Reaper of the Martial World
52 I“ll Be back 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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52 I“ll Be back 1

'there's not enough space here,' thought Dyon watching the snow slowly fall and melt into the ocean.

Dyon stretched his back leisurely before jumping off the side of the yacht and onto the surface of the water.

"since you all want to fight, let's do it," Dyon cracked his neck, flexing his muscles trying to get used to the changes in his body and strength.

'if I'm on the water, I can use formations to give me a little extra traction. They'll have to use their energy to get a foothold… it'll only be a small advantage, but I need everything I can get.'

He really did need every advantage. He had been trying to heal himself with his aurora for the better part of the past half hour, but, nothing seemed to work. He pushed it to the last possible second of the legacy world being open, but it was to no avail. Dyon could only conclude one thing: the less than 1% integrated sage demon essence blood upgraded his body past a quality his aurora could heal. Normally, this would be good news… but, in his injured state? Not so much.

Dyon skipped backwards, jumping 10 meters at a time. He kept his calm gaze on the geniuses before he looked up in the sky.

'seems like everyone's here, might as well give them a good show…'

The rage of the geniuses bellowed. They hated nothing more than Dyon's attitude. As though he really thought he could beat all of them at once.

"I hope you're not naïve enough to expect a fair fight," sneered Elof.

An elder spoke out, "simply give us everything you've gained from the legacy world child. You not only don't have the strength to protect it, you don't deserve it."

Dyon raised an eyebrow at the elder before bursting into laughter.

The elder frowned.

"save your shitty excuses for the bitch that warms your bed. I'm not interested in it. I'm not scared of your geniuses, and I'm not scared of you pathetic excuses for elders. If you want to attack me, you'll find out just how elder Kami lost all his cultivation."

The elders clenched their fists, their faces reddening in anger.

"what is this idiot doing?"

"The elder gave him a chance to survive and he spit in his face?!"

Dyon could only shake his head at the stupidity of the crowd, 'how could they possibly be planning to give me a chance to survive. I need to find a chance to use the tower to escape… but first I need to do something…'

The water rippled as the geniuses jumped off the yacht, circling Dyon.

"The martial world doesn't have a place for people as arrogant as you. Hand over your treasures and we'll give you a quick death," sneered Ace.

Dyon said nothing, calmly pulling the sword from his back and letting it just barely touch the surface of the water.

Feeling his battle intent, Ipsum, Saeclum and Autumn immediately jumped backwards, opening the distance.

Autumn loosed an arrow towards Dyon while he seemed to be in a daze. It sped forward with incomparable speed, slicing through the air.


A defensive array sparkling with gold and crystals exploded as the arrow disappeared. Dyon slowly raised his leg, his aura bursting forth. His sword vibrated with happiness, feeling his intention to kill.

Tens of magnificent weapon's hell array appeared behind Dyon, spinning furiously and sending out spear after spear.

His foot fell, projecting him towards Elof who was fending off his attacks.

The geniuses were raging, fighting off Dyon's barrage.

The crowd looked shocked, 'he's really fighting them all at once…'

Madeleine's fists began to bleed, but she couldn't seem to unclench her fists.


Dyon swung down with his sword, shifting his head to avoid a ruby arrow sent by Ipsum. Dyon felt his perception stretching out, feeling everything and seeing everything. His muscles rippled as sharp sword qi surrounded him.

"he's using time will to slow down the projectiles!"

The elders trembled, 'what a genius…'

Elof had blocked Dyon's attack with a long spear, roaring into the air as arcs of lightning filled the space around him causing Dyon to jump back.

This was the moment Ace decided to act, a carbon halberd appeared in his hands, chaos qi wrapping around it viciously as he swung for Dyon's back.

With a flash, Dyon used his movement technique to appear behind Ace. Hundreds of amplification arrays swirled around his leg as he swung a fierce kick towards his back.


"AAGGHH," Ace felt his back fracture as he flew towards the lightning current of Elof.

"what a movement technique…"

"I couldn't even see him"

Dyon aimed his weapon's hell formations towards Autumn and Ipsum who were constantly barraging him with arrows as he flashed from point to point on the battle field.

Dyon grit his teeth, 'how can I keep this up…'

The movement technique was taxing, but Dyon had already used it so often, and he hadn't even exchanged with everyone yet.

As if hearing his thoughts, a war cry sounded from Hashim and Lehabim as they charged. A dark qi surrounded Hashim as a black rod appeared in his hands, swinging with no remorse towards Dyon's head. Lehabim had coated himself in flames, holding a bright red saber in his hands and slashing down as well.

Baal watched this scene, licking his lips in anticipation as Callidora calmly put her spear together, "2 with 9 opened meridians, 5 with 12 opened meridians, and 4 with 15 open meridians… and we still haven't beaten a boy with no cultivation."

Baal took out two short swords that were still rusted with blood, "seems like a true genius will die today."


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