Reaper of the Martial World
54 I“ll Be Back 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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54 I“ll Be Back 3

The defensive formations around Dyon dissipated as the pain shocked him out of concentration.

Dyon immediately felt arrows flying into his back. A raging torrent of lightning, fire and destruction blasted him hundreds of meters away.

"FATHER! YOU HAVE TO SAVE HIM!" Ava yelled at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her face.

The elders laughed uproariously, "did you think that you were a genius? There are no dead geniuses you naïve boy!"

Dyon lay face first in the water. Everyone expected the geniuses to start moving towards him, but their faces paled as they looked at the stamina drained so-called geniuses.

"The geniuses…"

"They're all too tired…"

"I'll finish it!" A torrential soul power erupted from Saeclum, immediately charging towards Dyon.

Dyon, who was face first in the ocean, could only enjoy the coolness that was washing over him, '*sigh, some relaxation.'


A soul attack invaded Dyon's being, attempting to rip him from the inside out.

Dyon chuckled, immediately activating his devour skill. He had long since noticed that Saeclum was gearing up an attack, and it was for this exact reason he placed concealments on his soul power. If Saeclum had known Dyon's true soul strength, he would have never tried a soul attack.


"*cough," an endless flow of blood started coming out of Saeclum's mouth.

"Saeclum? SAECLUM!" Ipsum rushed to his side, holding him up as he sunk into the water.

Saeclum was smiling bitterly, "he's… he's a true genius…" The last thought that passed through Saeclum's mind was how incomparably monumental Dyon's soul power was compared to his.

Saeclum's life force left him completely as he fell into Ipsum's arms. Ipsum trembled, not knowing what to do with the blood on her hands. She could only stare in shock.

Wasn't this supposed to be easy? Weren't they supposed to stomp on him like they would an ant? Why had the only man she had ever loved died in her arms then?

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Ipsum looked up in rage, screeching in Dyon's direction.

Dyon couldn't be bothered with such a hypocrite, was he supposed to allow himself to be killed? The idiot tried to use a soul attack with soul power only comparable to a high-level formation stage expert while Dyon had a soul comparable to a peak level meridian formation expert. The comparison was laughable. Dyon was well aware of the fact that soul power usually lagged behind energy cultivation, and with his perception, how could Saeclum hide his soul strength from him?

Dyon slowly got up from the water letting Saeclum's attack fuel him with a last bit of energy, scanning the eyes of everyone, "I warned you all that I was ready for you to come. No matter how many you may be. No matter where it is you come from. It's funny that you in the crowd are supporting elders you didn't even know sacrificed thousands of your friends and family to open a world they had no idea about. It's funny that you place God Clans on a pedestal, when the supposed one in front of you can't even control its own branch clans. It's funny that you call yourselves geniuses when you can't even beat a boy 2 years younger than you with no cultivation. I think the funniest thing though is that you actually thought that if you killed me, it would mean Madeleine would give you a chance. It's no wonder you never captured her heart, you simple minded idiots."

Each word Dyon spoke was calm, directed, and pierced to the root of every problem. The Storm family members shivered, the seniors in the sky got restless, and the students in the crowd were pale faced.

"s-sacrificed our fellow students?..."


Dyon didn't seem to care to explain himself. And he cared not for how this would all end. He had already done what he wanted to do and he planned on escaping with the little power boost Saeclum's attack had given him. He wished he could make use of his powerful soul, but it wouldn't be enough to beat elders even if he could and the time it would take to cast a technique was too much for his level right now. Normal soul attack specialists were long ranged for a reason.


A towering blonde haired and blue eyed young man appeared before Dyon, exuding a blood thirsty aura.

Dyon smiled, as though expecting this, "I was wondering when the real genius of the Storm family would show himself. It seems that you have to put your pride aside so that you can seek revenge for your family?"

The first brother of the Storm family remained silent.

Dyon didn't seem bothered by this. He knew he had no chance to defeat this man, and he also knew that that was especially so in his current condition.

"You could attack, I guess… Or, you could think about why you haven't seen Tammy since the entrance to the legacy world…"

The Storm family members froze, "YOU BASTARD, DID YOU KIDNAP TAMMY?!" Screamed Autumn.

Dyon playfully cleaned out his ears, "you're too loud and you're too stupid. You want to kill outsiders for leaking your secrets when the person closest to you has already taken what you're all fighting for? Isn't it funny that you're fighting to protect exactly nothing right now? Now, this first brother of yours is probably safe. Not only is he an incomparable talent, the choice to move was made by your elders and not him… but, I highly doubt the rest of you will survive. Good luck with that by the way.

I don't know why you thought you could kill someone she loved and **** her best friend, and somehow still not gain her wrath. Nice family values you got there."

This was one of Dyon's final trump cards. Much like Ava, he had always felt that there was something special about Tammy. But, it was only confirmed when he looked through the memories of that night in the Elvin forest. Dyon didn't actually know whether Tammy loved Arios, he just happened to be right in this case. What he was banking on, was the fact the Storm family wouldn't know either.

Dyon jumped backwards, grabbing onto Little Black as he flew out of his ring. A smile crossed his face as he realized his plan had worked.

The seniors in the sky finally couldn't hold it in anymore.

"This is the Kami Clan! We demand that you stop immediately!"

"We can't let him get away! Our alliance will be in shambles because of him! We need his treasures to compensate!" boomed the Storm Clan.

The first brother watched this play out as Dyon was expecting. What was he fighting for if what they were protecting was already gone? Was he really going to ruin his reputation just to fight a useless battle?

Dyon hung in the air, flying forward at unimaginable speeds. Due to Little Black's size, Dyon had to hold onto the little guy like handle, but the power in Little Black's body couldn't be compared to his size.

'I need a plan to disappear from plain sight… I need time to enter the tower…'


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