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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Outside the world, oblivious to all of this, the silver-blue haired girl sat silently in a cave studying the same array plate she had been for the past year. It seemed like there was so much she could learn from it.

She had realized over her studies that this plate wasn't actually drawn in a conventional way. The master had actually used many clever short cuts that baffled her to no end. When she spoke about this with her father, he too was astounded.

Essentially, low level arrays like this couldn't actually change the laws of the world to sustain its effects. Instead, it used a myriad of tricks in order to reach the same results to a much smaller degree. For example, an amplification array. High level arrays worked at the subatomic level to manipulate energies. Basically, atoms have different levels of energy they can release depending on what interaction they're displaying or what elements they are. The smaller components of these atoms can be communicated with to change energy outputs. As an example, a noble gas is named as such because it is completely inert. As such, the energies it releases in reaction is practically 0 since they never react. However, if one were to use energy to change these noble gases into volatile atoms such as halogens which are known as the most reactive, all of a sudden you have so much energy you have no idea what to do with it. You essentially use arrays to communicate with the chemistry of these substances, and then use the energy released to fuel your own attack thus resulting in amplification.

However, low level arrays wouldn't have this high-level ability, as such, they used tricks. They would often feign an amplification by many different means that could include concentrating the energy used better, increasing weight or increasing speed. As such, the level needed to create such arrays was much lower because none needed such fine manipulation. To increase weight, you would only need to convert the energy used to make the array into something tangible at the perfect instance of contact. To increase speed, you could easily use the energy used to create the array as a booster to slice through air, or propel something like a fist or sword forward. Also, concentrating energy was as simple as using the array like a funnel to focus it in a point.

What was probably most important about all of this, was that these were things the blue haired girl had only understood after studying the array plate. Without these things being true, it would be impossible for the master of these plates to have simplified them as they had. What the girl didn't know is that she was exactly right. Dyon had incorporated his knowledge of the human world into his understanding of the essence of arrays. Whereas someone of the martial world might understand that some energy was more volatile than others and that some combinations are better than others, they had never needed to study quantum mechanics and chemistry like humans had. They had never needed to understand physics and the nature of things outside their own realms of comprehension. The mere fact the blue haired girl had deduced any of these was a testament to her intelligence.

What astonished the blue haired girl, was that the array of the plate incorporated all 3 'tricks' so cleverly. It was efficient in not only deploying the amplification, but also in the way it was drawn. It made the girl wonder what would happen if the master hadn't used shorts cuts and drew to the best of their abilities… would they receive heaven's chimes?

Just as the girl was lost in thought, she was started awake by the ring that hung close to her chest.


The ring flew off of her neck, appearing before her. Panicking, she immediately jumped forward to catch the ring, but what happened afterwards had her stunned.


She slammed into a firm body. She was about to fall backwards, but she felt a strong arm grab her waist and stabilize her.

She looked up in confusion to find a devilishly handsome young man. She was caught in a daze for a moment before she regained her senses. She hurriedly pushed him away, blushing profusely.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked questioningly.

The girl didn't respond, her eyes instead fell on the adorable creature by his side before widening in surprise as she noticed the ring she had been carrying for so long was on his finger.

"That… my ring! You took it!"

The boy, who was obviously Dyon, looked at the girl in confusion before looking down at his hand, "you mean this?..."

"Of course! What else would I be talking about!"

"Um.. I think you're mistaken, this is my ring."

The girl's face flushed with fury. She had been dreaming about the master behind this ring for so long. Was she just supposed to believe that a young man around her age was the expert she had been pining for?

In anger, she immediately unsheathed her thin sword, "I'll give you 10 seconds to apologize and return my item to me. Or else, I'll kill you and take it myself. It doesn't seem as though you're Elvin, which means you've come through the array formation. If you want to go back home alive, you'll give me what's mine."


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