Reaper of the Martial World
50 You Must Survive 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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50 You Must Survive 3

Inside Dyon's body, the soul was calmly fusing with him as though he had no intentions of stealing Dyon's body.

Dyon smirked, 'so, how long do you plan on pretending to be a legacy?'

The figure's soul was startled, but then a hoarse laughter filled the space, 'HAHAHAHA, you are quite smart. But, that doesn't matter right now. I've already mostly integrated with you, I just need to not erase my will and your body will be mine!'

'oh? Is that so? It's a shame you've fallen so far from your peak.'

'what is that supposed to mean?'

'oh, nothing much. Just that if you were anywhere near your peak, you would have been able to see everything going on in your own legacy world. And you would have noticed that the body you're trying to take over not only has Celestial Deer essence blood, it also has celestial will!'

The figure shivered, 'impossible! How could you have such an affinity for the demonic with such a high affinity for the celestial!'

'it's simple really. I had a good master and she used the last of her will to balance not only her essence blood, but also her husband's demon qilin essence blood within me.'

The figure was trembling in agitation. What kind of shit luck was this?!

'so what?! Your celestial will is only comparable to an ant's in front of me? You think you can fight against my demonic dao?!'

'Don't be silly, I would never deem to. Originally, I was planning on using the remnant soul my master left me…'

'remnant soul?... NO!'

Dyon laughed, 'there's no need to be so anxious. I won't even need to use it. I realized as you were integrating with me that you're not even really alive. You're using a demonic technique to keep yourself together. I don't need to fight you directly, I just need to use my celestial will to cleanse your technique which is clearly already fading. Otherwise, why would you allow such weak people to be able to find your world? You must have been disappointed when they still took an extra 500 years to open it, huh?'

The soul trembled in anger as it began to feel itself being slowly enveloped in celestial will.

'WAIT! STOP! If you destroy me now, those kids outside will immediately attack you! You may be a genius, but you're still too weak to face them! You need me!'

'I'm fully aware that you're controlling them with demonic qi. But, unfortunately, I'm not in the business of allowing those who try to possess me live. You can die now…'


An explosion occurred in Dyon's mind as he wiped the will of the Sage of the Demon Empire, leaving only a sliver. But, this had an unexpected result.

The world trembled, the tower creaked, and the geniuses began feeling as though they were being pulled out of the world.

"Huh, what?"

"What's going on?"

"I thought we were stuck here?!"

"Quick! We can attack now!" Raged Ace with a demonic look on his face.

The red-haired young man smirked. He pulled out an odd treasure. It looked like a regular cube, but it reflected absolutely no light. It slowly opened up in time for Dyon's eyes to fall on it.

Dyon looked up at the red-head, narrowing his eyes, "Chenglei!"

The red-head chuckled, "you're quite smart. To be able to outdo such an expert. I'd thank you for saving all of our lives, but I'd prefer it if you died. In your next life, you must really learn who you can and can't offend."

The red-head slowly morphed into a tall and sharp Asian young man. His black eyes shone with killing intent as the stared intently at Dyon.

The cube slowly separated into 4 equal parts, opening to reveal an incomparably bright orb.


A beam of unfathomable power charged towards Dyon. Even among the destruction of the world and the sneers of the geniuses or even the pounding of his own heart, there was no sound to be heard. There was only the beam and death. Only despair and resentment. Only killing intent and the end of everything.

Dyon smiled bitterly, 'to really be forced to this extent…'


A celestial being appeared before Dyon, defending against the beam, "Dyon! I can't block it all! Prepare yourself!"

Dyon gritted his teeth, ashamed. He had to use his master's last bit of will to defend against a boy not much older than him!

"AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Dyon felt his inner organs tearing apart as portions of the beam passed his masters weakening defenses. No matter what he tried, he couldn't mend them back together.

Dyon grit his teeth, watching the strong back of his master fight to protect his life, 'this is the last of her power… the last piece of her in this world… and yet it'll disappear like this?...'

The beam slowly weakened. The geniuses smirked, only Niveus stood there, pale faced.

'Master… I'm sorry for being so useless…'

Dyon felt a warm smile in his consciousness, 'I never expected you to take me as your master… But, consider this as my last gift to my first disciple… I never wanted you to represent the Celestial Deer Clan and face the world, but… I felt an indescribable happiness when I felt your resolve… thank you little one…'

'Master! No! He must have something here that could preserve his soul!'

A beautiful face turned to Dyon, shaking her head, 'I can't use such evil techniques just to maintain my life… I'll entrust the rest to you…'

The beam of light slowly disappeared. Fading with it was the last smile of Dyon's master.

"You cowardly men! He just saved out lives! You disgusting pieces of trash!"

"Don't be like that Niveus," Elof said with a smirk, "he didn't do it to save you, he did it to save himself. Although, I should thank him very much."

"You –You disgust me!"

The smiles on the geniuses' faces froze as they heard a cough.

Dyon clutched his stomach, coughing up blood. He tried to use his aurora flame to heal himself again, but it just wasn't working, 'is this because of the device?...' suddenly a thought flashed across Dyon's mind, 'is it because of the sage demon essence blood?...'

Dyon had no time to think, he had to immediately get himself out of this situation.


'I don't have potent enough pills to heal me… and I have to make a contract with this tower so I don't have time to use the pill condensation technique.. FUCK! I can't let this trip only yield a masochistic technique. I need this tower to get away too!'

"GET OUT!" Dyon's voice boomed in anger as the world crashed down around them.

Dyon imposed the last bit of soul of the Sage within his body, tossing everyone but himself out of the tower and teleporting to the control room. Getting there, he wiped the last bit of the Sage's will before rushing to the center and sitting cross legged, ignoring the trembling world and the pain.

Dyon gritted his teeth, fighting against the pull of the teleport to drop his blood onto the tower's mechanism. He slowly controlled it to the pattern of the array, ensuring that his blood outlined the entire formation.


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