying.

"Maybe if you didn't look so sexy in your sleep, I wouldn't have to calm down like this. Didn't you ever learn to not sleep by strange men?"

Ri reached forward an pinched Dyon's arm hard, causing him to wince, "I knew you weren't pure. To take something as innocent as sleep and blame me?!"

Dyon only playfully laughed as Ri chased him out of the cave, "I'm taking a bath now! Don't come in or I'll chop it off!"

Dyon chuckled, but obediently waited outside until Ri came out. Although he was a bit surprised that you could bathe in the lake of purity left by her mother, it wasn't unbelievable. But, what Ri said about it afterwards caused him to ponder about her origins again.

"By the way, I made the mistake of not warning you about the cave yesterday, so I would be an idiot if I made the same mistake again. You can never swim or touch the actual lake, you'll freeze into an icicle regardless of whether you're pure or not."

Dyon nodded. Keeping his inquiries to himself.

"So! Where to Madame?"

"As much as I'd like to take you to the formation guild or even the alchemy guilds now, it'll probably be best if you register at the academy first. The new calendar year just started, so the period of acceptance is about to close. But, my father happens to be the school head, so even with a late application, you should be allowed to take the test. That reminds me, how old are you?"

"uh, you said the new calendar year just started, so I should be 15 now."

"ah, so your soul only needs to have reached the lower second stage and your innate soul has to have been at the lower first stage to be accepted. I'm pretty sure you meet those requirements considering your aurora, so we can just head there now."

Dyon smiled, he was going to brag in his usual arrogant fashion, but he was trying to keep his flirtatiousness to a minimum. He was failing miserably, yes, but he was trying nonetheless.

'this essence blood nonsense is no joke… I'm going to either have to find an outlet, or find an essence powerful enough to counter the sage essence…'


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