Reaper of the Martial World
51 You Must Survive 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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51 You Must Survive 4

Outside the blackhole created by the world opening treasure, the geniuses began being teleported out, causing the elders to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Lehabim! Let your master know how it went, HAHAHA," an elder with fiery red hair let his voice boom.

"A –" Lehabim couldn't find the words to let his master know that he hadn't even qualified for the final trial. And to even further let him know that someone from their sect he had never seen had while he hadn't? The shame was too much.

"Hashim? What's wrong?" A dark skinned elder with long dreads looked at Hashim with a questioning look.


"Well spit it out! Orbis? Knoton? Any of you! Let us know what happened!"

The geniuses could only bitterly smile, "none of us received the inheritance elders… we have no idea who did, we weren't allowed to participate in the final trial," Jessica said bitterly.

The elders froze, before smiling bitterly, "it's only to be expected. How could you compete with God Clan geniuses," the elder of the Wind Blade Sect laughed trying to lighten the mood.

The geniuses were too ashamed to let their elders know that Dyon had at least made it to the final trial.

Soon, the God Clan geniuses began coming out, with equally as frustrated faces. Causing the elders great confusion.

An elder from the Kami clan looked towards Chenglei in confusion, "Chenglei? When did you go into the world? What happened?"

This elder knew Chenglei because he was often with Akihiko in the past. But, he had always known him to be a calm and calculating boy, not one to show his emotions on his sleeve like this.

"Esteemed elder Kami, we must kill Dyon!"

The elder's confusion deepened, "we were going to do this anyway, why are you so adamant now?"

"He… He is the sole possessor of the inheritance!"


The elder's faces paled. The one they had rejected, the one they thought was the weakest among the geniuses, had won the favor of the legacy world? What kind of sick joke was this?

Elder Kami frowned, "what was the inheritance exactly?"

Chenglei clenched his fists, "there was a divine technique, but, it was erased from our memories when we failed to learn it as quickly as Dyon… And, the tower we took the test in is a supreme level treasure with countless treasures!"

Chenglei had wanted his family to secretly hunt Dyon and steal these for themselves. But, everyone that had reached the final trial with him knew, so it would be impossible to keep it a secret.

"And that's on top of the essence blood of a body cultivation expert that reached a transcendent realm of cultivation!"

The elders trembled as the geniuses clutched their fists in agitation.

Madeleine smiled up in the sky, clenching her tiny fists, 'I knew you could do it.'

"WHERE IS HE?!" Boomed the elders.

"We… we don't know," whispered Chenglei, "he thrust us out of the tower as the world was collapsing."

Niveus looked down on the angry geniuses with disgust, "I've never seen a group of more pathetic individuals. Do you have any idea that Dyon saved all of your lives?!"

The geniuses who hadn't been in the final trial looked over in confusion.

"Have you ever heard of a legacy world that would be open for days from the outside? Have you ever heard of a legacy world that didn't give smaller opportunities to the supposed losers of the trial? Experts are incomparably boastful and prideful. How could they only allow 1 person to know the extent of their powers? Especially when they know it would be likely that the genius they chose would hide what they received from the rest of the world in order to maintain a certain level of safety?! You would all have been slaves if Dyon hadn't defeated the expert!"

The geniuses trembled. They had wanted nothing more than to kill Dyon, but now they knew he was their savior…

"That's irrelevant!" roared Lehabim, "our sects invested so much to open the world and now only an outsider benefits?!"

"We'll kill him as soon as he steps out of that world!"


A sinister glare flashed by the eyes of the God Clan Geniuses.

"SURROUND THE EXIT!" roared Elof.

Lehabim, Hashim, the God Clan geniuses and the Storm family geniuses immediately surrounded the exit, all wanting Dyon's treasures for themselves.

Baal licked his lips, "I haven't had such a handsome man in a long time, my yin is starting to outweigh my yang, maybe I should take a taste."

The geniuses around him shivered, but said nothing.

Elof had practically forgotten about the possibility of the Storm family being traitors from his family, all he was worried about was Dyon and the inheritance. How could he be worried about a single technique when the creator of the technique left his everything to someone he hated to his very core.

'I'll kill Dyon first, then take care of these traitors.'

Oblivious to his thoughts, the Storm family was thinking along the same lines. They had spent so much effort for a single technique, when the whole collection was before them now. Was this not worth the risk? They were already aware that their seniors were nearby, and a war was inevitable. So, why not benefit some more?

They had been waiting for 10 minutes, yet there was no sign of Dyon. They were beginning to worry that he had found another way to escape. Not to mention, they had just found out that none of their geniuses had sniffed the final trial, let alone won the inheritance. And this was on top of the fact that the kid they wanted nothing more than to kill had been the one to succeed.

There was a formation of people around the exit to the world. Since it hadn't closed yet, they were certain that Dyon had, at the very least, not actually escaped.

"elders, there's no need for any of you to act in this situation… Let the younger generation teach him a lesson," spoke Hashim.

"It's about time that weak bitch caught a loss," sneered Lehabim.

The first brother of the Storm family stood back.

"are you not going to participate, first brother?" Asked Baal while licking his lips.

First brother said nothing, choosing instead to look into the sky as though he was calculating something.

"don't bother him Baal, it's below first brother to need to gang up on a single kid," spoke Autumn.


Dyon fell from the rapidly closing black hole, breathing heavily on his hands and knees.

Madeleine looked down at this scene, her heart trembling, "Master… he's hurt."

The Sapientia clan elder furrowed her eyebrows, but said nothing.

Sitting up, Dyon rested his back against the furthest edge of the yacht, looking at all of his enemies before him.

Blood seeped past his lips as he smiled, "this is quite a welcoming committee you have here for me"

The crowd was astonished.

"How can he smile in this situation, they clearly want to kill him!"

"The idiot probably thinks they'll reward him for being the genius that claimed such a powerful inheritance!"

Caedlum stood in the clouds, watching this scene. Much like Dyon, he had realized the purpose of the demonic qi and decided to learn true demonic will as well. The problem was that his comprehension speed was nowhere near as fast as Dyon's, so, he hadn't succeeded. It was unfortunate, but now all of the demonic qi was gone.

Oliver was frowning, he wanted to help, but this was a level he just wasn't at yet.

The geniuses clenched their fists in anger at Dyon's nonchalant attitude when he was clearly heavily injured.

Chenglei stepped forward, "I don't know how you survived, but you won't be getting out of here alive."

Dyon watched this scene calmly, a funny thought crossing his head when he realized he couldn't find Tammy, 'that girl is more interesting than I thought… well, that only helps me'

"one versus 11, huh?..." Dyon slowly stood, a killing intent rolling from him.

He slowly rolled his neck, spitting the blood in his mouth over the yacht railing.

Dyon looked up at the clouds, staring right through them and landing on Madeleine. He smiled a bright smile and winked.

Madeleine trembled, 'he can see me… and even now he's telling me not to worry.'

Madeleine held back her tears, clenching her fists. Her master looked on at this scene solemnly.

'you have to survive,' they both thought.


I just had to give you guys 4 chapters today because when I was re reading my upload from yesterday, I gotta say it didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to. But, I'm much more happy with these few chapters :)

When you guys find out about who the sage demon was, and who the demonic people in his world were, and also how there was a pocket dimension without it being a legacy, I know it'll blow your minds. All I gotta say is that the interdimensional battles are a lot closer than you think they are :)

Tomorrow I'll be uploading the final set of chapters for the first volume of Focus! stay tuned :)

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