Reaper of the Martial World
58 The Troubles of the Elvin Kingdom 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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58 The Troubles of the Elvin Kingdom 3

Finally, near the end of the 7th month, Dyon awoke. He found the arrows that had been in his back littered around him. It seemed as though his aurora had pulled them out for him, recognizing them as foreign objects. Dyon knew that his technology from the human world couldn't heal wounds to his current body, so he had no choice but to rely on his aurora. He made a silent promise to use his pill condensation technique to carry around some high-level healing pills with him.

A black blur rushed over to Dyon's arms, licking him furiously.

"haha, sorry Little Black, did I worry you? Wow, you've gotten massive" Dyon asked with a delighted smile on his face as he stroked the fur and scales of Little Black. The little guy was not so little anymore, he was at least a meter and a half long, but somehow, his gaze was just as adorable.

Little Black gave him one last lick before nudging his noes to the ring on Dyon's hand.

"hmm?" Dyon gave him a confused look but then a look of worry invaded his handsome features, "Madeleine!"

Dyon felt horrible. He had told her that she could contact him using the device he made, but, he barely had any dao stones left since he had used almost all of them on tower. The one he had left had dimmed considerably since he had used it to teleport here. If he used it to send messages, it would be impossible to sustain it until the tournament.

'fuck… I want to know about how she's doing, but if I always respond, the power will run out long before the continental tournament.'

Dyon decided that sending 1 message wouldn't drain the rest of the power. He let Madeleine know what the situation was, and that she could continue sending him messages, but responding would be impossible from now on.

"… I always want to know about your day! If I don't get at least one message a day, I'm storming the Sapientia main branch!"

Not even half a minute later, Madeleine had already excitedly answered. After months of worrying, finally receiving word from Dyon made a huge weight lift from her heart. Although she was sad that he wouldn't be able to answer, she was glad that he wanted to know about how she was doing. It hurt her heart to know that his injuries were so severe that they took almost 7 months to heal even with his aurora, but, the present was all that mattered now.

Dyon spent hours with a smile on his face, reading through Madeleine's messages as she excitedly told him about her experiences.

She had already stepped in the meridian formation 2 stage after only half a year of practice. Her teacher was excited for her as well because she noticed that celestial will really did have a purifying ability on energies.

It wasn't all happy though, apparently the first in line geniuses of the other Sapientia main branches were constantly annoying her. This hit Dyon with a realization. He remembered Libro telling him that the Sapientia God Clan was the only on with multiple main branches. But, what made Dyon a little sad was apparently that some of the Sapientia main branches were actually trying to marry Madeleine to them.

This made Dyon think of something else. It seemed as though the Sapientia clan wasn't anywhere near what he thought it was. It seemed more powerful than other God Clans. And, it also seemed as though the other main branches were located in places other than the continent they were on. The thought made Dyon look into the stars.

'Seems like Libro wasn't exaggerating. They really do control all the information in the universe… not just here... maybe even information beyond that'

Madeleine teased him about how he'd have to place well during the continental tournament, or else they'd try to steal her from him. Luckily, she wasn't too worried about them doing anything. Although the main branches of the Sapientia Clan were numerous, they were all relatively equal in power within this universe. Sapientia Clans of other universes wouldn't be worried about something happening here. If a first in line genius didn't want to do something, there was little they could do. There would only be a problem if the leaders of all of the clans converged for that singular purpose. But, such a thing was unlikely.

Other than Madeleine's life, the other details that caught his notice were the happenings of the war he left behind. Apparently, Patia-Neva had disbanded Focus Academy and Delia decided to join the Niveus Sect. Because Niveus felt bad about what had happened and her inability to help, she ended up personally apologizing to Madeleine. But, Madeleine didn't take it to heart considering her personality. So, Niveus was there as Delia awakened her god-level constitution. Although, only time would differentiate the power of Delia's constitution. Because her constitution was ice based, the difference between the Ice Queen or Infinite Ice Hell wasn't so obvious as of now.

Unfortunately, since the Kami clan was a God Clan, the Sicarius family couldn't do anything to punish them. However, the big sects were heavily penalized for their involvement in the loss of life. But, what disgusted Dyon was the fact that this so-called punishment was only a reduction of quota for the world tournament. It seemed the martial world didn't care much for such things.

The other surprising thing was that the Ragnor was magnanimous in dealing with the 'Storm' family. While the current head, Tammy's father, was executed along with the current elders, the ancient ancestors of the branch were kept alive. The same was true of the younger generation of the Storm family as well. From Dyon's master's memories, he learned that ancient ancestors were previous elders and clan leaders that had reached such high levels of cultivation, that they could be preserved for tens of thousands of years should they maintain a deep sleep. They would only be called out in special cases since each second they spent outside of that deep sleep meant a step closer to death. In fact, often if they were in this sleep for long enough, they wouldn't wake up at all.

This aside, Dyon couldn't help but think that all these moves by the Ragnor God Clan were odd. With his understanding of the martial world, cutting off problems at the root was a common practice. But, it seemed like the Ragnor God Clan was intent on maintaining its power, only choosing to kill off the main culprits.

'what are they playing at…' Dyon could only ponder.

In fact, it was odd to the point where the Ragnor God Clan was apparently intent on killing Dyon for having killed Baal, even though he technically didn't do it. Dyon was happy that Ava had decided to protect Venus and Eli for him, he'd have to thank that girl later.

On top of all of this, it went without saying that the Kami clan and big sects wanted nothing more than to see him dead. To Dyon, their punishment was too light, but to these sects, there could be nothing worse. If Dyon were to know that, his level of disgust would reach new levels.

After their talk, Madeleine said she was off to practice with her master. Dyon finally set the device down to meditate. He steeled his will and decided to practice and fortify his wills for half a year before going deeper into the Elvin forest to train.

Suddenly, Dyon remembered something. Jumping up, he headed to the area he had placed the unconscious victims of the demon sage. But, he was disappointed that they were all still unconscious. Dyon had formed a massive array under the thousands of them so it could slowly purify them with celestial will and keep them nourished. It would be a shame if after all these years they'd die because of lack of food and water.

Sighing, he sealed the area again. Although he wanted to help these people, he also wasn't willing to put his life in danger by allowing them to wake up whenever they wanted and wander around. He couldn't be certain of how powerful they were or what the state of their minds were in. All he knew was that their bodies were incomparably powerful. To the point he was absolutely certain that, even without essence energy, they could attack with the power of someone at the peak of the meridian formation stage. They were all clearly talented youths, it's a shame they had been imprisoned for so long. Dyon could only hope they maintained their sanity with the help of his celestial will. If it came to it, he could repair their minds with his aurora as well.

Walking away, Dyon headed towards the training rooms of the Celestial Deer Clan. He had decided to immerse himself in the understanding of wills. He had noticed something during his fight that made him even more angry with himself. When his power had increased with the use of Demon Emperor's Will, his sword had gotten stronger too. He had come to the realization that his sword was severely limiting itself in order to follow him. He knew very well how prideful the sword was, and he wasn't willing to have it shackle itself for so long.

'I'll get stronger. By the end of this period, I want my understanding of these wills to increase many times over. I don't need to reach higher levels, but, if I don't truly understand them, even if they reached the peak of the ninth level, would it really make much of a difference?'

Think to this point, Dyon hesitated no longer, immediately entering the sword cultivation room, happy to learn his profound stones worked well with them. He wanted all of his other wills to revolve around his understanding of the sword, so it only made sense to start here.

Dyon was excited to get stronger so he could stand in the skies with Madeleine by his side. Strong to the point where no one would ever think to act against him anymore. Strong to the point where his parents would smile down at him proudly.


Many miles away from Dyon and the blue haired girl, a large ship filled with warriors and the corpses of their fallen comrades was approaching the Elvin Forest.

"These campaigns is just getting worse and worse," sighed a green haired man with long and sharp ears.

"Ai, I've long since forgotten what we fight them for… but, it isn't normal for us to come back so soon during a campaign, do you know what's going on?" spoke his subordinate.

The green haired man sighed, "the situation in the kingdom is reaching toxic levels… When we left, it hadn't yet been time for the crown to be passed, but…"

The subordinate gave his captain a confused look, "it should still be many years before the king passes away…"

"It's not that. It seems like the king hasn't appeared before the court in almost a decade. Also, without a proper successor, the larger families are clamouring for a better seat..."

The subordinate remained silent. The air was heavy and there wasn't the normal happiness that came with coming home from the bloody fields. It felt like they were stepping out from one hell, just to enter another. A hell where not only their lives were at stake, but the lives of all those they loved and cherished.

"If the Elvin Kingdom falls because of ourselves instead of our enemies… that would surely be the stuff of legends," the captain chuckled bitterly as he looked towards the massive lush green island and the calm ocean waters as though nature itself was oblivious to the coming storm.


Well, it looks like the old allies of the Celestial Deer Sect are in some deep waters right now. Honestly, it's quite interesting the reason the king has disappeared, enjoy theorizing :)

I find it quite funny that The General's incompetence is making Dyon famous all across the world right now. Too bad no one knows it's Dyon quite yet, haha. Well, we can't have it all.

I think you guys will like Ri as a character too, she's been through a lot of stuff you'll find out about soon, but she's still hilarious and trusting towards the right people. She'll be fun to write about :)

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