Reaper of the Martial World
53 I“ll Be Back 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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53 I“ll Be Back 2

Blade and Dagon stood off to the side, their battle intent roaring as the fended off Dyon's weapon's hell attacks.

Dyon roared, his body expanding to 2.5 meters tall as he swung out to block Hashim and Lehabim. His eyes flashed with red and gold as he covered the area above him with 3 defensive formations, each larger than the one before, blocking the rain of arrows.

"What is this…"

"Is that a body cultivation technique?"

"His aura… it's frightening"

"That's… 2nd level demonic will."

Hashim and Lehabim were blasted away as celestial qi swirled around their weapons, dissipating its strength.

Dyon felt the sword in his hands expand to 3 meters long, increasing many times in weight. He held onto it tightly, covering himself with defensive formation after defensive formation, looking towards the geniuses with cold eyes.

"This is all you've got? Pathetic…"

Blood seeped out of Dyon's mouth as he spoke. His internal injuries were still not healed and using the amplification technique while in any state was already taxing enough.

An arrow pierced through Dyon's formation, deeply cutting into his skin, but Dyon didn't seem to notice.

Turning his demonic eyes towards the Storm family, a devilish grin appeared on his face.

In a flash he disappeared, appearing before Callidora and sending a slash towards her.


Callidora used her spear guard to block, but she was still sent flying, coughing up blood as she skipped across the water.


Dyon felt a short sword slide into his shoulders as Baal slowly slid and twisted the blade in, looking into Dyon's eyes with a fierce glare.

"It seems you're angry," smirked Dyon.

Baal said nothing as he pulled the sword out, sending a barrage of attacks toward Dyon.

Dyon's sword play was incomparably sharp and refined, he parried and blocked, stabbed and twisted, but the attention he had to divert to blocking the raging geniuses was too much. Attack after attack bombarded his sphere of defenses as he tried to distract them with his quickly weakening weapon's hell arrays. As time past in his struggle with Baal, more and more arrow and sword wounds littered his body.


Dyon's body expanded again, covering himself in black crystal covered scales. A layer of celestial will coated him, blocking most attacks that made it through. The drain on him was immense, but he had something he needed to do.

"What the hell is this guy doing?"

"He's not even trying to dodge anymore"

"He doesn't even have enough stamina to form those weapon's arrays anymore…"

Ava stood on the deck of the ship under the cloak of invisibility, tears streaming down her face as she watched Dyon fight. Venus, who was standing by her side, felt a tight grip on her hand, but she didn't protest.

Madeleine stood up in the sky, bitterly smiling, "you make it look so easy to do things like this… after today, you probably won't even give this a second thought…"


"BROTHER!" Callidora raged, smashing spear after spear into Dyon's defenses. The lightning pierced through again and again, but the shield always replenished itself.

"Dyon! You coward! Come out here and fight," barked Elof. Dyon couldn't help but chuckle at his hypocrisy.

Autumn and Ipsum were sending arrow after arrow.

"Are you ready yet man-woman!" screamed Ipsum. This was getting too embarrassing for her to handle. All of them were going all out, but they couldn't beat a boy with no cultivation, and now, one of them had actually lost an arm.

Dyon grabbed onto Baal's throat, slicing his other arm off, breathing heavily.

Baal sent a lightning infused kick towards Dyon's torso, but his foot snapped into an awkward angle, hitting what seemed like a stone wall.


Dagon and Blade had long since lost their nonchalant attitudes. They bombarded Dyon's sphere of defenses with everything they had, but it seemed like every time they cracked one, another would appear.

Dyon looked up into the sky, trying to take in as much air as he could. His gaze snapped towards the yacht, "AVA! VENUS!"

Baal's cultivation was crippled with a single punch from Dyon before he threw his body towards what seemed like empty space on the boat.

Aurora flames coated Dyon to try and heal his wounds, but they didn't seem to be having much of an effect.

"What is he doing?"

"who did he just call out to? Senior sister?"

Baal's body landed face first onto the boat. He was in a sorry state. With no arms, he couldn't even push himself up.

Ava trembled looking at the source of her pain in front of her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, "thank you… thank you…"

Dyon only smiled as he watched Ava and Venus send barrage after barrage of attacks towards Baal, venting their frustration completely.

"Now that that's out of the way," said Dyon with a bloody grin, "who wants to die next?"


Callidora burst through Dyon's shield spearing towards him.

Dyon had no energy left, he only asked the question to look tough. There was no way he could face all of these geniuses right now. Not with his current strength.


Dyon looked down to find a spear in his torso. He had thought his celestial qi and scales would be enough to block it so that he could get a rest, but, it seemed as though he could no longer tap into wills and he had no stamina to sustain tapping into his bloodline.

"Dyon!" Madeleine was being held back by her master, she couldn't bare to watch anymore. Ava and Venus cried out too, but there was nothing either could do.

Dyon chuckled, "well… shit."


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