Reaper of the Martial World
65 A Mother“s Gift 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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65 A Mother“s Gift 3

Soon, they entered a wide underground space.

There was a lake of pure energy, bathing the surroundings in light. The space was filled with crystals that had been purified by the energy. Flickers of ice and snow wafted through, but the feeling wasn't that of bone piercing cold, but instead reminiscent of an ache you treat with a cold pack.

'So, this is the purity path of ice?... It feels much different from Delia's ice wil…'

"This place isn't only good for meditating on purity wills. Because of the nature of the purity path, it helps all forms of comprehension except for its direct opposite: demonic will. So, although you can't use this place to help you understand that demonic type will of yours, I'm sure a genius like you has understood more than just a single will."

Dyon found Ri's word choice very interesting. It might mean that demonic will was much like celestial will in how it wasn't able to be recognized easily. In fact, if it wasn't for the geniuses that went into the world with him telling the elders that he had gotten the inheritance of the sage, they might not have understood that he was using demonic will. And now, Ri didn't label his will as the true demonic form, but rather a demonic type will. Very similar to the purity path.

'it seems like those ancient wills have been forgotten by most… they don't even understand their proper feel anymore. It doesn't matter for now, I can use this place to better my understanding of celestial purity. Although this is a much weaker path of purity, Ri's mother was so powerful that her legacy is only of benefit for someone as weak as me…'

Dyon's Celestial Will was currently still at the 3rd level. He had spent the past half year trying to deepen his understanding rather than speeding through to tap into more and more of it. With the help of Ri's mother, maybe he could finally step forward.

What Dyon had come to understand was that the level of your will didn't necessarily correspond to your level of understanding. If that was the case, then you wouldn't have to be an essence gathering expert to understand an intent. A level of will was simply the amount you could tap into a certain thing by. However, there were varying levels of understanding you could have for said will. The problem was that there had never been a set ranking system for that understanding. The reason was because there was a near infinite number of paths a will could take. And that was on top of your ability to fuse them to create all new effects. As such, instead of a ranking system, levels of understanding began to be categorized by their paths. As such, aside from the normal will and intent, one through nine ranking system, there was an untold number of rankings for paths.

What Dyon had begun to realize is that he had inadvertently set his celestial will into many paths. He had delved into the desire path with Madeleine, he had diverted to the healing path helping those from the legacy world, and he had delved into the defensive path by using purity to dissolve attacks. And that was not to mention the conventional purity path he'd take once he began to clear his meridian paths with celestial will.

Dyon was fascinated by the martial world because of this. Everything you did seemed to have a purpose and a reaction. His singular Celestial will could all of a sudden become 4 different wills with paths all to their own, and he hadn't even realized he was doing it. When Dyon started consolidating his theories with his master's memories, he only became more and more enthralled.

'it seems the purity ice path isn't about defense or healing at all. Which is interesting because the water purity path is almost entirely about healing. Instead, the ice purity path should be about attacking! Just think about all the different ways people could use wills to fight… assuming a person's abilities based on the will the display is a sure way to die an early death…'

Using purity to attack... Dyon thought this made perfect sense. From his human world knowledge, he knew that ice only differed from water by its energy levels and the structure of its atoms. However, that very structure, made it also very susceptible to shattering. Applying that to battle would have deadly results.

Ri was watching off to the side, amused by how many facial expression changes Dyon was undergoing. She liked watching the process of him thinking.

"I don't mind you coming here honestly. It seems like you and I might be the only ones able to survive here anyway," Ri interrupted Dyon causing him to look up.

He was stunned for a bit. Ri looked amazing. Her light blue-silver hair was fluttering in ice and snow. Her silver eyes looked only a half shade from a dull blue under the lights. If Dyon didn't see her ordinary face, he would have sworn that this girl was a beauty equal to Madeleine after she had been cured.

"you're quite beautiful you know," Dyon said seriously, a light smile playing his face.

'did he?... no, definitely not,' Ri shook her head and gave Dyon an odd look, "I already allowed you to be here, you don't need to flatter me," she said rolling her eyes.

Dyon only smiled and said nothing.

"You haven't told me… what are you doing here? Humans usually only come here for their academy trials and only stay within a defined area. Actually, we only let them do this because of an ancient contract that the king isn't willing to renege on. But, you were hiding in your ring? That area shouldn't have anything powerful enough to threaten you."

Dyon sighed, "I actually came here heavily injured. There are a lot of annoying enemies that I have. They're mostly angry because I revealed their secrets and took the inheritance of a legacy world they took 500 years to open."

Ri's eyes brightened with interest.

"I plan on going back in about another year because of the world tournament."

Ri spoke up when she heard this, "the world tournament? Do you plan on participating as a rogue cultivator?"

Dyon nodded, "I guess so. I'd rather die than represent those corrupt bastards."

Ri chuckled, "you say this like you'd bring them untold glory. I can't say anything about humans as I don't know much about them, but the representations of the 3 Elvin Academies is no joke… You may be powerful and talented, but you're still too weak. Your soul is powerful, but you haven't manifested it as a medium to attack and defend with. Your body is strong, but no stronger than a regular peak foundation stage expert. And, I'm not too certain on your wills honestly, but, unless you had many years to understand them properly, there's no way they can make up for your deficiencies. And that's on top of the fact you haven't reached enough bodily maturity to begin energy cultivation. But, at the same time, this can't be said for the geniuses you'll be fighting against. Not only are these geniuses who still have peak level talent even while waiting to reach maturity, they've actually begun to cultivate.

Mind you, these are geniuses who follow not 1 but 2 paths of cultivation. Not only can they manifest their souls, their energy cultivation has long since caught up to their soul cultivation. And since they're elves, their body constitutions are good too. How could you expect to do anything against that? It's not like you're me."


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