Reaper of the Martial World
55 I“ll Be Back 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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55 I“ll Be Back 4

Dyon immediately thought of something as a dense cloud of experts chased after him in collected anger. Madeleine could only watch with her fists still clutched.

With a wave of his hands a concealment formation appeared around him and Little Black, "little black, when you see the spatial transference array appear on the water, dive into it immediately."

Soon, a complex array appeared and Little Black dove into it. But, the crux of the plan actually happened a few hundred meters away. Using an array, Dyon forced the water to move as though an object had entered it, sending the experts in a completely wrong direction. Cunning experts wouldn't be fooled for long, but Dyon didn't need a long time, he only needed enough time to enter the tower and power it.

In the eyes of true experts, Dyon's concealment meant nothing if they focused. But, if they weren't thinking about it, their eyes could be easily fooled. Instead of giving them time to focus their energies on finding the concealment formation, Dyon had given them the visual of something entering and swimming in the water. So, Dyon used a spatial array to ensure that no ripples crossed the water from where he entered. Then used a defensive array far from him to disrupt the water and distract them.

Dyon pulled out the tower as they hid in the water. Holding Little Black in his arms, he immediately willed them into the control room, pulling out millions of dao stones that had been gifted to him by the Celestial Deer Clan.

Dyon felt his heart ache as he poured them into the formation. But, before taking off, he rushed to the window.

"MADALEINE!" Dyon yelled at the top of his lungs as the tower expanded to its full size pulling in the gaze of the experts.

"get him!"

Madeleine smiled with tears in her eyes as she saw Dyon's pained but bright smile. He had gone through so much and his body was wet, beaten and bloodied, but, somehow, his smile was still there to reassure her.


Madeleine couldn't control her tears anymore as the streamed down her face. She watched the tower flash into the distance, disappearing from eye sight almost immediately.

The experts could only watch bitterly as the treasures disappeared along with Dyon.

After Dyon's departure, a strong red headed man fell to Ava's side silently.

"I'm glad you're okay," he said gently.

"Don't speak to me," Ava said fiercely, "I know you heard me ask for you to help him, and you did nothing!"

"hmph, I'm not in the business of helping young men. Young men must be strong and stand tall for themselves," the middle-aged man said stubbornly.

"It's because of that nonsense that my brother died!" Ava said with incomparable anger and sadness in her voice.

The man sighed, "Ava, your brother isn't dead."

"What?!" Ava looked over to her father with a look of surprise and hope plainly seen on her face.

"I don't know where he is… but his soul crystal never shattered completely. The connection was only cut off. It was best for you to assume he had died, because we wanted you to continue on with your life, for all we know he could be campaigning in a distant universe. But, with your stubborn nature, you ended up coming all the way to this place, only to end up almost dying. You know I would have stepped in if that Dyon brat was actually going to die. Hmph, who does he think he is having other women when he could have my daughter."

Ava and Venus gave Ava's father a weird look.

"It's not like that dad, I'm well aware of who the woman he loves is. With how straight forward his personality is, if he felt that way about me, I would know."

The Sicarius family head looked down at his daughter but said nothing. In his world, powerful men could always have more than one woman, but that wasn't a path he wanted for his daughter so he was relieved to hear what she said. But, he also knew that the feelings of people weren't so simple. Whether Ava truly felt that things were okay like this or not? Only time could tell.


Shocks reverberated through the clouds.

Sicarius bitterly smiled, "it seems like the Ragnor family is warring with the Pakal family again… to think they dealt with that supposed Storm family so quickly."

"What? The storm family is destroyed?" Ava couldn't help but feel a bit of heart ache. Although Tammy had betrayed her, it was because she could do nothing about the situation anyway.

"yes, according to intel, a little girl of the branch family not much older than you snuck in and stole the Pakal Clan technique back from her seniors in order to secure safe passage for her and her elder brother. The betrayal fractured what was left of the Family."

Ava froze… 'it seems you really are much stronger and talented than people give you credit for… I'll settle my debt with you another day.'


At Focus Academy near the top floor, a tired Dyon stood at a complex teleportation array clutching a dao stone.

"Well Little Black, how about we go check out the world of your mother's past allies?"

Little Black looked up at Dyon with adorable eyes, licking his face as though to say yes.

Dyon calmly stepped onto the formation, tossing the single dao stone into the powering mechanism. The array werred to life, shutting Dyon off with blinding light.

'Kami Clan… Ragnor Clan… Ace… Elof… The big sects…. Chenglei…. Don't think I didn't notice you fading away as soon as the battle began, I'll make you pay the most for being the reason my master's last strand of life was taken away from me and Little Black. I'll be back.'


Unbeknownst to Dyon, Patia-Neva had watched this scene unfold. Without a word or emotion, he waved his hand and shattered the teleportation array.

He walked away looking up at nothing, seemingly reminiscing about something.


Patia-Neva has always been such an interesting character to me. Clearly a single father as of now, many suspect he's hiding his true power, and he's helping Dyon out? (don't forget the array automatically teleports you back in a month. Something Dyon wouldn't know unless he studied the array (which he didn't because it's too advanced for him), or had been at the introduction. Neither of which happened or are true.

ANYWAY, I'M MUCH MORE HAPPY WITH THIS COMING ARC PLOT WISE AND HYPE WISE. ELVIN KINGDOM, HERE WE COME. Let's just ignore the fact Dyon is about to bleed out (and can't seem to heal himself) and has a whole bunch of unconscious people in his storage ring... no big heal

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